12 Best Strategy Games for PC To Experience High-Tension Battles

If your hunt for finding a perfect strategy game for your PC is taking you nowhere, this list can be of great help. We’ve rounded up top 12 best strategy games for PC, which are sure to amaze you with their insane combative arenas, enhanced pace and top-notch weaponry. Strategizing to the best of your agility and skill is the only key to winning here.

Curious? Aha! Then here begins our list.


1. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

It’s gorgeous. It’s challenging. And it brings the greatest war to go down in the history to life. Welcome to Company of Heroes 2, whose cinematic details are very impressive. It pulls out its graphical excellence from the original, and looks like a close parallel, which makes it quite a slayer for most times. The game’s done to the best merits of art and realism. You see war-saddled landscapes with satisfying touches of detailed art, destructive fireworks and lots of smoke billowing out of them. Talk about animations, and they’re developed to bowl you out, actually. The characters look life-like, powerful use of sounds gives them great depth, and the entire experience is fulfilling to a T. The countrysides look fantastic, striking that urge in you to explore and play more. While playing Company of Heroes 2, the perspective is American. The US forces have three companies to engage in explosive combats, with each having a distinct speciality. So, even if you lose a company to a mission, you’ll be having the other two to shunt out the enemies. The rival factions too look really dynamic, especially the Serbian army that’s a new style of attack and improved manpower. If you are seeking the adrenaline rush and the glory of the innumerable war battles, Company of Heroes in your cup of tea.


  • Excellent multiplayer possibilities. Extreme mayhem and nothing else.
  • Availability of Winter maps require a different level of combat style and tactics.
  • Standoffs are excellent, offering way beyond the typical seek and destroy.
  • A lack of consistency and balance, though some times, is a glaring turn-off.

Platform: PC, MAC


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2. Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company

It is the RTS game straight out of a hardcore gamer’s dreams. Featuring 13 resources on the inhabitable mars planet, the game exhibits one of the most deep game economies where the inhabitants of mars are doing their everything to trade their assets to the offworld. Giving your observation skills a sharp twist, while playing OTC, you need to keep an eye on the market price of the resources that you are using. For instance, the food produce that you are growing might be cheap but the water required for cultivating it might be scarce in your area, making it a dicey situation. An intrinsic balance is necessary to maintain the equilibrium between debt, capital investment and resources. Akin to the real world, the prices in the market fluctuate rather obnoxiously and you have to be pretty vigilant with their buying-selling activities.

Key Features:

  • Randomly generated hex-based maps
  • Market Manipulation
  • Economic Warfare and building upon the trading skills
  • Upgrading HQ
  • Hiring Pirates from Black Market & Black Market Attacks
  • In-depth economic background that give the player the opportunity to micromanage their trading strategies.

Platforms: PC, Mac



3. Stellaris


A space exploration has always been a childhood fantasy. And, the obsession is still prevalent, showing no signs of fading out anytime soon. Stellaris is one space strategy game for PC, providing a stellar experience of space navigation and alien conquests. The exploration here are infinite in range, so much that you might end up finding some super colonies with acquired mechanisms. One thing you shouldn’t flap your eyes over is the terrain specifications, since the ocean dwellers might not be happy in sand-spewing deserts, and vice-versa. However, this is a refulgent opportunity to capture slaves and trot into their colonies. The initial functionalities seem pretty encouraging, but soon things lose steam and you end up staring at the screen, waiting for something, anything to happen at all. Even the AI is pretty smug about its power and doesn’t want to pick on the little. Stimulation is the key and you need to work a lot to get some of that in this game.


  • Super cool conquests
  • An array of species to choose from and a plethora of colonies to conquered.
  • A state of art of battleships is a plus.
  • The three main domains to choose from are philosophy, engineering and physics that alter your domain and spice up your conquests.

Platforms: PC



4. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2

Honour, greatness and rivalry are some things without which the medieval eras are incomplete. Post playing the Crusader Kings 2, you might not miss the aforementioned experience but you will be confused whether the game was strategy based, or wasn’t it? Set against the backdrop of rivalry between Charlemagne and his brother, the game of Crusader Kings II takes place on an overhead map of Europe, but the borders of the countries are secondary to the crux of the game. Following a tribal holding system, the game is a complex web where the player is upgraded by prestige rather than money. One thing that happens when you play is the unfolding of the entire story of the dynasty, which seems more like the dynasty chronicles. Players will be able to see the cultural upheave in the ninth century Europe, making it invigorating story based gaming platform.


  • A genetics and education system are employed, where children will inherit many traits, culture, religion and skills from their parents and guardian.
  • A perfect dynasty simulation game where the player helms a medieval dynasty from 1066 to 1453.

Platform: PC


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 5. Endless Legend

Endless Legend

Set against the sci-fi background, the game Endless Legend comprises a good dash of magical and futuristic lore. With lush ambience and eight factions with different play styles and history records, the game focus is on winning with accuracy, resources, war and diplomacy. The players are required to take advantage of various terrains and use the rural or urban settings to their utmost advantage. Taking cues from the other similar games and adding a tinge of novelty on its own, EL takes the look and feel even better. It takes inspiration from GOT intro with the cities rising from the ground, piece by piece. The abstraction of such data and visuals during the zoom in very smooth and feels utterly natural. Moving aside from the few gameplay flaws, Endless Legends is a solid game, right out of a fantasy for the most hardcore of gamers out there. sss

Key Features

  • Highly detailed maps with variations
  • Great music adding to the gaming experience

Platform: PC, Mac



6. Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War - Warhammer 2

Though the Total War series is famous for developing on already established platforms, Warhammer 2 brings in the fresh breeze of highly engaging graphics and campaigns. Set against the fantasy backdrop, the game is flushed with mythical creatures, cross between dinosaurs and present day animals and armies on the war front on different terrains, adding to it an interesting twist to combats. Between the high elves and the darker cousins, the dark elves is unmistakably torrential in the waging wars. The battlefield scene is nothing short of a Lord of the Rings scene, no literally, complete with finesse and immense satisfaction of bearing witness to it. Touted as one of the best Total War games, it is definitely worth your time.


  • Total War:  Warhammer II is a thoughtful blend of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics gameplay.
  • The game revolves around the territory control, the Vortex. The armies wage a war to grab hold of the seal, which is the key to unlocking the army of chaos.

Platform: PC



7. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster

Ever been to a theme park and came back wondering that you could have done it better? Well, Planet Coaster whirls up the very same creative juices and lets you create a weekend theme park with its huge array of customization options. Simply speaking, a theme park all decked up in your distinctive style. This is a theme park building sandbox game that’s synonymous with ease, intuitiveness and variety. The diverse range of slides options and some crazy level of coaster customization make up for an unparalleled sandbox experience. Everything’s effortless in a sense that you get intuitive keyboard controls right on the screen for maximized control over every nook and corner of your park. On top of that, you get lots of gotchas for placing, repositioning, resizing, editing, recoloring and so on.

Key Features

  • Over 28 types of coaster structures with varied levels of monstrosities. Not to miss, you get over 44,000 items to create intricate coasters, rides and other attractions.
  • A dedicated community that brings more customization delights to the table.
  • Both micro and macro level of adjustments offer a greater leeway to designing.
  • Pre-designed shops and sceneries available, but you can also tailor them to your likings.
  • Three gaming modes – Challenge, Sandbox and Career.
  • Ratings given as: Exciting means Good. Nausea means Bad. Fear that’s to be Balanced.

Platforms: PC


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8. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics - Blades of the Shogun

If you’re hot on trot for stealth games, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is rapt with sneaky deeds, surprise attacks and terror ambushes. The game is indeed challenging, but isn’t as unrelenting as other games in the genre. One of the most gladdening elements of this game is the sheer consistency of mechanics, art style and storytelling, which ticks all boxes for an immersive gameplay. You get five assassins in total with different skill sets, suited to complement various styles and strategies of raids, ambushes and killings. Be it launching hit-and-run attacks, hiding evidences or isolating an enemy before hacking its head off, you’ve got the assassins to get the jobs done. There are certain high-tension regions, testing the combat abilities and survival strategies of the best in you. You might enter into a heavily guarded area, where no previous lessons and skill combos work a way out. It’s this time you’re needed to put down the best fighter foot forward. Remember, you always stand a chance of survival, no matter how sinister the circumstances may become.


  • Packs an interesting story; of family, duty, betrayal and reclamation.
  • Five assassins, each having their own skills to support attacks as and when needed.
  • Each protagonist is a unique personality, ably voiced and up for any mission.
  • Quite intimidating at initial levels, but once you’re well-acquainted, you can try different skill combos and powers to make headway.
  • Beautiful environs with different mechanics that guide the type and rules of stealth.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, MAC, Linux



9. Steel Division: Normandy 44

Steel Division - Normandy 44

The best real-time strategy game for PC, Steel Division: Normandy 44 is exhaustively done with finest levels of precision and tactical depth. It’s an intelligent mix-match of multiplayer tactical gaming and simulation of historical combats, something that slays and stays with you. That speaks enough as to why it makes a cut through the ultra-competitive layers of PC strategic gaming. Despite punishing complexities, you’ll find this game thoroughly enjoyable and fun to play. As far as the aesthetics are concerned, it’s a beautifully looking game with vast, lust maps, giving you an evident picture of tanks moving across the map and firing the opposition. Inside Steel Division, you’re managing over 10 different unit types, and working with each as an independent network. There’s no other pleasure than throwing up a coordinated attack using these unit types and mowing down the opposition. However sometimes, the game’s overwhelming lack of detail seriously messes up a lot, and often snatches away the pleasure of a well-done attack by making you losing the contact with your ranks.


  • An exquisite variety of tanks, vehicles, artillery and infantry, each suited to a different historical division and simulated nation.
  • You manage over 10 different units, but get no significant upgrades to keep your streak through. It isn’t that rewarding and that’s really a thumbs-down!
  • A long learning curve, but if you get it perfect, it adds up to your stronger points.

Platforms: PC



10. Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires 3 lives up to the pedigree of excellent RTS gaming franchise, taking the fight for a new world to more intense, darker levels. The game has a very compelling story that gets you by the hook. It is deeply engrossing to say the least. During the gameplay, you’ll encounter lots of opportunities for tactical combats that will put your teamwork and coordination knacks to test. If this is less, you’ve got plenty of optional objectives in each mission to spike up the difficulty quotient. Since the game takes you back in the age and begins with an ancient civilization, you’re greeted with lots of medieval century stuff. Unlike other PC strategy games riddled with robust guns, you fight with swords, crossbows, rifles, cannons and more. And as you progress more and reach the industrial age, you’ll find the modish ways of offense and defence, quite obviously. Age of Empires 3 has a lot of historical charisma and is a must-have for those who love the realism of moving from an age-old world to that of contemporary one.


  • Over 14 different empires to choose from
  • Traverse through dark ages to the present-day trade routes.
  • Motive – to capture parts of Europe and Asia

Platforms: PC, Mac, MOBI, BlackBerry, WINM



11. Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2

If there’s an award for a game that’s CPU-intensive, it has to be given to Supreme Commander, the original. And with its 2.0 version, the tactical possibilities have got better, and the combats have gone intricate enough to nudge the heck out of your brains. If you’ve ever felt a bit intimidated by the gameplay of Supreme Commander 1, Supreme Commander 2 has a lot on the offer. You aren’t pigeonholed into mediocre command units, but have a great resource management facility, using which you can upgrade your faction with a new variety of interesting units and explore multiple missions on the way. The gameplay is very fun-filled overall and quick-paced to keep you deeply obsessed. You get huge maps leading your battle to multiple fronts, and visual elements? They are very neat. However, an irksome feature is pathfinder utility. The units, as an army, find difficult to find a way between close-packed arenas, and the right route to take the opposition down. Also, the AI components look quite wishy washy, and aren’t up to the mark.


  • Not as brilliant as the original, but still packs a lot of exciting fun.
  • Highly addictive, as you see experimental units and the destruction they unleash.
  • Excellent visual elements.
  • Momentum of the game is high. You wouldn’t mind spending hours on it.

Platforms: X360, Mac, PC


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12. Starcraft Remastered  

Starcraft Remastered  

Starcraft Remastered is one of the best PC strategy games online, and is very refreshing. Instead of dwindling it down the abyss of ‘been there, done that’ crevice, it whirls up a fresh approach to the phenomena, making it an amazing gaming experience. The Blizzards Art Team’s artwork is nothing short of an artwork where the precision and the intricacies of the fine graphic details do not miss our keen eye. Such is the accuracy that it’s easy to mistake the 2D artwork for that of a 3D. When we talk about intricacies, zooming in doesn’t bring up the annoying pixelated images, rather, it creates a clear image, that all in all, enables us to even count the spine on the Hydoluscs head. The features, continuing since 1998, have been amped up and how! You got to have a personal experience with all of them, we feel.


  • Graphics support up to 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, and its original soundtrack and sound effects are re-recorded.
  • Players can pair their online accounts from the original game with Blizzard’s modern online accounts to continue their win/loss statistics into the remaster

Platforms: PC


Here’s the closure. This is our list of best strategy games for PC 2019. Try these games and give your mind a lift it needs. Mind you, you got to have nimble brains and a dedicated purpose to resolve to help yourself glide through the raining destruction and havoc. If you think you’ve it in you, download any of them today on your PC and spend a great time. Also, if you think there’s any game equal or better than what we’ve mentioned here, let us know in the comments below.

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