Top 10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android 2019

Photo Editing Superpowers Are Just A Scroll Away

Who doesn’t like perfect pictures? We all do, right? Our smartphones are just getting better with the camera chops. And the addition of photo editor apps has upped the game to amazing levels. These tools neither require a jumbo PC, nor expect you to pay for them. On the contrary, they are easy to manage on tiny screens and are available for free.

We’ve rounded up the best photo editors for Android you need to know in 2019 to spiff up your camera images. They are as good as Photoshop, giving you a greater leeway to experiment with your pictures. Check out what photo editors we’ve inside for you, and filter out the best one for yourself.


Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 


1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Coming from a name like Adobe, Lightroom bundles up all you need to make your images amazing to look at. It is one streamlined app – neat and easily navigable – that enables you to create professional-looking images (like Adobe Camera) and process them further by applying many combinations of filters and effects (like Adobe Photoshop). From basics to advanced presets, all can be applied in a single tap.

  • Organize, edit and share your pictures from anywhere – your PC, smartphone or web.
  • Besides regular effects and , you get a pretty good range of advanced features, like Boundary Wrap (for flawless panoramic shots) and HDR Capture (for optimizing the exposure).
  • Flexible to work, as you can freely experiment with edits and enhancements. And revert back to original in just a tap.
  • With Lightroom web, you can carry out edits straight in the browser and use auto-tagging features.
  • Create video clips using using pictures with direct access to Adobe Premiere Clip.

Lightroom is also a part of Adobe Photo Editor apps – a pack of Adobe’s best-running apps.

Find Adobe Lightroom on Play Store


2. Google Snapseed

Google Snapseed

With Google as a prefix, Snapseed is impressive as an Android photo editor app. It is indeed the best of the business. You can add a total of 29 filters and enhancement to the pictures for beautiful detailing. Besides the regular crop and contrast adjustments, it has a range of smart effects to take your game a level up. Glamor Glow, Grunge, Retrolux and Tonal Contrast are a few of them

  • USP: Expand feature that lets you extend the size of the canvass and paint the extra space with the content of the image.
  • Includes controls for depth of field adjustment, brightness, perspective (to remedy pixel distortion) and curves.
  • Compatible with both JPG and DNG files.
  • ‘Stack’ feature to re-adjust and tweak the edits.
  • Selective filter brush.
  • Face Enhance and Pose feature to manipulate portraits.

Snapseed enjoys a 4.6 rating on Play Store and we’re pretty much ensured why.

Find Google Snapseed on Play Store

3. Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor

If you’re a photophile, Aviary Photo Editor has a lot to offer. The app is already a household name and loved for its range of photo effects. It’s easy, fast and easy to navigate. A declutter software, all in all. You can do the usual stuff with crop, straighten, color balance and saturation controls among many.

  • Fast and simple. No-fuss interface for great experience.
  • Several enhance and accessorize effects for good-looking images.
  • Cosmetic tools, like red-eye fix and blemish removal, are another plus for giving the next-to-amazing feel to your pictures.
  • Get connected to Adobe Creative Cloud and sync your feature pack to it. Open, access filters and edit – all in there.
  • User-generated stickers, overlays and effects to enhance photos.
  • Social sharing also available.

This is a complete solution to all your picture editing needs, we bet.

Find Aviary Photo Editor on Play Store


4. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt pays off really well in terms of ease and variety. You will find the basics like crop, clone, stretch, motion, enhance and adjust controls on the dashboard, along with a pack of advanced ones, to make your pictures awesome and worth sharing.

  • Effects, further subcategorized as Blur, Artistic, Pop Art, Paper, Distort, Colors and Corrections are available for stunning tweaks.
  • All effects are adjustable via sliders.
  • Options for adding another picture, square-fit an image, add frames, stickers and collages are also available.
  • Instant sharing available to social networking platforms.
  • Images are also exported to a new folder PicsArt, which is automatically in your gallery section.

In totality, PicsArt is a polished app with creative filters and the best photo editor and collage maker for your Android mobile.

Find PicsArt Photo Editor on Play Store


5. Fotor Photo Editor



Fotor aims to ‘take your photos where no photo has gone before’. Well, that’s what its tagline says. And, the editor does complete justice to it. Out of all, Fotor has the widest range of editing features and is more like an online Photoshop.

  • Tweak your pictures with adjustments for crop, color, saturation and sharpness.
  • HDR effects available for advanced layering.
  • For those in love with portraits, there are touchup tools as well to give you a whole makeover.
  • Fotor has over 20+ collage layouts and allows batch processing (editing filters and images to a pack of images in one click only).
  • Formats supported are RAW, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and TIFF.  
  • Save your creations in the cloud. Access them from anywhere you want.
  • Customization for image shape, text fonts available. Design tools like Drop Shadow, Transparency, Clone, Align and Color Picker to enhance the images.

Fotor is an Android photo editor with tools you’d expect for a high quality image edit.

Find Fotor Photo Editor on Play Store

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6. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

Tap and touch your way to amazing pictures with Photoshop Express – a photo editor that has everything it takes for purrfecto pictures. It’s one of the simple photo editors for Android, offering a lot of fun out there.

  • Basics are easy to apply. You can crop, flip, straighten, auto-fix the pictures in a go.
  • Controls for remove red-eye, erase blemishes, control the color exposure and intensity via slides.
  • Over 20 eye-catching effects to smarten up your pictures. You are also given the freedom to create custom looks.
  • There’s also a range of great-looking borders and artistic effects.
  • You can share the edited image on a line of social media platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr and more. Emailing and SMSing are also available.

Photoshop Express is an expert photo editor, and a fast and efficient one at that.  

Find Photoshop Express on Play Store


7. Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr Editor

One of the earliest photo editing apps that help you unleash your creativity. Pixlr Photo Editor notches up a rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store and for good reasons. Simply capture quality images and create amazing looks.

  • Over 2 million combinations of overlays and effects. That’s a staggering count for a photo editor app!
  • Does everything you’d expect a photo editor to do – cropping, resizing, masking, enhancing, amplifying (mood), blurring, sharpening and multiple processing.
  • Favorite tab, where you can see all the effects and overlays you’ve used repetitively.
  • Share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

If you’re searching a Photo Editor that offers a ton, Pixlr is the best bet.

Find Pixlr Photo Editor on Play Store


8. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro

Like having fun with pictures? Try Photo Effects Pro. It has a generous collection of filters, is very simple to use and the results look pretty impressive.

  • USP: Finger paint on the photo, using which you can draw on your images and create a look to your liking.
  • Artwork feature: Customize your photos by running them through Artificial Intelligence as styles of famous artistes.
  • Packs over 40+ filters and effects, along with a number of texts, stickers, and frames.
  • Share your pictures on social media platforms.

Photo Effects Pro is a photo editor for Android you should try if you’re looking for great customization.

Find Photo Effects Pro on Play Store


9. Cymera – Collage and Photo Editor

Cymera - Collage and Photo Editor

Cymera is a cut above from the rest, for not just being an excellent photo editor, but also a camera with 7 lens concept and a dozen of shooting modes.

  • Create stunning selfies with over 130 different filters to apply. This is why, it is perfect for those who love selfies.  
  • Super easy and fast editing tools.
  • The Silent mode lets you shoot without disturbing others.
  • Bluetooth connection is available for selfie sticks with remote.
  • Trendy stuff, like masks, stickers, light effects and frames, to do unlimited fun.
  • Shape and resize your body to bring out the best version of you in the photos.
  • Social sharing is also available.

Cymera is downloaded over 200 million times worldwide and that says enough!

Find Cymera Photo Editor on Play Store

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10. Instagram

Instagram photo editor


Instagram, at its crux, isn’t a photo editing app, but a social media platform, letting you share your moments with the world. However, the class of filters and effects is smashing of sorts, and this is why, it’s worth a try.

Using Instagram, you can make out the basic adjustments as that of cropping and rotating the image. There are over 10+ filters for a snazzy look you’ll love. Once done with the editing part, you can share the image on the app itself for the world to see. You can also share the same image on other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

Find Instagram on Play Store

With this, we complete our list of best photo editor apps for Android in 2019.

Are there any photo editing apps you love? Share the name and your experience of working on it with us. If you’ve something to suggest on how we can improve and serve you better, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below. It’s always great and satisfying to hear from you.