Best Search Engines That Have Redefined the Internet

What do you expect a search engine to be like? You like it simple, fast, relevant and of course, with lots of gotchas.

A quick look at Google stats prove that it is world’s number one search engine. The simplest of its kind that understands and takes care of everything you want it to.

But, before Google took matters in its hands, Yahoo and were the market bigwigs. And, if you are someone who has woken up to the Google-made digitization only, you need to smarten up yourself to the things a bit.  

This post describes the best search engines, including Google that you need to know.


Top Search Engines You Should Know About


1. Google Search

Google Search engine

Handles three billion searches each day – Numbers say it all!

Now, that’s where lies the life! We know internet as Google. Don’t we? They are synonyms to each other. The absolute king of the internet, Google handles billions of searches each day and never sleeps. It maintains the largest catalogue of information via web pages and gives out relevant information by tracking down the most usable search items. For an insight into how mighty the Google is, see here and know what Google is up to each second. Beware, there’s a jaw-dropping number inside.

The USP: Google is fast, relevant and beautifully configured. You get the most relatable search results.  

Brownie Points

  • Simple to use.
  • Comprehensive in making.
  • Multi-purpose engine with connected features, such as Google+, Images, Translate, Maps and so on.
  • Around 3 billion sites are indexed on Google. And, the number is only increasing each day.
  • Constantly improving to suit preferences and search tendencies.

Spoiler: Google knows a lot about you. The fact that, Google sticks around your browser and logs your search details for better ad experience, doesn’t go down well. So, security? Pfft!

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2. DuckDuckGo


Anyone who says, Google is the boss and the rest is history, clearly has no idea where Google lacks and DuckDuckGo excels. This search engine could be a tiny thing in the face of splendid Google. But, it’s different in a sense that it doesn’t store any of your personal information. It exhorts the idea of open and secure web – no targeted results. Google can be uncomfortable for your privacy, but DuckDuckGo? Never.  

The USP: Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo doesn’t tail you wherever you go. It doesn’t track you or identify you with the cookies and heavy cache. The platform is cleared from ads. Even the IP addresses and user agents are discarded. You own the liberty of surfing the web while tossing your privacy concerns in the air.

Brownie Points

  • Ad-spammed.
  • No filtered results. You get what everyone else is getting at that side of the equator.
  • Zero-click information. All results are displayed at a single page with infinity scroll.
  • Disambiguation prompts available to help you put your query in better, clearer way.
  • Huge customization allowed. Change fonts, background colors, add favicons and more.

Spoiler: DuckDuckGo is a standalone search engine with no integration to Google’s second-tier services. It goes without Maps, Translate, Images and News which are actually the best Google has.

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3. Bing


Bing, a Microsoft product, is the next known best search engine after Google. It looks interesting with those changing backgrounds, which are downloadable as well and works fine, but still miles far from dethroning Google. Bing is erstwhile MSN and is largely dubbed as a decision engine. It suggests to you the trendiest stories and searches across the bottom of the screen and thereby, helps you make a choice.

The USP: Elegant UI is one strong point. Next, its affiliation to a big-cheese name like Microsoft is a merit to its character.

Brownie Points

  • Like Google, Bing has additions like Images, News, Videos and Maps to it.
  • Beautiful with Backgrounds. Some even coming straight from the space.
  • Bing Ads, Bing Events and Big Finance are also featured.
  • A separate mobile application – Bing Mobile, available for Windows, Android and iOS.
  • One-click access to all major MS Office tools.

Spoiler: Much like Google, Bing scoops information about you as per your search behaviour and bombards you with recommendations that you might not even need in the first place.

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4. Yandex


A product of Russia to the world, Yandex deals with over 150 million searches per day and touted as one of the best search engines in the world. The platform is available in English globally, but has its native versions for Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and kazakhstan. Yandex also has Images, Video, Mail, Maps and Translate features, seemingly an export from the Big G – Google. More than anywhere else, Yandex is hugely popular among Russians and is a default engine on Mozilla Firefox in the country.

The USP: Besides its decluttered interface, Yandex has an integrated app analytics tool, AppMetrica, which is the cord-cutter. This tool is integrated into the landing page of Yandex. Tap on it and you will find a marketing platform for yourself to get user-centric analysis and engagement insights on your app – all real-time, thorough and adequate!

Brownie Points:

  • Yandex Images, Mail, Maps, Video and Translate available for maximized experience.
  • Yandex Disk lets you cloud-store your data.

Spoiler: Yandex is quintessentially Russian. That cuts its scope of global penetration by half. You find many results in Russian, which need English translations.

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Essentially a question-answer community, is in the business for 20 years. And, at a time when Quora is everywhere to see, has managed to be a name to remember. Also available as a browser plug-in, it tunnels all your searches through the search engine. Hit your queries and let the engine refine results for you.

The USP: Qualified as an answer engine, is more of a answer-question community, and less of a search engine. Despite this, its relevancy of results makes it a top scorer. Trust to get the most adequate results for your question.

Brownie Points

  • Well-curated, organized content.
  • Comprehensive. You’ll get answers on every topic imaginable.
  • Related Search options at the top-right section for faster navigation.
  • Decide what videos you wish to see as per various filters for relevancy, quality and length.
  • Available as browser plug-in also.

Spoiler: has failed to evolve with times. This problem announces itself the moment you enter it. It looks bland and this is why, perhaps, the response to it is tepid at best. In 2009, it pulled the plug on its web search as well, which further brings its graph down.


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6. Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search comes under the aegis of Microsoft Bing. And, uses Bing’s search results for its search engine. It doesn’t have an individualistic search algorithm anymore. And, this is why, it doesn’t enjoy a spread here like other search engines do. But, it’s unforgettable how Yahoo gave us an initial sneak peek into the web, more specifically the Yahoo News, which gave an earlier glimpse to how a piece of news can get ‘viral’. This is the reason, we tasked ourselves to mention it for once in the post.

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Here ends our list of best search engines in 2018.

Google, as we know, is the clear chartbuster and the most successful one by far. But, there are several other engines which have made web easy and accessible for us. The only difference is that the Google has kept itself thoroughly updated with the developing needs of millennials, while others stood unmoved in the face of active digitization. As a result, Google has a clear edge over its so-called competitors and will always have till the day it’s striving to be the best.

Have you tried any search engine better than all the above mentioned? Share your experience with us. Also, if you’ve any suggestions or feedback, let us know in the comments section below.