Best Smoke Detector Cameras to Secure Your Home in 2022

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t give much thought to your home security until something happens that makes you think twice. Maybe it’s a break-in across the street or a burglary on the news that has you wondering how safe your home is. One of the best ways to secure your home is to install a smoke detector camera. Smoke detectors are an essential part of any home safety plan, and adding a camera gives you an extra level of security. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best smoke detector cameras on the market and what to look for when choosing one for your home.

Best Smoke Detector Cameras to Secure Your Home in 2018

We’re in dire need of sophisticated home security devices than ever before. Perhaps, this is the reason why there’s a spurt in demand of electronic door locks, alarm systems, and spy cameras. Choosing all or one can help you protect your house and family, lying at the mercy of potential threats. More so, when you’ve an outstation job. Since these new-age security tools are automated and smartphone-controlled, you can keep an eye on your home remotely and raise a call for help just in the moment. You’re assured of complete peace of mind.

Then, why to lay yourself too thin?

We’ve already discussed electronic door locks and here, we’ll be discussing the covert smoke detector spy cameras. We know how busy you’re and hardly left with any time searching the internet for the best one. This is why we’ve explained at the end of review what you should know before buying a smoke detector spy camera and which are the best recommendations in the industry. So, keep reading.

Smoke Detector Spy Camera – How Does It Work?

Because your house is a passive victim, it needs the covert surveillance of these cameras. They monitor and record every activity happening over a designated area in your house while being camouflaged as regular smoke detectors. This means, they look like smoke detectors installed on the roof, but are actually hidden cameras inside, keeping a tight eye on every activity happening in your house. Every movement and stir is secretly recorded and available anytime for you to see.

Not All Smoke Detector Spy Cameras Are Actual Smoke Detectors

It’s important to remember that a smoke detector hidden camera may or may not be an actual smoke detector. That said, it is NOT recommended to de-install the real smoke detectors from the space for the cameras. They are important as fire-protection devices and alert you to the presence of smoke in the house. They are even mandatory in some states. To be on the safer side, see if it is only a camera or has smoke alarms as well. Once you’ve figured that out, make a decision accordingly.

By any chance, if you’ve got the both – real smoke detectors and hidden cameras masked within the smoke detector-like exteriors, we advise you to position them at different locations in a specified area to make them look less suspicious. For instance, you can install an actual smoke detector in the middle of the room, and the spy camera at one corner. This way, you’ll have both security mechanisms across all rooms and nobody would get a hint of suspicion about the presence of two smoke detectors.

It’s time to hit the list of best smoke detector cameras to buy. We’ve curated a list of top 5 options, tried and tested. Check them out.

Smoke Detector Camera Reviews 2022

There’s an overwhelming variety of smoke detector hidden cameras with recording in the market and choosing one can be a circus of doubts and dilemmas. We’ve spent a good deal of time, narrowing down the option to the sweet 5th spot. While choosing the contenders, we’ve paid emphasis on specs, picture quality, design, and price. So now, let’s jump straight to the list!

1. MEAUOTOU Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector

MEAUOTOU Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector

MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera Detector has made it to the top spot for being the most versatile of the ilk. It blends in so well that no one will ever notice there’s a camera mounted in there. Installation is just a snap; super easy to do the settings and get started. With motion sensors, this camera sends alerts to the owner whenever he’s far and there’s any unexpected movement inside the house. It also supports live-streaming via mobile devices, which works nice and satisfactory. The audio and video quality is on par and clear enough to let you know what happened in your house behind your back.  

The 64GB of storage brings good cheers. It’s a nice memory there, allowing you to save a great deal of recordings and going back to check what happened when. Video loop recording is also possible, which means the initial file will be overridden if there’s a repetition. This comes in very handy when the 64GB nears finish. The bad is its poor battery stay. It lasts for just 2 hours, which makes it really tough for you to get constant footage. You have to keep it constantly plugged in for hours for long recordings.

Overall, MEAUOTOU is a nice, all-rounder smoke detector spy camera. Battery spoils the party a bit, but don’t be quick on the trigger, because you might not find such a perfection as a spy camera anywhere else.

2. SecureGuard 36-Hr Smoke Detector Wi-Fi Camera

SecureGuard 36-Hr Smoke Detector Wi-Fi Camera

The traction around SecureGuard Smoke Detector camera with Wi-Fi is for its tall claims of lasting upto 36 hours and providing recordings relatively longer in extent. While testing, the camera worked in line for 2 days, which makes it a deal to bet your dollars on. Nicely camouflaged as a smoke detector, it doesn’t induce suspicion or second looks for being something else on the inside. Setup is a breeze, and convenience is such that the camera connects with the internet and provides you real-time watching and playback. Even if you pair it with the Wi-Fi, the Hidden Wi-Fi Broadcast feature ensures that it isn’t seen on the Wi-Fi network after the setup. That’s one good stroke! Motion sensors are very receptive to the movements and get activated quickly. Once a movement is detected, the camera springs to action and records for a good one hour. The memory support is average with a 16GB SD card for video storage and remote playback.

What could have been better is the image quality. There is a 1MP camera, which’s okay-ish but nothing when compared to other cameras in the same bracket. Also, you cannot mount it on the wall; just the ceiling.

3. Littleadd Motion-Activated Hidden Camera Detector

Littleadd Motion-Activated Hidden Camera Detector

Littleadd spy camera looks inch-perfect like an actual smoke detector, a factor enticing enough to get you buy this. It opens with great battery capabilities, lasting for a good 16-18 hours, however, with no consistency in video quality. As battery trickles down, you’ll find a noticeable slide in the clarity and balance of video captures. To remedy this, charge the camera before it runs of battery. This way, there will no drop in the image quality and you’ll be delivered clean, judder-free recordings to see. Note that the camera will take at least 5 hours to get completely charged.

Littleadd hidden camera is pretty convenient, since it comes with a remote control, allowing you to change recording modes and do other customizations with just a press of a button. Motion detection recording is also supported and fares well. If motion is sensed, the camera will be triggered to record the video and will return back to standby mode if it stops sensing any movement anymore. The major undoing of the camera is its non-Wifi support. That means, there’s no support for real-time watching. You cannot see what’s happening in your house when you aren’t there.

4. Spy Camera HD 1080p Motion-Activated Camera

Spy Camera HD 1080p Motion-Activated Camera

Spy Camera HD is another ‘disguising’ done right. It looks so darn close to a smoke detector that you’ll never suspect it being a camera. Performance wise, this camera works great and renders good-quality videos and images. It packs everything you’ll want a spy camera to do – loop video recording (overriding the initial file), remote control for easy access and motion detection. Out of all the features, what really turned us in its favor and made us place it at 4th is its very agile motion detection. Quick enough, it can detect a motion in about 5-7 meters around. There is a 8GB Micro SD to save videos. However, if you find this less sufficient (which we know you will) a storage expandability of 32GB is supported.

Now downsides. This camera isn’t Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can’t watch recording real-time. And there’s no app support either.

5. Tangmi Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera

Tangmi Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Camera

Tangmi gets a perth on the list for its nice design and sturdy built. It looks like a typical smoke detector, so much so that no one would ever doubt being under the camera surveillance. The video quality is amazing and real-time monitoring and watching makes sure that you can keep a tab on what’s happening back home in your absence. The camera can support to work about 12-15 hours, a little less than a whole day,in a single charge. The storage is expandable up to 32GB, but the microSD card isn’t included with the device, so you need to get one for yourself.

All that said and acknowledged, we found the installation a bit tricky and not as simple as with other cameras. Of course, the process isn’t robotics, but you’ll have to invest some time to understand where the nuts and bolts should actually go. Despite good performance, the patchy nice-mode recordings come off as its biggest shortcoming and whittles it down to spot 5.

What You Must Know Before Buying a Smoke Detector Spy Camera

If you’re still underestimating a smoke detector camera, you’re barking upon a wrong tree. There’s no better way to find out who broke into your house than a security camera. Better yet, if it’s hidden, giving absolutely no clue to the wrongdoer that he’s being seen and monitored. Smoke detector spy cameras come with motion detection and are internet-enabled, alerting you of unwanted intervention when you’re away and dodging the bullet. That being so, such cameras are a sure-shot way of finding out who’s the troubler and getting your belongings back.

What You Must Know Before Buying a Smoke Detector Spy Camera

You might want to get one for yourself as a precaution before the disaster strikes in. Here’s what’s important to know and look for while buying one. Take a read.

  1. Each State has its own Surveillance Law. We would recommend you to look into the law concerning your area and abide by the regulations. Mind you, installing a hidden camera without people not having the knowledge of it, is a serious crime and have serious repercussions.
  2. Check if the camera in question is wireless or wired. If you’re opting for a wireless spy camera, know that its signals can be disrupted by computers, televisions, mobile and cordless phones and the internet. It’s even hackable. The video feeds can be intercepted and tampered with, if you aren’t using a security firewall. Wired cameras don’t come with such caveats, but are pretty cumbersome to install and set-up. On the pro side, the picture quality is nicer and clearer than their wireless counterparts.
  3. There are certain filming restrictions you already know. More than compulsion, they are more about ethics and morals. You aren’t permitted to install hidden cameras in restrooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms of other people and locker rooms.
  4. Check warranties. Most of the smoke detector spy cameras come with a year-long warranty. Extended warranties are also a thing you should ask for. If there’s no warranty available, ask why. And if you aren’t still convinced, look for other option. Don’t fall prey to the cheap price tag. If your cheap camera stops working after a week, you’ll end up frustrated and disappointed.


That’s our review of best smoke detector spy cameras 2022. If you have something to tell us, your thoughts are welcomed in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to tell us about the spy camera you liked and will buy for enhanced security of your house.