Best 5 NEO Wallets in 2021 to Make Your Digital Money Portable

The world of Internet of Things (IoT) propelled leaps further when Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency of today, touched an astonishing figure of $20,000 in 2017. And then, there was no turning back. In the current scheme of things, cash is boring, and cryptocurrencies, like Ether, ICX and NEO besides BTC, are a new fad. That’s not to say that digital currencies have already plugged us into a future where a decentralized money system will actually make sense.

Best 5 NEO wallets in 2018 to Make Your Digital Money Portable

Cryptocurrencies are in heavy demand, are so are the wallets to make your digital money secure, portable and all-time accessible. In this post, we’ll be discussing about the dark horse of the crypto world – NEO – and the best NEO wallets you can try. For the uninitiated, NEO has seen an incredible uptrend last year, achieving a great +21,000% growth and reaching a market price of $150 (though, it’s subjective). It’s indeed seen as a great coin to bet on, and attracting umpteen investments. This is why we’ve decided to suggest best NEO wallets you can use to keep your money secure and continue holding till the opportunity strikes.

But before, here are a few reasons to invest in NEO. Find them out.

  • NEO easily reigns when it’s transaction speed in the dock. You can easily complete 15 transactions in a second.
  • Upcoming ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are built on NEO blockchain, which means, it’s an appreciating asset.
  • With NEO, you get free GAS.

Now, let’s heed straight to the best 5 NEO wallets you can try in 2021.

1. deserves all praise for being a thin, simplistic, and secure wallet for NEO. The wallet easily syncs with the NEO blockchain, albeit not locally, but via a remote server (NEO Tracker Blockchain Explorer) to give out the information about your investments, GAS tokens and other details. That said, Neotracker is very strict about privacy, and doesn’t let your crucial data, like private keys, stick across the server. They are all stored locally on your computer.


2. NEON wallet

NEON wallet

NEON is an open source NEO wallet, which makes it entirely available for the community to check for the security bugs, if any. This means, your security is incredibly guarded, and there are no backdoors to steal off your NEOs. Besides being a lightweight wallet, it’s a clutter free interface, and this is why, you’ll be able to transact your NEOs with no hassles.

Download NEON Wallet

3. ANSY – A Paper Wallet

ANSY Paper Wallet

ANSY is one of the most reputed and widely trusted NEO wallets available for use, and has both public and private address printed on it, as it’s a paper wallet. While public address can be used to send NEOs to your wallet, a private address is the one you need to spend your tokens. The fact that, your privacy keys printed, offline and protected by the user, makes it near-impossible for you to incur any losses. Till the time your paper is secured, you’re at no risk of losing your NEOs. Like every other NEO wallet on this list, ANSY lets you store and spend both NEO and GAS, however, in an opposite, it doesn’t allow you to redeem GAS rewards for holding NEOs.  

Download ANSY

4. NEO GUI – A Desktop Wallet

NEO GUI Desktop Wallet

NEO GUI is NEO’s official client, and well-known for treating the matters of security with care. It’s synchronizing wallet, which means, it takes a couple of minutes to sync with the NEO blockchain. After syncing, you’re allowed a new wallet to create a password, store your NEOs, and restore your previous investments by importing keys in easy WIF or HEX format. As is the case with every NEO wallet, you get GAS reward for holding NEOs and the liberty to transact in GAS as well.

Download NEO GUI

5. NEO Wallet

neo wallet

NEO Wallet is a free, open-source wallet, which makes it really easy to check if it’s infected by any software bugs, and very difficult for other developers to create fault lines for the purpose of stealing your NEOs. Security is no joke with NEO wallet, as it never stores your private keys and provide for enclosed transactions. Though we’ve mentioned it more than thrice already, yet saying it one more time – NEO Wallet allows you to transact in GAS, and lets you claim GAS rewards for the amount of NEO tokens you hold.

Download NEO Wallet

These are the best 5 NEO wallets to try. Certainly, there are more options in the market. But in terms of security, flexibility and ease of use, these 5 are clear winners. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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