The Best Litecoin Wallets in 2019 To Store Your New Money

With cryptocurrencies up to a swing, your pockets have turned lighter, but you’re wealthier than ever. To speak of it, remember the last quarter of 2017 when Bitcoin skyrocketed to reach a crazy $20000 mark, and became a force to reckon with. Everybody jumped into the crypto waters with both feet, and breathed a sigh of relief only after possessing a fraction of the new digital money. Given how successful Bitcoin became, a slew of other currencies also arrived at the scene to cash in on the craze, including names like Ethereum, Ripple and the second most popular cryptocurrency after BTC, Litecoin. And the rest is history.

The Best Litecoin Wallets in 2018 To Stow Your New Money

Put simply, not just your transactions, your money is digitized as well, which you can easily stack up in software-based ‘wallets’, making your digital wealth manageable, portable, and all-time accessible. A wallet to a Litecoin is what a bank is to your old money. It holds up your digital coins safely at one place while slicing off a certain sum of money as fee, of course. You get a private key to manage your wallet, and aren’t supposed to share it with anyone while making transactions.

Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, are spiralling up and people are increasingly investing in them, the demand for digital wallets has gone up, and so are the queries for the most reliable wallets in the market. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the best wallets to store Litecoins – the next-best bullish avenue after BTC. Check them out.

Best 6 Litecoin Wallets in 2019

1. Trezor


Trezor is a wallet for masses, the first-ever hardware blockchain wallet to debut. It’s a multi-currency wallet, compatible to hold more than 6 cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin. Others being Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Dogecoin, Dash and Namecoin. It creates a 24-digit recovery passphrase, which you can use to restore your funds safely, and a 9-digit pin code to protect your wallet further. Trezor is available for $99 on Amazon, and comes in white, grey and black colors. If you’re looking for a secure wallet to carry your Litecoins with you, Trezor happens to be a lightweight wallet, and a must-have if you’ve a huge chunk of money in cryptos to be taken care of.

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2. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S makes for a very secure wallet for Litecoins, and is somehow synonymous with the currency. Besides letting you manage your LTCs, it allows offline access as well, which is its biggest USP. Just as how crypto wallets function, you’re given a backup seed key to recover your funds if something happens to your original wallet. Besides Litecoins, Ledger Nano S supports a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ZCash, Dash among many. It’s a paid hardware wallet, which happens to be its only downside, but for the kind of controls and encryption it provides, it’s quite a worthy proposition. Ledger Nano S is available for $65. The best part is that you can even buy this device with ethereum.  

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3. Jaxx


Jaxx supports more than a dozen of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, and is widely preferred for being the most intuitive of the range. As a standard feature, you’re given a 12-word seed phrase to unlock your private key and restore funds; the seed you’ll ever need to retrieve any of your coins in Jaxx wallet. The process of importing and exporting key is pretty simple too, so that you can always control your wallet even if the parent service ceases to exist, or you lose your device. With the integration of, the currency conversion on any given exchange can be done in a snap. All in all, Jaxx is the most customizable as well, offering a hassle-free way to sync it with different platforms, like Windows and iOS.

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4. Litecoin CoreLitecoin Core

Litecoin Core is Litecoin’s official client and is characteristically a desktop wallet. This means, if you choose to use it for storing your digital funds, your desktop will be your wallet, and the private keys will be stored there on the desktop. Litecoin Core is an efficient, well-supported service, designed while keeping the two main LTC traits in mind; first, it’s a liquid asset and second, it accounts for the highest trade volume, higher than that of Bitcoin. That being so, the security is dealt with precision and care. Your wallet is perfectly encrypted in a way that you can view your transactions and account balance in a go, but need to enter your password each time you wish to trade with Litecoins. This is a barrier to all sorts of viruses and trojans, who are looking for the fault lines to worm in and exploit your money. To sum everything up, Litecoin Core is a pretty nice wallet, bagging good scores for its performance, accuracy and reliability. You can try using it if you haven’t already.

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5. Exodus


Exodus is a well-known, multi-currency desktop wallet to store your blockchain assets, like Litecoin, and has a very slick, familiar interface for most users. Just like Jaxx, you’re given a 12-digit seed phrase, which you can use to restore your funds for times something happens to your wallet or your device, and you fail to access the original. Going further, you can select a password to protect your wallet. Exodus is pretty handy and has controls laid out in a convenient fashion. Your coins are shown in an easy-to-understand, colorful pie chart, where the individual values are also displayed horizontally in the bottom. There’s also a facility to exchange currencies and assets with the integration of One unique feature of Exodus is the availability of skins, using which, you can customize the look and feel of your wallet. Plus, you can also set the standard currency from dollars to your native currency as and when you feel like.

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6. CoinomiCoinomi

Coinomi is a fast-evolving wallet service in the arena of crypto trading for a slew of reasons. Currently, Coinomi is the one and only wallet, supporting over 90 cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, which in itself, is a huge feat. For anyone, venturing into different cryptocurrencies at a single point of time, there’s no best parallel to Coinomi wallet. Also, it’s lightweight and doesn’t bog your device down. You’ll be managing it on your smartphone like a breeze. On top of it, user privacy is in Coinomi’s DNA. You’ll never lose your private keys with strong encryption standards right in place. There’s also a cryptocurrency guarantee that your funds are always in your control. Capabilities include easy seed keys and password protection, paper wallet and QR code support.

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A Note on Litecoin Wallets

Remember that if you’re looking to trade your Litecoins right away, you don’t need a wallet. But you can’t slog your arse off on an exchange all the time to look for an opportune time to buy and sell assets. At one time, you’ll have to store your LTCs, and this is when you’ll need a Litecoin wallet. And by any chance, if you’re keeping your LTCs on an exchange, you’re in for a major trouble and perhaps waiting for a mishap to occur. Many exchanges,  including Nicehash and ETHER Delta, have been hacked in the recent times and taken millions of dollars down in the dumps. Whether you’ve a small or a substantial investment, a wallet for Litecoins or any cryptocurrency is the need of the hour.

Also, before downloading a Litecoin wallet, check if the source of download is reliable or not. Besides it, check if your wallet is bundled with any malware-based third-party apps. If yes, they’ve all tricks up their sleeves to steal your personal information and harm you.

This is all we’ve for this guide on best Litecoin wallets in 2019. If there’s any other wallet that deserves a place on the list, let us know in the comments section below.