14 Best PS4 Exclusive Games (Available and Upcoming)

PlayStation 4 is the console you can’t have enough of. There has been an influx of finest gaming titles, which have made PS4 ruling large in the community. These games are no ordinary ball game. Each of them is fitted with such heavy-octane dynamics and visual velocity, that you’ll find yourself crushing over them in no time. Inside this list, we’ve covered the most amazing PS4 gaming titles you should try if you haven’t already.

This is the most updated list of top PS4 exclusive games 2018. Not only will you find the games which are already breaking the charts, but also learn about the upcoming PS4 exclusives in all readiness for a 2018 release.

Without a wait, let’s know them all.


Best PS4 Exclusives in 2018


1. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

Racing taken to the cosmic levels of beauty, structure and depth – Welcome to Gran Turismo Sport, which looks supremely organic and beautiful, to say the least. It’s the snazziest racing edition available on PS4 right now. It has amazing cars, feel-good tracks, improved handling, uncomplicated controls and everything you’d ever expect a racing sport to look and feel like. Cars are heavy and footed, and slightly easier to drive with highly responsive controls. But mind you, a knee-jerk reaction can spin you off, so be very good with your maneuvers. On the downside, the fleet isn’t as elaborate as it should have been, but that’s really not an thing when you’ve such great cars. Other complaints are the availability of only a handful of tracks and no access to the content without internet. While a monotony makes you sulk through, as you run on same tracks again and again, there is only Arcade mode to play if you run out of your internet connection. Still, the control management, intuitiveness and the scenic backdrops make Gran Turismo Sport a virtual slayer you should definitely experience. You wouldn’t be able to put the controller down, we bet!

Price: $59.99


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2. Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2

Kat and her friends, Raven and Syd are locked up in a new land of Jirga Para Lhao, which is marred with constant conflicts. The only one to quell it all is Kat – a skilled hero who rushes through a mind-twisting, gravity-defying arena and earns boosts to power up her sustenance. And you can help her by controlling her centre of gravity, so that she can move in the ultra-challenging space. Gravity Rush 2 is how sequels are made and feel like. The improvements are very apparent, with a lot of depth and scale that significantly doubles up the nuances of adventure. During the initial fly, you simply move on collecting key power-ups and items. However, the moment Nevi sets into the game, the dynamics become a different ball game altogether. As for the gameplay, the boss battles and side quests look really impressive and the storyline binds you. The con of the game is its little introduction to what happened in the first part, which might confuse you a bit. So, this is going to be easy for those who’ve played Gravity Rush 1. Also, the stealth missions aren’t really on a par with standards and feel disappointing at times. But given how immersive the game is, the shortcomings are only a dot in the universe.

Price: $59.99



3. Uncharted: The Last Legacy

Uncharted - The Last Legacy

You don’t like an uncharted game to be a plain vanilla. And The Last Legacy is definitely not the one. The game comes from the house of Naughty Dog, and that being so, expect Uncharted: The Last Legacy to be a voluminous pack of action and adventure, difficult to take all at once. The game, set out in India’s Western Ghats, is rapt with stunning ancient vistas, exciting combats and very interesting characters. The aim of the (Chloe Frazer) is to recover the Golden Tusk of Ganesha and keep it out of the reach of unrelenting warmonger. It’s mercenary, Nadine Ross, who comes to the aid of Frazer and help her stand tough in the line of severest of challenges. Where the tusk is kept? It’s somewhere lost in the remnants of Hoysala Empire. There’s a sense of familiarity with the game, since every action and wall climbing sequences is a close drawn from the previous uncharted games. The game still looks fascinating and holds you by the hook. It’s an extremely gorgeous game, but at times, get a bit boring due to its restrictive scope.

Price: $39.99



4. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Seldom do we come across an emotional stance in a gaming experience, making it a subtle lesson of love, affection, trust and friendship. The Last Guardian is one example, taking us to experience the great camaraderie between a nameless boy and his bird-dog Trico. While playing, they come out as really indispensable to each other. With your ancestors locked them somewhere and in a state of despair, you sprung up in action to decode the mystery and run through the maze of archaic jungles, fighting off enemies and solving puzzles to unlock the secret of freedom. Trico, being one of its kind, is of great support to you. The baddies are quite difficult to win a victory over, but you’ve to strive hard to level up. As for Trico, he will turn from a household pet to a fierce lion, and maul the villains to death. The graphic elements are beautiful, and make you interact with the environment the moment you enter it.

Price: $42.42


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5. Doom


Blood, gore, violence – That’s Doom in a nutshell. The game brings in a fresh spell of more refined characters, both the demon and the hero, and adds more to the layout of the game. You’re born to hunt and kill demons. And, have an array of state-of-the-art weapons to do the job. However, the catch is – you’ve to earn them all. From ripping the demons apart to bombarding the Godfather himself, the notoriety level of the game increases with the resilience of the demons, and how much damage they can inflict on you. The multiplayer segment tries to be a bit different, but doesn’t really impress to the most. The Snap-Map helps you build your own map, which is interesting but also boring, since you’re left with nothing with explore or look forward to than the occasional appearance of the opponent. For much fun and spark, you can also fill in the shoes of demons and try gunning down the good guy. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Price: $15.39



6. Nioh


Looking to play something unconventional? Try Nioh RN. Based on the real-life sailor William Adams, the game hinges on the first western samurai aka William to engage in some of the best boss battles. You play William, the protagonist. Crossing swords with the meanest of enemies, duels and darkness-ridden battles, is the real essence of the game, leaving you impressed with the robust combat modes of the game. Many would consider it as a Dark Souls clone, but we don’t really feel like. Nioh has the supreme alignment of weaponry and tools that help you not only overcome obstacles, but also grow as a fighter. Leave the story element, you wouldn’t be able to go without praising the light animation. That being so, it’s an arrow game but a bit less dense. What’s the winning advice? You might ask. Just be vigilant, as some of the bosses have capability to blow you to bits in a single swing. But even if you die, the scenario is not disheartening, as there are many ways to breathe life into the character. If you have an unrequited love for the Japanese combat and game, Nioh is where the wait ends.

Price: $61.68



7. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

While many sequels fail to be on a par with their predecessors, Titanfall 2 elevates as an exception, where the basic layout is filled with nothing, but improved upgrades and fluid movements. The game starts with rifleman Jack Cooper, being handed the responsibility of a Titan, BT 7427. And together they forge an unbreakable friendship while on their quest for restoring peace and order on the planet Typhon. In only 6 hours into the play, you’ll realise the mutual respect between the Titan and his pilot, and how their collaborative maneuvers, battling humanoids and individual fauna on every possible terrain imaginable, is on-spot. Unlike the first instalment, Titans in Titanfall 2 don’t have protective shields and are susceptible to deep injuries, which might result in death even. The pilot can wrench out the Green Life battery out of the enemy Titan, and possibly give it to a friendly Titan to help him boost his energy. That makes the entire game quite humanly. The Titans exist in 6 classes, each with its unique feature. Moreover, the intriguing multiplayer campaign gives the entire game a satisfying improvement over its predecessor.

Price: $36.63



8. Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman - Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight is hands-down one of the most identifiable games to be played ever. Though the game might not hold much of a compelling and mysterious aura to it, yet the familiarity of the storyline and the popularity of Batman make it an intriguing play. The battle movements might be a bit predictable, as our Hero moves around the Gotham city and fight against The Scarecrow polluting the city waters. When you swoop down the city and scan the wrongdoings, you feel a sense of liberty that comes with just gliding across the ruined and dark dwelling. The famous Batmobile has a pretty big cameo in the game. The tank combats make up for quite a heavy part of gaming, so much so that it might get you frustrated a bit. You get a breakthrough only when you defeat Arkham Knight, whom you’ll encounter after a series of villain attacks.

Price: $42.42


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9. Bloodborne


Blackborne is ruthless slaughters and victory-for-the-heck-of-it personified. It’s gloomy, bloodied, very engrossing and entails the intense kind of hack and slash, thanks to its well-crafted graphics and inventive characters. The entire scenario looks deeply intimidating and to say frankly, it isn’t all easy to defeat the bloodthirsty behemoths coming your way, but still it’s possible to sustain owing to game’s versatile mechanics and top-notch melee weapons with sidearms. Unlike other games pivoting around a protagonist, Bloodborne has a slew of character options (a good 25 in number) to choose from and launch an offensive. Every character has its own speciality and suits combats in his own distinction. However, Bloodborne is all too much in a pack to consume at once. Much of it doesn’t really help experience go better,

but still exists, what to say!

Price: $19.99



PS4 Exclusives Coming Soon


10. Spider Man PS4

The New York is in the middle of another meltdown and it’s on the Spider-man to salvage the humans. The man with spidey’s skills in his veins returns to the modern concrete jungle and you see the conquests coming alive on your PS4. Spider-man is an open-world action-adventure game from Insomniac Games, which is why, the expectations from this game is sky-high. For the uninitiated, Insomniac Games is in the industry since the PS1 days and has names, like Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive tied to its belly. The initial reveals on the game say that the respective worlds of Spider-man and Peter Parker will clash, resulting in a lot of drama, perplexity and delusion. By the initial looks of it, the game is deeply compelling by its appeal and the interactive elements seem great.

The game is coming to PS4 around 2018.


11. The Last of Us – Part 2

We really don’t need to belabor the success of the PS3 exclusive ‘The Last of Us’ – the game that takes you around the post-apocalyptic United States after it has been tormented by a vicious virus. There are no humans anywhere. Only zombies. Now, Naughty Dog, the makers of the game, is working on its sequel – ‘The Last of Us 2’, which is billed for a 2018 release as a PS4 exclusive. The premise will be same – You’ll see the United States after the pandemic as a part of Joel’s journey, and encounter extremely tense situations. The real beauty of The Last of Us is how the game brings a perfect symphony of picturesque backdrops and moments of uncertainty and danger. And, the sequel is also expected to be of same beauty and combative standards.

The game is expected to come to PS4 in 2018. There are also stories that the game might have a 2019 launch, alongside the PS5 console launch.


12. God of War

God of War is a sequel to 2010’s huge hit, God of War III, and inarguably the best-looking game ever. The game is a piece of your fascination, very spellbinding to say the least. Some areas of the game (you see combats going to snow-clad mountains and desolated forests) are hugely stunning, so much so that you’ll be totally absorbed in its visual mechanics. Beauty aside, God of War promises Spartan to go even more cold and ruthless, and giants to go ever more deadly and hard-fought against. The gameplay is more polished than what you’ve experienced with God of War III, and the band of characters also look relatively compelling. Overall, don’t be surprised if you feel that you’re playing a new game together, since God of War is that novel and refreshing in its dynamics.

The game is expected to come to PS4 around early 2018. 


13. Days Gone

The dead is rising – gear up for Days Gone, a zombie affair, that promises tense realms of combat gaming and looks visually rich. In E3 2018, Sony launched a footage, dropping major insights on how the game is exceptionally terrorizing and beautifully drawn to every inch. Zombies are everywhere, they’re very hungry, and coming out to prey on humans. Sounds much like a Resident Evil plot, and it’s one. The silence and stealth of the game is incredibly heart-pumping. At one moment, it’s all calm. And, at another, you see zombies attacking you in swarms out of nowhere. The protagonist is Deacon St. John, who is travelling the morbid picture on a motorcycle, and stays quick on feet to confront the sudden pressures. Overall, the game looks deeply engrossing, and we’re already gasping for 2018 to hit.

The game is expected to come to PS4 in 2018.

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14. Detroit: Become Human

‘My name is Connor: This is our story.’ – that’s how the trailer ends, at a serious cliffhanger, shooting you to pieces about how the story unfolds and where it culminates. An action-adventure game by Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human is all about the choices you make. Yes, the story forwards as per the decisions you make throughout. That being said, if you’re regretful for any decision you’ve made in the course, you can rewind back and reshape it again. And, if you’re great at understanding clues, you can reconstruct the events and change the consequences. The more you obtain the information, the better are the chances of your winning. In totality, Detroit: Being Human is a story where you either benefit from, or bear the grunt of the consequences. It’s all on you. As far as the gameplay is concerned, expect yourself to get completely invested into this.

The game is expected to come to PS4 in 2018.

This is all we have for the list of best PS4 exclusive games in 2018. If you feel we’ve skipped any important PS4 exclusive game, reach out to us in the comments section below. We might add it to the list and make it more relevant for our audiences to read.