14+ Best News Apps for iPhone & Android

It is pretty essential to keep oneself in touch with the happenings of the world around us, and with relatively little time to read newspapers and tabloids, it can be difficult. Thankfully, newspapers are catching up with smartphone technology and bettering their apps constantly, which makes them pretty effective ways to stay updated. Plus, with the refinement they exhibit and the many genres they cover, news apps can serve a whole host of purposes.

If you’re looking for the most reliable news sources to deliver their content to your smartphone, the best news source remains Reuters which also has an app called Reuters News. Reuters is known for their very neutral reporting and fact-based approach, which can sometimes even be problematic. But if the app doesn’t do it for you, there are a whole host of great apps to choose from. Here are a few of them to choose from. Let us know the ones you like the most and if there are any other you recommend.


1. AP Mobile

Type: Official News Agency 

AP Mobile

Associated Press is among the most trusted sources of information around the world, and it is easy to see why that is. The organisation betrays no biases, social or political, and offers fact based reporting. The app has a good collection of photos, an Editor’s Picks section along with quick tabs to get news about topics that are being reported about most extensively, like the Islamic State group, US Elections and more. The app is also very professional, sorted and almost newspaper like. The reporting is unbeatable, and completely sterile with regards to fake news.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


2. Google Play Newsstand 

Type: Advanced Aggregator

Google Play Newsstand 

Google Play Newsstand is especially great for Android users, since it can use your search history more easily to cater the most appropriate suggestions and recommendations when you’re looking to catch the most relevant headlines in the shortest amount of time. The articles load into a full-screen view which eliminates the amateurish mobile browser interface to a more professional, almost Kindle-like format, like you see in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles on social media these days. You can also subscribe to magazines and browse specific publications like well known newspapers, and also save stuff to read later.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


3. MSN News 

Type: Aggregator

MSN News 

MSN News makes news reading pretty easy. There are no over the top options in the app and it comes off as very professional perhaps for this very reason. The sane and sorted appeal is complemented by a curating that many experts might find superior to the app’s competitors. It is surely disadvantaged that it is not operated by Google or Apple, the organisation’s biggest market rivals which have their own phone OS at the top two positions in terms of popularity, but it can still get you a lot of good reporting on your Android or iOS device.

Download: Android, iOS


4. CNN Breaking 

Type: Official News Channel app

CNN Breaking 

If you’re a fan of CNN’s reporting, you will find the CNN Breaking app much to your liking. It’s not just devoted to the latest news either. CNN Breaking has quite a few original series and films in its collection spanning a variety of genres, be it comedy, thrillers or documentaries. The app also boasts superior customisation where you can constrain the number on breaking news stories that pop up as notifications on your phone, as well as choose time slots where you don’t want any alerts from the app, like when you’re at work or sleeping. The app’s dark interface is also a major plus, because it doesn’t prick the eyes as much when you’re browsing the app at night.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


5. The Guardian 

Type: Official News App

The Guardian

Built specifically to send news stories published by the pretty popular publishing to a larger audience, The Guardian News App is fairly simple in design and execution, which is a good thing because there is no frill to distract you from the main content. The app works in a pretty simple manner; you get alerts for popular stories, and you can read them in the app or share it for offline. You get to customise your home screen to get faster access to your favorite sections of the news, and users can also contribute to the newspaper using GuardianWitness.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


6. SmartNews 

Type: News Aggregator, Sorter


This app is quite a smart idea. You can quickly flip through tabs that mark genres of news. The app only allows trusted media sources, and it is also a great place to catch updates and top stories that are getting popular. SmartNews does a good job of sorting through content to bring you news you are likely to find useful (based on your previous readings). Plus to avoid bending to either side in the political debate, it brings perspectives from ALL sides. The Smart Mode is especially something to watch out for. The app doesn’t come off as fancy as some of its competitors but it gets the job done just as well.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


7. TMZ 

Type: Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment


You might not be crazy into politics and the economy. Maybe the latest exploits of Kim and Kanye is what you really want updates about. There are a lot of apps for you as well, my friend. TMZ’s app is perhaps the best option in the genre, with its dark theme that accentuates its edgy content. The galleries are definitely… something. And you have the channel’s TV listing available right in the app, at the bottom of the menu. You can search for specific celebrities in the app to get the latest bits on juicy gossip on them, or even check out the agency’s sports news section that covers the bigwigs of the athletic world.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


8. BBC News 

Type: Official News Channel App

BBC News 

BBC is another giant in the world of journalism and has impeccable reporting. The app fetches you the most happening content from the publication to get you a whole lot of reading which is adequate to keep you informed about the world and even entertained. The video content is better than most other apps as well. The app allows you to build your own news section with My News, where you can pre-arrange your preferred genres to get only the most suitable content for when you only have a little time to go through the news. The widget is stock-ish, but the alerts are usually more useful than many aggregator apps since they come specifically from one publication.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


9. Yahoo Finance 

Type: Finance and Market Report

Yahoo Finance 

Finding a good stock to buy can be tough, as can finding when exactly to sell one you have. You can’t stay on a phone-call with your trader the entire day, nor can you stay glued to the TV. Yahoo Finance takes care of updating you of the latest trends in the market, alerting you about the minutest changes in values at the proper frequency. You can add stocks to your watch list, see how your holdings are performing, and see how your personal portfolio has been going. The app is also fairly detailed, and it allows you to check things other than stocks, like bonds, currencies, equities and more. It also has full screen graphs that display much detail.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


10. Bloomberg 

Type: Official Financial News Channel, Market Report


Source: Businessinsider.com

I had planned to include only one Financial news app in this list but I found Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg equally good. Bloomberg is a bit sterile in its design and outlook, but it makes up for it by virtue of its news content which can be engaging and can at times make someone as averse to numbers and monetary figures as me a little intrigued. The market reporting is just as good as Yahoo Finance (the interface is a little better, actually). The news is what makes this app a good choice over Yahoo Finance, especially given that Bloomberg also caters news and reporting about other topics like Technology or Politics as well.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


11. Flipboard 

Type: Social based News Aggregator and Curator


You know how all those aunts and cousins on Facebook are constantly sharing news articles that match their personal views? Flipboard is a lot like that. The app uses the approach of social networking by getting you connected with people’s feeds, and you can find news and information concerning your interests on your page. Then, you can discover your interests and news related to them directly by filling in what you like to read about into your profile. The sources are legitimate and reputable. The app itself looks like a better version of Pinterest in its early days, and the simplicity works in its favor.

Price: Free

Download: Android, iOS


12. News Bullet 

Type: Local News Aggregator

News Bullet 

It makes sense that one should be aware of the latest happenings where they live. News Bullet seems designed to serve that purpose, given it caters news from 5 very localised countries, which are the UK, the USA, Italy, India and Australia. You can quickly switch from one centre to another in the app, and find news that is being discussed the most at the time at the top. The app gathers news from good sources from across the world which makes it great to get a comprehensive idea of things as they are taking place in the world.

Download: Android


Non-News-Specific apps to get latest news updates:

13. Reddit


Everyone can find something they like on Reddit. That holds for News as well. What’s more, there are more than just a few ways to get news and editorial-style content about issues and topics you care most about. With the many subreddits arranged for each topic, you can subscribe to r/worldnews to get articles about happenings across the globe in one place. You can opt for r/UpliftingNews to get news that gives you hope that the world is not all evil. You can subscribe to a subreddit dedicated to your country or state/province to get information and headlines about things happening there or closeby. There are just as many fake news groups, though, which you must be wary about.

Download: Android, iOS


14. Facebook


Just as with Reddit, the best source of news on Facebook remains groups since an open discussion is often facilitated. Pages can be reliable too, though in both cases, the final authority about whether something is trustable or not depends upon a cross verification of the facts and googling stuff before reposting or taking time to note the credentials of the website that shares the news.

Download: Android, iOS


15. Twitter


Twitter and its many cliches is a pretty neat potential news source. Following your favorite news channel and subscribing to their notifications and alerts can help  you get to know the headlines before anyone else. The biggest bonus perhaps is that writers and journalists of the news and editorials you read are all mostly on the app, so you can send in your thoughts directly to them. That said, Twitter has a too pervasive trolling culture that is sometimes a bit much, and the polarisation between political opinions is definitely discouraging.

Download: Android, iOS

There are so many to choose from, I’m sure you’re going to have a tough time choosing one just from this list. The good thing is there is nothing to prevent you from getting as many apps from the list as you like. Are there any other good News apps for Android and iOS that we missed? I’d love to read your suggestions, so be sure to send them over.