Best Racing Games for PS4 to Bulk Up Your Experience (2021)

Games, when run on PlayStation, are pure marvels to look at. Anybody, having smitten with the 4K gaming, will understand what we’re talking about. For all its stunning hardware, PlayStation 4 is one heck of a gaming console. You feel instantly good about your favorite games catching up so brilliantly on the platform. The graphics are clearer and crisper. The load times are better. And, the frame rates are significantly higher for some games. You are assured of an experience you’ll certainly be happy about. And, it isn’t some far-fetched thought to say that the ecstasy of 4K gaming gets multiplied when it’s combined with the vroom-vroom of hybrid racing.

Gamers want more of the racing genre on their PS4 and why they shouldn’t. These games have stunning visual velocity, look interesting and offer a delectable experience that shouldn’t be missed. It might sound like an exaggeration, but we mean every word, literally. Below, we’ve curated a list of best racing games for PS4 you should download and play now.

Top 5 PS4 Racing Games in 2021

1. F1 2019 

F1 2017

Codemasters releases an official Formula One racing game as a part of an yearly practice. And F1 2019 has been launched to make you soar in the air. The racing game is comprehensive, and by far, the best overdrive motorsport games in the modern F1 league. It throws in the most volatile racing, challenging us to maintain our streak while hurtling from one track to another. F1 2019 treads the beaten path, but doesn’t go pale. It has introduced several improvements in the car regulations that bring the franchise back to the limelight it deserves after the very disappointing F1 2015. Codemasters has done the calculations right to bring that extra grip and speed to the cars chasing and dashing to the finish line. You get expanded career model, a fleet of best-styled cars and power racing modes to keep you on the edge.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $59.99

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2. DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally

Heck, that’s mad! DiRT Rally, in one grand fashion, is about razing past the muddy tracks of Wales and adjusting wheels, as you daringly aim for the top speed and the top spot. Adrenaline rush: infinity! You got to be really fast, fast to the T to get better at this blistering run. As speedometer clocks another high, you’ll get the fright of your life. The turns, bumps and obstacles are tactically arranged to bog you down. You got to try this if you haven’t already, as this is easily one of the best rallying games the Codemasters have created in a decade. Hold your nerve, manage your wheels and get over the hump. DiRT Rally is a must-have for your PlayStation 4.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $37.99 (Shipping Charges Included)


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3. WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 7 - FIA World Rally Championship

13 countries, 52 special stages, combative cars, demanding physics and lengthy races – WRC 7 is a mega kind of rallying game you’ll have been looking out for. The gameplay is pulsating with high-speed cars whooshing by the loose-gravel tracks, surrounded by trees, cliffs, rocks and what. The inside of the game is beautiful. You’re taken through the snowy forests of Sweden and the rocky gravel of Argentina. Everything looks mesmerizing, but the rallying is well-built for a butt-trembling experience when the car slides off-road. A great feature is the ‘career’ gaming mode that lets you pick a driver and allots him to a junior WRC team with an aim to rise to the ranks. The benefit, you might ask. Well, if you finish up well, the rival teams might troop in to have you join their racing clans. You’ll then become one bankable name on and off the circuit. Sounds interesting, right?  

Rating: 7/10

Price: $49.99

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4. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

Featuring next on the list of best PS4 racing games is Assetto Corsa, the game with merits of being the best racing simulation game to get released last year. And, still magnetizes a good deal of attention for its robust controls, in-class gameplay and the racing fundamentals that’re up a notch. Assetto Corsa features a presentable fleet, complete with both open-wheelers and hypercars, and takes you to the beautiful European tracks. It packs a daunting racing experience that needs the right blend of strategy and determination to blast past the obstacles and highly-saturated turns. If you’ve got a staple for ferocious racing, you can add extra content through packs and win an exhilarating experience, all in all. What could be actually annoying to you is the unfair immunity to the opponent (AI-powered) cars. A thud, or even a tap, is enough to shunt you off the main track. Worse even, there are no drawbacks or consequences decided for your road enemies if they jostle up and muscle your wheels to the corner. They are simply unaffected and you’ve some major points to lose. If you’re okay to ignore that off, Assetto Corsa is the finest real-life simulation console game available.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $27.00

Download Now

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5. DriveClub


If there’s a game offering the simplest of racing, it’s DriveClub – the casual racing meshed up with the elements of arcade racing. It doesn’t really host a massive fleet of slick cars (but, include the names like Ferrari and Audi) or posh locales to ratchet up your wheel speed and do the win. It’s very basic with a very little supply of resources, but decent enough for a casual gamer who’s looking at creating a club to rule the roads. But that shouldn’t be taken as a mouth patronage for dud gaming. DriveClub still presses you hard for performance with its ridiculous bumps and turns that flick your car off the tracks to unprecedented damage. So, you got to glue your eyes on, manage the steering wheels, and chalk out a sensible strategy for driving. Also, there is a variety of weathery spells, which make you feel good realistic, if not for real. It’s a bit flavorless for those looking out for wheels on fire, but an ideal bet for fledgling gamers.

Rating: 6/10

Price: $18.49

More Options

6. Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2

Oh buoy! Sequels should be like these. Project CARS has hit the shelves with its 2.0 version and got the hearts racing for its elaborative simulation makeup that grabs 10/10. It’s so good that you wouldn’t be able to go back to the previous version, because the second instalment has pretty much everything to make you feel confident and planted on the roads. You’ll find that the handling and steering controls are remarkable to manage sharp turns and resist collisions. The track selections are improved to the best levels of intricacies; a sure-shot calling for those who don’t like easy gaming. You get a class repository of fan-favorite wheels, something that’s really hard to not fall for. And, even the sound effects are incredibly stunning. In totality, Project CARS 2 has batted a thousand by flushing out everything that Project CARS earned a bad name for – poor handling, dunce-like AI, and consistent bug plagues. It’s really mammoth in terms of content. However, the career mode is not easy as it should be. And, even the gamepad support hasn’t been spruced up enough. It still doesn’t fit the bill often times.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $59.00

Download Now

7. The Crew

The Crew

There is enough obsession for The Crew that’s immense for being an open-world gaming experience. And, if you’re more into multiplayer gaming, there couldn’t be any better option than The Crew. You can team up, build your own road gang, and explore the map of the United States, starting from Maine and going all the way down to the very flamboyant Miami. Yes, it’s all beautifully decked up for the drive, but that doesn’t make it an easy feat. The moment you feel that you’ve got the game by hook, there is bump lying next to topple your thoughts to the nose and drive you totally off-course. While playing The Crew, you can choose to be a Trucker, Dragster, Monster or Drifter, which is a clear testimony to the number of illegal activities you’ll be encountering, supporting or opposing while on the way. The fact, that the Crew hosts an astonishingly beautiful open world and is rapt with arcade gaming elements, makes it something worth every dime. However, the bid to allow a gigantic world to explore has resulted in some visual concessions, which disappoint. The AI opponents also isn’t up to the mark, that again, makes for a loose case.

P.S. The Crew 2 is slated for a release in March 2019.

Rating: 6/10

Price: $28.99

Download Now

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8. Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo

Wish to experience flying racing and blazing tracks? Look no further than Truckmania Turbo, often touted as the finest arcade gaming ever. The game fills you with thrill to the brim by allowing you a strong foot on the track while offering intensified gaming to the T. It hits the bullseye for being a game that offers the most competitive kind of gaming, while keeping the frustration maximum. The entire gaming is a perfect shot at imitating the real world with courses well-provided with occasional bumps and nerve-tingling turns. It isn’t different, but definitely on a par with the challenging console games ever made. Truckmania Turbo definitely promises a joyride that worth remembering.  

Rating: 7/10

Price: $19.99

Download Now

That’s a wrap! These are the best racing games for PS4 to try out. Choose one or more from the list and get yourself in the action. These games are pretty, lightening fast, stunning, gravity-defying and what not. We bet, the energetic pump you’ll get playing these games, is something unmatched. If you’ve or are trying any other PS4 racing game, let us know in the comments below. If found interesting, we’ll put that up in the list.