17 Best Minecraft Mods to Download for 2022

Looking for the best Minecraft mods to download in 2022? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our top 17 Minecraft mods that you should check out. So without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Install Minecraft Mods?

Downloading Minecraft Mods isn’t as plain as hitting the downloading button and giving the permissions in the least. Every mod has its specifications, and often times, you might be required to even downgrade your game’s version to be compatible with the mod’s version. As a common case, version 1.7.10 works well with most of the exploration, interface, creative and automation minecraft mods.

MultiMC is a software –  a free and open source launcher for Minecraft – helping you manage mod installs on a simple interface. However, if you’re still reeling under the pressure of incompatible downloads, going the Google way can help. You can go to Twitch Desktop app and go through the installation guides about various mods. All you need to do is click the ‘Minecraft’ tab, select ‘Browse All Modpacks’ and enter the name of the mod you’re willing to download. And, we’d like to rake up some hardware concerns as well. You should be having a fairly good, nice computer to run Minecraft with all these mods. Remember that.

Now, it’s time to hit the list of best Minecraft PC mods you must try.

1. Optifine


It’s certainly designed for a gamer who seeks more. This mod works by enhancing the visual elements of the gameplay and providing them a better depth. Also, if your gaming experience is marred by too many lags and interruptions, you must try Optifine for a seamless gameplay. This mod brings support for FPS boost, HD Textures, smooth lightening and more, which add up to the zing of playing and beautifully so. Once in use, you will find it the best you can ever have.

Install Optifine

2. Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest

If forests pamper you, Twilight forest is the modification that works right. This mod puts you in the greatest greenish realms, where you make your way through spectacular trees and giant mushrooms – all while escaping the monsters and finding the treasure chests. If you’ve been successful in exploring the forests really deep, there are a lot of mysterious rewards for you. As you move ahead, you’ll find dungeons, mazes, glaciers, hills and much more. Your purpose here is to create a portal, which can be done by making a shallow pool, surrounding it with natural stuff and tossing a diamond in the pool of water by hitting the key ‘Q’.

Install Twilight Forest

3. Thaumcraft


The powers of magic and witchcraft are very mysterious. Follow them up with Thaumcraft. This mod turns you into a sorcerer, where you give a magical touch to the physical objects and mould them into their powerful, interesting forms. In the course, you create other spellbinding elements too, such as golems, altars, wands and more. You’ll surely love this mod, for the kind of tricks it has on offer. However, if you need more spells, you need to solve a puzzle game and prove yourself a deserving player to have these new powers.

Install Thaumcraft

4. Journey Map

Journey Map

Think of an advanced map guiding you through the course of the entire gameplay. Wouldn’t that be really convenient? The mod, Journey map, provides you a superior map over Minecraft’s faulty default ones, and helps you plan your route by giving correct directions. The maps provide a bird-eye’s view of your location, which is displayed at the corner and let you put waypoint indicators. In brief, Journey Map is a great minecraft mod to install, so that you don’t slip off the radar.

Download Journey Map

5. Forestry


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If you’ve been a bright botany student, or have a fondness for all things farming and breeding, Forestry is a perfect mod to install. As the name itself suggests, the mod brings in an interesting scenario where you play a farmer, taking agriculture and breeding full-time. You get several tools, machines and blocks to do the tasks, especially cross-breeding of bees by applying genetic formulas, in order to create a full-fledged range of resources for you.

Install Forestry

6. Computer Crafts

Computer Crafts

Do you love coding? If yes, Computer Crafts is one of the best mods for minecraft that will get you a rush. Turn your Minecraft into a mini digital revolution while equipping it with programmable computers and turtles, which are controllable via codes you build. You meet endless possibilities with this mod. All you need to do is applying your automation and computing skills to right. Wondering what possibilities? Then, think about creating private chatrooms, password-protected doors and video games among so much of other amazing things.

Install Computer Crafts

7. Forever Stranded

Forever Stranded

The name is enough to get you bad feels, right? Well, the experience of playing this mod will not be different either. You’ll find yourself on a deserted land as a sole survivor, bereft of all life-critical resources. Your aim is to seek survival by battling hunger, heat waves and hot-head zombies. Things will be very challenging, but if you’re successful in establishing robust, smart defences, you’ll win more lives, keep on progressing and come out stronger than ever.

Install Forever Stranded

8. Carpenter’s Blocks

Carpenter’s Blocks

You want your base to look beautiful, right? Carpenter’s Blocks is a minecraft mod that offers you lots of customization options to overhaul the look of your base and make it look really catchy. It offers you slopes, flower pots, beds, fences, doors, torches, buttons and lots more, all of which, can be further customized to any texture of a block. Using this mod, you can enhance your base in more ways than one, or in more new shapes than one, which will be really interesting to look at.

Install Carpenter’s Blocks

9. Sky Factory 3

Sky Factory 3

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With Sky Factory, the gameplay runs high. Your base is no regular one, but ladled with killer machines, giant solar panels and nuclear reactors among others. It’s total fun to explore the new things you can make with the resources available and do a variety. You get complete automation and high tech aesthetic mods to create a supreme range of supplies to toss death, which looked inevitable when you had nothing. If you’ve love for high-octane action, Sky Factory 3 is your hook. The challenging version of the map is known as Sky Factory Challenges, where you need to catch certain milestones as quickly as possible.

Install Sky Factory 3

10. Botania


While most of the minecraft mods promise action, gadgets and automation, Botania brings flowers and add a unique feel to your base. However, there’s nothing regular about these flowers. The best these flowers can do is healing you and feeding animals.  Also, these flowers, apart from decorating your base, let you build a magical portal as an entry to the world of elves. So, if you’re wondering what’s more with Botania, you should try it without wasting a moment.

Install Botania

11. Biomes O’Plenty

Biomes O’Plenty

Biomes O’Plenty is a favorite minecraft exploration mod that takes you to the far-away lands and beyond. The mod adds over 80 new worlds (biomes and sub-biomes) to explore for you and perks up your gameplay to a different level altogether. Alongside, it brings some nice improvements to other elements of the gaming, like armor, tools, food, natural backdrops, animals and pretty much everything those default worlds aren’t equipped with. Overall, this is a cool minecraft mod to try out.

Install Biomes O’Plenty

12. Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks

An interface mod for minecraft, Inventory Tweaks simplifies the management of inventory for you, both in single player and multiplayer modes. It works by automatically replacing those tools, which are broken, damaged or not fit enough to stand the foe attacks. In just a single click, your inventory is replaced with new, durable tools, and you’re provided with what all you need to raise an unshakable, unbeatable world. Also, this mod provides a lot of easy customizations. You get shortcuts and a lot of extras to sort out your items and customize the inventory just the way you like.

Install Inventory Tweaks

13. Caterpillar


Dig, Build, Survive, Repeat – That’s Minecraft in a gist. During the gameplay, you often find yourself digging worlds to build structures, and this is where Caterpillar mod makes all the difference you need. It provides you an automated tunneling machine, using which, you can dig in easily and rapidly while freeing yourself from the virtual grind. Since a key aspect of game is smartly managed, you can explore more, put up great fights, vanquish enemies and invest more in strengthening your base. This machine is a standard one with an upgradable drill head. You get extra heads made of different materials, and each material has a set of advantages, which makes digging easier than ever, as you move to other blocks and tunnels.

Install Caterpillar

14. Dungeon Pack

Dungeon Pack

Dungeons are attractive. And this creative mod brings a plenty of dungeons to minecraft for an much advanced and immersive gameplay. With cool dungeon additions, the monotony of the game is banished and you experience some top-notch exploration as if you’re playing the Zelda. Also, inside these beautiful yet creepy dungeons, you find lots of chests filled with goodies, which help you in various aspects throughout your journey. If you’ve been a fan of dungeons, this mod is certainly your pick.

Install Dungeon Pack

15. Bibliocraft


Bibliocraft plays out new fashions for the typical minecraft architecture. You get great-looking blocks with different capabilities, making your structures special, robust and enhancing in a different way. To put it rather simply, Bibliocraft is all about spicing things up by providing you a bunch of blocks, which are way more useful than those you generally find while roaming across the worlds.

Install Bibliocraft



WAILA stands for ‘What Am I Looking At’, and is a mod that brings a lot of convenience when it comes to identifying what mod an item is coming from. This is very handy when you’ve multiple mods. You need to simply point the crosshair at a block, and it will tell you what it is and to which mod it belongs. This is a great way to identify things and bring them to their right uses. It can also help you know the state of the block, which is quite an amazing thing, since you’ll be well-acquainted with the type and quantity of resources you’ve.

Install WAILA

17. Bacteria Mod

Bacteria Mod

Bacteria are destructive. And even inside minecraft, they’ve similar instincts. But for a change, they’ve been made a bit creative as well. This mod lets you cultivate different forms of bacteria and put the colonies to various purposes – both destructive and creative. You can either set them loose in your opponent’s world, or place them thoughtfully over yours to create structures. If you’re able to master them well and can contain their spread, this mod is one of the coolest to try out. Or else, you can land in a serious trouble while experimenting them in your own base.

Install Bacteria Mod

Final Words

This is our list of top minecraft mods you should try for an extraordinary gameplay. These mods drive in a wave of noteworthy changes to the vanilla minecraft experience, and save the charm, which otherwise, might fade away. In the absence of these mods, the game goes repetitive and you may feel like dropping down your feet way too soon. Apply them and see how minecraft feels like a new game every day. Also, if you think we’ve missed a mod that deserves a mention on the list, write to us in the comments below and if found nice, we’ll definitely include it in the list.         

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