29 Best Subreddits To Subscribe To Right Now

Reddit is the best thing to happen to the internet. There’s something for everyone! There’s a subreddit for fans of the Kool-Aid Man, for those who love Black Twitter, people who mess up as well as people who want to do better. With over 11,000 active subreddits, defined pretty conservatively, which ones should you look into? Here are the most popular Subreddits you have got to try out.

Since there are so many topics reddit has subs about, we decided to arrange the subs we loved under categories they talked about. So the Best Subreddits about fitness are kept separate than subs for entertainment. Try them out.


To be fair, these are two separate subreddits. But they are pretty identical in functioning. And you’re probably going to need to join only one anyway. These subs are active and resourceful to help you attain your weight goals and move to a desirable BMI.

There’s weekly motivation as well as rant threads, tips and tricks as well as threads concerned with the science and technique of it all.

For people looking to get fit who know they cannot trust themselves to go to the gym every day, calisthenics can be a good recourse. But where do you go to learn the basics? Well, r/bodyweightfitness has you covered. There’s a recommended routine that fits basically everyone, tutorials and gifs to learn from, as well as pdfs and other resources.


The sub is pretty helpful too, and you can ask the stupidest seeming questions on mondays, learn new techniques every thursday and so on.

Also notable is r/xxfitness, a subreddit dedicated solely to fitness for women, frequented by fit women as well as women aspiring to be fit. Whoever thinks women are not meant to gym or exercise needs to visit this sub and others like it to see how wrong they are.



Well, r/Sports is the obvious choice to take when it comes to selecting a subreddit for sports banter. But it’s not the place to just cheer a team, though that does happen in the replies. The sub encourages posts composed with visible effort, which ensures that the front page is not inundated with spam or unhelpful stuff.

Deserving to be among the top subreddits is r/TheOcho, a place to discover unconventional or even comic sports. The qualifications? Your sport should be uncommon, have rules, scores and wins. You can also find parody games and fun content in the sub. So be it duck racing, superyatch racing (there’s a lot of racing games there I guess) or slap fighting, this sub is both hilarious and informative. Plus, maybe you could find a nice party game here?

The Ocho subreddit



r/News has all the stuff going on in the world arranged in a nice little sub that is also among the most populated and most popular subreddits on the entire platform. It is part of the 50 default subs one is automatically subscribed to when joining with a fresh new account, but don’t think that is the only reason it is here. r/News is a pretty massive sub, so the rules and management there have to be applauded. It also discourages political reporting, so it is a good place to go to if you’re looking for a quick 411 about the world without being subject to agendas. That said, no racism or sexism is allowed, and general courtesy is expected.

News subreddit

r/PoliticalDiscussion is a place to discuss politics, minus all the shouting and namecalling (or at least with minimal namecalling). The sub respects counter-views in OPs and replies, as long as there is no racism, sexism, homophobia or other sort of vitriol. You’ll find redditors who have researched their opinions, have a way with words, and so it is a great place to learn about the other side of the political spectrum as well as to understand what is happening in the world elsewhere.

All the reports of wars and political mudslinging depresses a lot of people. It isn’t pragmatic to shut oneself off from the world either. So r/UpliftingNews comes in handy when it comes to keeping a realistic picture of the world. I mean, anything that can give me hope that the world has not gone to the dogs is golden for me. Uplifting news is therefore one of the best subreddits in 2018.

Funny Subreddits

A Subreddit for memes, but only for the dank ones. Dank Memes does have moments when it doesn’t make you laugh particularly hard. But it’s still the funniest meme subreddit available on the internet. Other subreddit for memes are simply not funny enough. At least they haven’t appealed to me personally.

Funny is a sub for humorous stuff in general. It’s a good subreddit for binging if you’re getting bored one evening, because the top posts are all hilarious. It isn’t restricted to memes or a specific kind of humor, though more risque jokes and funnies might not find favor here if you intend to post something of that sort. For the most part, this is a kid-friendly subreddit that’s good to browse in front of family. Except the posts marked NSFW, of course.

Funny Subreddits

Here’s a sub with  a more dedicated audience that’s harder to trigger. Almost everything is fair game in Dark Jokes sub. If you have a problem going through the subreddit without feeling yourself get livid at the jokes, it can be better to stay off, or remember that humor is sometimes a tool to emphasise what is problematic. Anyway, it’s one of the funniest subreddits to check out and even binge through.



Just a sub for stuff people find out of the ordinary, but not extraordinary. You’ll find a lot of pictures and videos, and the occasional GIF with people showing off their pets, furniture and food, and a huge number of puns. Posts from the sub often make it to the front page, so you know things are pretty interesting for a sub that sells itself as pastel.

A place for all the random thoughts you might have the entire day, be it epiphanies about pop culture, language or politics, or maybe observations about education, money or showering itself! r/ShowerThoughts makes you chuckle, gives you stuff to think about and can even contribute a writing prompt for you.

Relaxation subreddit

TIL, as it is popularly called, seems pretty ordinary for a sub. But it is a great asset in your arsenal for when you want to sound well informed or more knowledgeable. The posts usually have sources to what the OP learned in the post, which comes in handy to know more than just the headline. And it’s not just trivia, as you’d expect. The sub has a lot of posts about events forgotten in history, the science of everyday things as well as aspects of different cultures unknown to people from outside the region.

Learning And Self Enrichment

History can be pretty interesting. Especially when you don’t need to sit through a fat book to cram for a test. The history subreddit is often my bedtime story, and I get to read about all sorts of historical events from the world, be it the crowning of Charlemagne or the achievements of the Olmecs and the Guptas. Reading the comments is really helpful because it gives a great selection on further reading you can take a look at, and you thus have a new book recommendation virtually every week!

I Want To Learn is one of the best subreddits for learning, and it is perfect for both binging and also for a close study and finding solutions to your problems. The subreddit’s archived posts now have a collection of virtually everything you could ever want to learn, right from musical instruments to new languages, coding and life skills like cooking or gardening. The sub is mostly community driven, and people appreciate your interest in learning new stuff and bettering yourself.

Learning And Self Enrichment

Ever wanted to be an expert at drawing and make masterpieces of amazing images that pop up in your mind? And ever been disappointed immediately afterwards because you can’t draw more than 2 straight lines of paper? There’s a sub to help you through this as well, and it is called Art Fundamentals. The sub has a lot of tutorials to attempt wherever you are in the world. You can have the work reviewed by the community (or contribute a small amount to get an opinion from an expert). It can certainly be helpful as a starting point to get in touch with the art community, and maybe you can find a few more subs through these contacts that are more up your alley as you gain progress and learn the trade.



For those who don’t like their 40 winks and would rather do with 4, there’s r/NoSleep, a place for people to post their original horror stories. It’s not all “I saw a ghost in the attic”, a lot of content picks corporate espionage, murder or other scary situations to build horror in the readers. It is important to note that the posts on the sub are usually fictional (and stepping out of character is therefore discouraged to maintain the suspense). And don’t worry if you don’t want triggering or NSFW stuff, the sub has tags in the titles for such stories.

Entertainment subreddit

There is a lot of stupid in the world. If you’ve read “The Onion”, a popular blog/e-magazine which publishes parody articles as news, you have a fair idea how things they post aren’t really all that divorced from actual possibility. Well, r/NotTheOnion is where that is confirmed. All the bizarre headlines end up here, and you can marvel at the sort of nonsense that the world has to endure.

This is a super-funny, super-entertaining subreddit with screenshots of people still figuring out how to use social media. Not that I feel people must know how to use facebook or twitter, but it is just funny when newbies goof up. And occasionally, adorable!

Then there’s r/Gifs, r/Funny, r/Videos, r/Pics and more, but I think you know what they’re for.

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Subreddits for Men

The truth is that an astounding number of guys are really conscious about their hair and hairstyle. It takes a lot on styling and care to get that lustrous mane, and it can be confusing to decide where to begin with. Male Hair Advice is the perfect subreddit for men therefore, because it makes it easy to learn what hairstyle would look good on you, what length you should keep your hair, what the latest hairstyles are and more.

Male Fashion Tips

The stereotype of women being picky dressers isn’t true. A lot of men are picky when it comes to what they wear in public, and a whole lot more have no idea what works for them and so end up looking like ragdolls or turning up overdressed. Male Fashion Tips is a subreddit that seeks to help the bros look dapper, dress appropriately and fashionably and also know what the fashion trends are without sounding too patronising. Also, reading the archives helped me pick my wardrobe wisely, and so I have a soft spot for the sub. I’m not ashamed.

How should a guy design his living room, his bedroom or his porch? What appears cluttered and what appears empty? All the crucial questions about design and layout are answered on Male Living Space. It doesn’t matter if you’re fixing up a bachelor pad or your new apartment you’re going to share with your significant other, Male Living Space can help you pick furniture, colors and placements, as well as decide on decoration, give a few fun tips and even suggest a neat DIY project for the weekend.


Weird Subreddits

The craziest stuff doesn’t come from the internet, a lot of it is actually in books by pretty serious authors. Weird Literature is a thread that celebrates the weirdness in the storytellers of our civilisation. It’s not just text posts and blog posts either. A lot of the popular links are Youtube links and there’s even a really fun AMA to read in the archives. Give it a spin.

Weird WikiHow

OK, you’ll be surprised by the amount of weirdness Wikihow has. Right from stupid images that appear hilarious without their contexts, to titles that are nothing short of laugh riots. It can be hard to stifle a smile at many. Weird WikiHow is the perfect subreddit to binge.


Psychology Subreddits

I love Ask Social Science because it goes into the depths of common phenomenon that people raise a question about. There are a whole host of questions you might be interested to read about in their archives, and more questions are asked everyday. It takes me to a point where I wonder why I had never given a second thought to some of the most everyday things. The answers are usually source-cited which makes things easy for everyone to quote the information in an academic dialogue outside of the subreddit as well.

Psychology subreddits

The best psychology subreddit though is, well, r/Psychology. It is a good place to begin reading if you’re interested in the subject. The number of users who are subscribed to the sub might be low, but don’t base your evaluation over numbers alone. There is a lot the Psychology subreddit can help you with, from sourcing good reading material covering varying levels of difficulty to finding the answers to specific questions you might have.


Thought Provoking Subreddits

Nothing makes you think more than new information. Documentaries are the best way I find for me to learn about a culture different than mine, or a concept I have not been introduced to. Some of them can put me on some pretty intense thought trips. Of course we all have our favorites when it comes to topics to watch documentaries about. But if you really want to expose yourself to new ideas, you have to get out of your usual subjects and churn a variety of information in your head.

Enlightenment makes quick work of seeking answers to the most pressing spiritual and philosophical problems. You need only visit this sub to get the best the internet has to offer from Nietzsche to the Buddha, from Solipsism to the nuances of causality. The sub is a bit inactive, but it is still pretty cool if you read through the archives.


Best Subreddits for Hooking Up

Best Subreddits for Hooking Up

Hands down the sleaze central of reddit, r4r is a place where every horny redditor can be themselves and look for sexual release or relationships, and everything in between or beyond. The format is pretty simple, and there are spin-offs for various countries, cities and ethnicities as well. The subreddit is riddled with NSFW tags, but there are rarely any pictures that show up. R4R can help you find your soulmate, a boyfriend or just a casual friend or gym buddy, whatever you’re looking for.

So here it is! The coolest Subreddits to binge on the internet have now been listed for you. Go ahead and pick ones you’re going to be surf on the loo.

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