Best PSP RPGs to Play in 2021 For Crackling Fun

In the eye of exploding competition from PlayStation and Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation Portables (PSPs) didn’t stand much of a chance. They were spotted in the markets for a period of 10 years before getting replaced by Sony PS Vita. However, this definitely doesn’t ridicule PSPs in any way. In fact, it still support the best of RPG (Role Playing Games) titles, which we believe that you must know.

So to highlight why Sony are still good enough to own, we’ve rounded up best PSP RPGs games list which are extremely addictive to play. Check them out.

1. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men Legends II

X-Men Legends II is one of the top PSP games, it isn’t exactly a major promotion over its predecessor X-Men Legends, but carries an extra bonus of fully-destructible environments, a horde of amazing playable characters, including those of the X-Men and The Brotherhood, and dozens of new feats to unlock. The game offers you 25 hours of gameplay, but if you wish to play it more, you can switch this on to a different difficulty setting. The fun of teaming up good guys with the bad guys to trounce the real villains is refreshing. If you’re coming from X-Men Legends and expecting some crackling fun with its successor, the Legends II doesn’t disappoint.

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2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts

Move beyond Sora and Roxas, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep introduces you to the new protagonists of the game – Ventus, Terra and Aqua, tasked with traversing new lands, fighting new boss battles, unfolding fascinating stories, and unlocking new abilities. The plotline is neatly done, giving you choices between enemy vs friends, loyalty vs betrayal, and life vs death. Birth by Sleep not only brings you a slew of Disney characters, but also expands the Disney world to offer you an engaging play. Having said that, we don’t deny that despite expansion, there are repetitions in terms of world ambience and music. To speak of combats, they’re more fun, fulfilling and evolving, fused with energetic visuals, which make an impression. Overall, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a quality addition to the franchise, and a great action RPG to play.

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3. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Lunar Silver Star

Lunar has remained a constant on consoles, from Sega CD to GBA, and one that has only got better with time. Though the game’s original anime cutscenes are unchanged, the storyline has been given a nudge for new version with new cutscenes, a fresh breeze of characters, and lots of secrets waiting to unfold. The novelty of in-graphics, soundtrack, battle attacks and other details adds a different dimension, giving you an immersive experience. It’s easily one of the choice available on PSP amime games to play.

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4. Riviera: The Promised Land

Riviera Promised Land

Riviera: The Promised Land is a classic tale of good vs evil, rebellion and retribution. Inside the game, you’re taken to the floating land of Riviera, which sees the return of the Demons and is shuddering at the very thought of the havoc. However, there are angels, up in arms, ready to take up the cause of Riviera and save it from the imminent danger. The real beauty of this incredible RPG is its highly diverse world design and an engrossing gameplay, which binds you. You’re likely to take amazing bits of the story with your memory for the way the concepts like war, betrayal and death are dealt with. Another good scorer is its fantastic production values and JRPG mechanics taken to an edge. Even if the battles are turn-based, you can still store up a few weapons with nice durability to hold your ground and fight. If you’re serious about exploration, Riviera has a bag full of surprises, bonuses and other treasures to toss the game.  

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5. Half Minute Hero

Half Minute Hero

Unless you’re a passing fan of RPGs, you’re already in love to pieces with Half-Minute Hero. There are 4 different modes – Hero 30, Evil Lord 30, Princess 30 and Knight 30 – to slash your way through, which are further split into mini battles, involving a hero who needs to kill a devil within 30 seconds. This countdown timer (of 30 sec) underpins the game – either destroy the enemy within 30 seconds, or give money to Time Goddess to bargain some more time. The more you ask, the more you pay. Besides dynamics, what really won us is the 8-bit presentation and a vibrant 2D world, which gives a great appeal. Even the music effects, including the soundtrack, goes on to explain the amazing production values it has. Though at times seems redundant, it isn’t an aggravation for die-hard gamers. Overall, Half Minute Hero is done right; a must-try!

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6. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is an old wine, getting better and tastier with time. For the PSP RPG games, it has been redone as a world-class dungeon to explore, where you’ll find yourself facing the random encounters like a clockwork. It packs improved graphics, environments and gameplay, but doesn’t lose its old-world charm. From characters, ambience to soundtracks, everything has been beautifully retained for the retro feels, but the newness of enhanced details, better resolutions and art doesn’t go without appreciation. Encounters might be random, but aren’t daunting. Attacks, swords and spells are all good, but there’s a little pain of strategizing to launch a leveling attack. That being so, easy, sequential games of Final Fantasy may cut a cord with the new gamers, but don’t hold a chance for seasoned gamers. Despite all that nit-picking, there’s still an interest in getting the best gun or armor, or casting a spell.

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7. Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

Gurumin Monstrous Adventure

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure has a female protagonist, Parin, who’s on a mission to frustrate all attempts by the Phantom prince to maraud the monsters’ world. The only aid to hack your way through the quest is the legendary drill, which will be extracted from the centre of the village. There’s an overarching plot, consisting 23 non-player characters, 48 enemies, and over 90 items or tools to collect that may help the protagonists and her clan to fight for her cause. Engaging combats, pleasant soundtrack, and charming characters make Gurumin a really delectable RPG to have your hands on. Put simply, it’s a blast!

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8. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a much-loved RPG taken to new heights and how. There are frenzy combats on the offer, requiring tactical skills to maneuver the opponents and do the winning. The protagonist is Estelle, who along with her friend, Joshua, sets out on a journey to find her missing father while putting the curtains down on a conspiracy in the process.  It’s this incredibly sewn love-hate-deceit storyline, swamped with lots of mysteries, which makes you dive deeply in. You’ll find yourself indulged in face-offs with a range of enemies and bosses, which are tough cookies to nail down. This difficulty level is nothing short of intriguing. Besides, the 3D environments within the game is done well, which makes the overall ambience too charming. Plus, the entire music element, from the soundtrack to the battle effects, is enhancing, which makes you feel good throughout the quest. The gameplay extends to 50 hours with loads of side quests to keep you fully-equipped with action and thrill.  

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9. Disagea: Afternoon of Darkness

Disagea Afternoon of Darkness

Japanese titles are a league of their own, and has a sizeable fan following. However, NIS took a risk to remaster the renowned ‘Disagea: Afternoon of Darkness’, and needless to say, the final output was pretty cool. Disagea is a boon for gamers, who cannot have enough of strategy RPGs. It has been rehashed to sit well with prevailing interests while keeping much of its typical anime undercurrents unchanged. You’ll find a total new experience, blended with turn-based battles, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and a range of likable characters. To condense the story, Disagea is not an easy sail, and a perfect binge for anybody looking for challenging.

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That’s all for this list of best PSP RPGs game with character creation to have ever hit the markets. If we’re missing out on any important game, write it down to us in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to tell us your favorite game both on PSP and otherwise.