Best LaTex Editors of 2022

Among various formatting tools, LaTex editing is one such option that’s in high use these days for both students and well as employees. You may be in search of the best LaTex editors and this is why, we’ve come out with a complete list to guide you better. With all that in your mind, read this hand-picked list, pick out the most suitable editor and download it today.

But before, here’s a brief introduction to a laTex editor that will help you understand its concept.  

What is a Latex Editor and Why Do You Need It?

Best LaTex Editors

LaTex is a tool that is used in Microsoft Word in the form of markup level text editor. It is mainly pronounced as Lay-tek. The primary reason for using the tool is to create documents with equations, tables, matrices, symbols and many others. After you have used the markup text instruction and you have inserted the data needed, your document gets prepared for getting converted into a PDF file format for your use. It can be said that it is similar to the HTML formatting of texts.

Now, when the concept and the purpose of the LaTex Editor have been sorted out, it will be easier for you to choose the right option. Here is a list of 8 best LaTeX text editor options from where you can choose the appropriate one for you.  

1. TeXmaker


TeXmaker is now the best option due to its high popularity among the users. The open source tool is there for various platforms available so that you can use it on different options. The major functions such as inserting charts, equations, cross-references and others are provided in a very easy way. Apart from these basic features, the tool is also featured with many other functions such as spelling check, structure view, extracting the document as different formats such as ODF, PDF, and others.

Also, the tool helps the user with the feature of error tracking during the stage of compilation and keyboard shortcuts. Some of the highlights of the tool are:

  • Unicode Support,
  • Spell Checking,
  • Auto Completion,
  • Code Folding,
  • PDF Viewer,
  • 370 different mathematical symbols.

2. TeXStudio


If you have used the tool TeXmaker, you will realize TeXstudio is almost based on the same tool functions. It can be also said that TeXstudio is an extended version of TeXmaker. The interface of TeXstudio is also almost similar to the tool TeXmaker. Also, the tool TeXstudio is available for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac and also FreeBSD.

Apart from the features that TeXmaker provides, TeXstudio offers many more other extended features to provide you with an amazing experience with Microsoft Word. Some of the most eminent features and highlights of TeXstudio are:

  • Auto Completion,
  • Spell Check,
  • Insertion of formulae, tables, and figures,
  • PDF Viewer,
  • Exporting to HTML,
  • Syntax Highlighting,
  • Word count and analysis of frequency count,
  • Multicursors for reference checking,
  • 1000 formulae,
  • Link overlay,
  • Assistant feature,
  • Drag and drop of images,
  • Table auto formatting

3. TeXworks


TeXworks is an open source tool for LaTex that is from the group TeXshop. The tool offers an approach that is GUI based and hence offers a number of advantageous features to the users. Some of the most common features offered by the tool that can be highlighted are:

  • PDF Viewer that is inbuilt,
  • Auto synchronization,
  • Auto-completion option,
  • Unicode support,
  • Auto-correction option,
  • Code folding,
  • Interact with the external editors,
  • Graphics and tables insertion,
  • Compatible with operating systems of Windows, Linux and Mac.

4. ShareLaTex


If you are too much reluctant in installing a tool on your device, then, this is the exact tool that can come to your rescue. This is a great online LaTex editor where you can put the document and then can do the formatting portion. By now the tool is said to have been trusted by more than 4, 00,000 users due to its amazing features. Some of the most important highlights that you should surely know about are mentioned here:

  • A web-based tool,
  • Compatible with almost all web browsers,
  • Available in both free as well as priced version,
  • Collaboration supported,
  • GitHub and Dropbox sync supported,
  • Document history,
  • More than 400 templates ready to be used,
  • Real-time changes visible,
  • Chat feature,
  • Drag and drop of pictures,
  • External sharing.

5. Overleaf


If you are more comfortable with the online options, then, the next online reliable LaTex editor after ShareLaTex is surely the tool Overleaf. The tool offers you an easy option in editing your Word document with proper markup formatting. Available in almost all types of web browsers, the online tool Overleaf has a huge range of features to provide such as:

  • Real-time collaboration available,
  • Real-time changes view,
  • Effortless sharing,
  • Rich text edit,
  • History of document revision,
  • Error tracking,
  • More than 100 templates,
  • Notation support,
  • Sharing to social networks.

6. Authorea


Online tool options are now in trend. So, apart from the above two options, there are many more online options available such as Authorea. The tool includes the features provided by the above two tools along with many other features of its own. Some of the highlighted features are:

  • Compatible with all types of web browsers,
  • Insertion of pictures, tables, and formulae in a simple way,
  • Bibliography auto-creation option,
  • Collaborate and cite papers,
  • Commenting feature,
  • Revision history,
  • Templates to use,
  • Chat feature,
  • Index page,
  • Reference page auto-creation available,
  • Sharing PDF document over social network,
  • Word count,
  • Toggle option.

7. Vim With LaTex Suite

Vim With LaTex Suite

Vim is a powerful tool that helps in editing and compiling of the LaTex documents. Now, Vim LaTex Suite is an extension of the tool Vim and hence offers some of the most powerful features for the purpose. Some of the highlighted features of the tool are:

  • Visual editing,
  • Compiling,
  • Code folding,
  • Mode mapping,
  • Customized templates,
  • Compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

8. TeXlipse Plugin – Eclipse IDE

TeXlipse Plugin

Programmers often make use of Eclipse IDE. If you are searching for LaTex editing tool, then, this plugin of TeXlipse can be of great use to you. Some of the eminent features of the plugin support are:

  • WYSIWYM editor,
  • Code commenting,
  • Table view,
  • Word count,
  • Spell check,
  • Code folding,
  • Syntax highlighting and indenting,
  • Error markers,
  • Document templates,
  • Project preview.

If you are a programmer or even a student working on a mathematics paper or so, the LaTex tool can be of highest use. Now there are various LaTeX text editors available, in the form of downloadable software online tool and also a plugin. All the tools have the best basic features along with some extended options. Have a look at the features and the type and feel free to get the best LaTex editor that suits your requirements the most.