15 Best Torrent Sites (Updated 2021)

Torrenting has not died down by any means and even with excellent new apps that allow you to stream your content for free, we often want to download the movies or content for later use. Torrent sites can be hard to find around the web, but they still offer you some excellent content and can help you watch some of your favorite new movies for free.

We have done some research by looking at the top torrent sites to see which of them are perfect for you. Since safety and anonymity are important, these are factors we also took under consideration. In this article, you should be able to find all the best torrent sites that can be used for finding your favorite new content.

15 Best Torrent Sites (2019)

The 15 Best Torrenting Sites Available Today

If you have limited torrent experience, you might want to look through these sites and some of the expected features before simply downloading. We have found them to be really ideal for certain downloads as you will see. Here are the top sites that we have selected for downloading torrents of movies and content for free:

  1. The Pirate Bay:

While the Pirate Bay does move around a lot, it has been around in some form or another for a very long time. It is considered one of the most popular sites for downloading torrents and included features that let you see if a seeder is trusted. The search engine is really functional and uploads are generally readily available for new content.

You might have some troubles accessing the site due to it moving around quite a lot, but once you have the site, it is easy to download what you are looking for. We recommend looking for VIP seeders as this is a great indication that the content is safe and you won’t need to deal with any potential malware issues.

  1. LimeTorrents:

LimeTorrents is one of the top options if you are looking for legitimate torrents. The site has a massive database that is constantly updated with new content and the legitimate torrents are also the largest on the web today. It is considered one of the best torrents for  music.

Since the site provides you with a lot of details about content, you can easily determine whether it is worth downloading. You can see how many seeders and leechers a site has with ease. Each file also includes a health meter to help you avoid potentially risky content. It is one that we definitely recommend for the value it offers.

  1. RARBG:

If you are heavily invested in movies, RARBG will be the perfect site to consider. It has an intricate details page and will show you everything that you need to know when it comes to your files. Additionally, the top 10 list will ensure that you understand the popularity of a movie and make it easier to find new releases.

  1. 1337X

1337X might not be as popular, but this torrent site is still an excellent option to consider. If you are looking for older and more obscure torrents, this will be the perfect place to start. One of the downsides is the many advertisements that you also need to deal with and it does not have the same massive database as many of the others.


TORLOCK is one of the best sites if you are looking to avoid potentially fake torrents. It is really easy to navigate the site and it features a large database of content that you can download. It also features a Top 100 list that will show you everything you need to know about the most popular content available on the market today.

What we love is the fact that TORLOCK actually pays their users $1 for every fake torrent they find on the site. According to the site, they have over 5 million verified torrents that will ensure you get what you are looking for when downloading.

  1. AM/YTS.AG

If movies are your specialty and you like all the latest movies, YTS.AM/YTS.AG will be one of the top sites that you can consider checking out. The sites only focus on movies and feature a massive directory that will ensure you can find what you are looking for. The torrents are also known to be really easy on your bandwidth.

It also has a massive user base with dedicated seeders that will ensure you can stream some of your favorite content with limited effort and waiting times.

  1. TorrentDownloads:

TorrentDownloads is another one of those sites that will offer you clear and concise quality torrents. The site has a straightforward information page and with a massive database, it will be easy to find anything that you might be looking for. All the information is also displayed about each of the torrents you might select. If you’re looking for torrents for books, then torrent downloads would be the best option for you.

Additionally, the site includes a comment section and allows the users to rate the torrents once they have been downloaded, this will make it easier to avoid potential fake torrents and help the community to find what they are looking for. It is one of the top options if you are looking for reliable torrents.

  1. ETTV Torrents

If you are looking for torrents of your favorite TV shows, ETTV torrents will be an excellent option. The site has been laid out really efficiently and it is possible to find older and newer TV shows. The sites do not focus on movies that much, but you should still be able to find a couple of movies if you need something.

  1. Torrentz2

While not a torrent site in and though itself, Torrentz2 is an index that helps users find the best torrents for the content they are looking for from a large directory of different torrent sites. It will help you scan some of the existing torrent sites and find the perfect option that will meet your needs. It is great for finding older content that you could have trouble finding on your own.

  1. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy has one of the cleaner websites designs with limited obscure advertisements that are NSFW. The directory is simple and you can find a large database of content that you might be looking for without too many hassles. It might not yet be as popular, but is slowly growing in traffic and trusted seeders.

  1. SI

NYAA.Si is another popular torrent site that is well known for the Anime content that is provided on the site. It has a massive reputation for quality torrents and downloads that will make sure you find what you are looking for without too many troubles. However, the site does have a couple of obscure advertisements that you also need to look out for.

  1. EZTV

While they have been accused by ETTV for stealing their content, the site still remains active. You might not be able to find everything you are looking for here, but it consistently ranks well for good quality content. One of the downsides is that the site can go down from time to time, but always finds a way to reappear.

  1. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is another really popular site and it is much similar to some of the top options we have seen so far. This is greatly thanks to the verified torrents and limited malware. However, the database is not the biggest on the web. Whatever you do download from this site will certainly be verified and offer consistent quality

  1. YourBittorrent

If you are new to BitTorrent, this is one of the best ways to get you into the swing of things. With a clear interface, you can easily download and find what you are looking for here. The clean interface is probably one of the biggest reasons why people generally choose to use it for their searches and we also recommend it.

  1. 7tor

It might not be the best sites and while it seems to be a Russian torrent site, it does get its most traffic from Pakistan. The sites have a large database but do not really stay up for too long unless it garners support for the web hosting. It is one of the better sites when it is running if you are looking for a few obscure titles.

A Few Things You Should Know Before Using Any Torrent Sites:

It might sound all peaches that you can download everything you are looking for from a torrent site. However, there are a few risks that are also important to keep in mind. Before you start using any torrent site, here are a few important things that you should keep in mind to keep you safe as a user:

  • Not All Content Are Monitored:

If something is free in life, there are a few risks associated with it. Not all the content on these sites are monitored and you might leave yourself open to a cyber attack. It is best to invest in good malware software. This will help you detect any harmful files before they make it onto your PC and cause you some issues.

  • A VPN Is Needed:

Since your activity can be tracked by certain institutes, you might need to invest in a good VPN. This will enable you to keep all of your doing on these sites safe and private. There are many affordable and free VPN services that are designed specifically to help you avoid any potential problems. As you will see, downloading and sharing files could land you in some hot water.

  • Diligent Research:

While we have put in a lot of hours to do research about some of these sites, you also need to put in some time. As of this update, these sites are great, but things can change on the internet every day. Constantly keep looking for safe torrents that will ensure you don’t get into any snags when you are downloading or uploading.

Torrent Legal Warning:

We do not condone the download of any illegal or copyrighted content and while P2P technology sharing is legal, some of the files are copyrighted and might make you liable to prosecution in certain countries. In countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and The UK, the distribution and download of these files might make you liable to a civil lawsuit.

While this might not seem like something that could happen, these lawsuits are very real and can cause a lot of financial and emotional stress for the defendants. Your ISP also has the right to release your search history if you are being prosecuted and with a court order. It is worth noting that the more data uploaded and downloaded can eventually bring you to the attention of the many protection groups.


These sites can be up and down at different times and we cannot guarantee that they are always working and functioning. As of this update, the sites are working, but this could change. We have seen sites go down and reappear from time to time and that is why you might want to consider having two reliable options.

Let us know in the comment section and share some of your feedback if you think we might have missed any of the important sites that you use. We would also love to see any other top torrent sites that you have been using and why you choose them.


This article is for informational purposes only and we don’t take any responsibility for legal actions or any other problems that may occur if you proceed to use these torrent sites.