7 Best USB Hubs To Use As Many Devices As You Want

A mire of wires looks horrible. For me, it’s always been very stressful looking at a dozen of wires on my desk coming and going out of nowhere. However, one fine day, I got a USB splitter and never turned back.

Best USB Hubs are having a great time in the spotlight and have become pretty much a ubiquitous desk accessory. The reasons are clear – they let us efficiently multitask and keep the wires managed in a single space, hence eliminating the clutter to the hilt. In a way, they boost what our PCs or laptops are capable of, and keep those potential distractions on the desk slim down to a corner. No surprises that USB connector are one of the hottest accessories for anyone who wants a snappier experience. And if you’re also looking for one, remember that hyperdrive come in a whole lot of variety and choosing which one will work the best for you, is no mean thing. This is why I am out for this review. I’ve tested a couple of USB Hubs best buy and listed all my favorites inside, so as to assist you in making a good decision for yourself.

Why Did I Need a USB Expander?

Frankly, I am a man who spends more time looking at my laptop than my girl and loves to multitask. My laptop had a total of 4 USB ports, which weren’t enough for the amount of work I’d want them to do. I wanted a USB keyboard and a mouse, my headphones, an external hard drive, my speaker, Wi-Fi dongle, and even the printer to stay connected to my device all at once. But, 4 USB ports were damn less and sometimes, weren’t even compatible with the devices I plug in. At worst, they were positioned too close to use with multiple fat devices. The result? I kept toggling my devices as per the priority of tasks and lived in a tangled mess of wires holding me captive. To spare the mess right away, I bought a USB connector to use multiple peripherals and expand my device’s capabilities. If you’re also looking at doing a lot of stuff at a single time on your PC, you need a USB hub too.

You must scroll down to check out the best USB splitter in 2018 you can buy right now: 

ProductPortsConnection CableTransmit SpeedBuy
100.70 feet5.0GbpsBuy Now
AmazonBasics100.75 feet4.8GbpsBuy Now
Aukey041.60 feet5.0GbpsBuy Now
Kensington UH7000C071.64 feet5.0GbpsBuy Now
SmartDelux133.33 feet5.0GbpsBuy Now
HooToo030.37 feet5.0GbpsBuy Now
Belkin041.3 feet5.0GbpsBuy Now

1. Anker 10-Port USB Data Hub: Best Powered USB Hub

Anker 10-Port USB

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Anker USB Hubs have gone together nicely for years now, but this Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub is a real gem for its performance, quality, and aesthetics. It has a premium build, packing 9 3.0 USB ports for data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, and an additional port delivering 1.5amps to fast-charge the external devices. The 60w adaptor ensures fast and stable speeds during data transfers, including times when you’ve a whale of data to move around. This USB3 hub is a tad costlier as per Anker standards, but if you’re okay with coughing up an extra wad of cash, this product is a commendable buy. Also, there’s an 18-month warranty backing your purchase, so that you can be at peace with your money.

2. AmazonBasics 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub

AmazonBasics 10 Port usb

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Another 10-port USB hub on the list is from the AmazonBasics for anyone looking to access multiple devices simultaneously. Delivering transfer speeds up to 480 Gbps, it certainly helps you get stable connections and quick-charge your devices. It’s a lightweight product, sleekly designed to have it tucked inside your desk drawers or the pockets of your laptop bag. The fact, that it’s self-powered, is its real point of pride. You get the liberty of carrying it around and connecting multiple devices to your laptop on the fly. Apart from being a handy companion, it supports low speed, high speed, and super speed. Overall, it’s worth your dime if you’re willing to add more powered USB 3.0 hub to your laptop.

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3. Aukey USB 3.0 Hub: Best USB Drive

Aukey USB 3.0

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If adding 10 extra ports to your device seems quite an excess, you can opt for Aukey USB Hub. It fares well, working just the way you’d expect a heavy-duty USB 3 hub to work, and doesn’t cut your pocket weight by a half. When plugged in, you get an extension of 4 USB 3.0 ports, supporting data transfer speeds up to 50 Gbps and backward compatibility with previous USB versions. That said, there is no charging port available with this hub. Design-wise, this usb splitter is colored with silver, intuitively made to occupy less of the desk space and help you manage your peripherals better. It looks well in sync with the color scheme around, more so when you’re using Mac or any other Apple device. As for the setup, the process is as simple as plug and play. There’s absolutely no need to install any drivers or software, to begin with it.

4. Kensington UH7000C 7-Port USB Splitter

Kensington UH7000C 7-Port

Buy Now on Amazon

When you’re looking to buy a professional USB powered Hub, there’s no better a deal than Kensington USB Hub. It supports device expansion by bringing 7 additional USB ports to the desk so that you can easily connect multiple devices for synchronized access while transferring data up to 5 Gbps. It also doubles up as a charger with its 4 AMPs, helping you charge multiple devices at the same time. This means you can charge 2 tablets and 2 smartphones, or any combination of the low-power devices hassle-free. From a person who is never short of battery woes, this is a win-win feature. However, if you’re using a laptop and charging on the move, this will deplete its battery relatively faster. This USB splitter is simpler to install. Just plug in the hub’s cable into your device and you’re ready just at the very moment to use it without any need of installing drivers or software.

5. SmartDelux 13 Port USB Expander

SmartDelux 13 Port

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Sitting through this 13 port USB hub might feel like overkill, but SmartDelux brings the most capable SuperSpeed ports to function. The 10 USB 3.0 ports allow data transfers and sync at a speed ranging up to 5 Gbps. For charging, there are other 3 ports available delivering 2.4amps of power and filling up the batteries as fast as possible. The design is quite professional and stylish with clear markings, suggesting the purpose of all the 13 ports you can use. This is a heavy-duty USB splitter with the glossy aluminium build and essential scratch-resistant quality, making it last longer for use. It has built-in surge protection and over-current protection to keep your devices safe against the potential voltage spikes and the subsequent damage. The 60-inch adaptor accompanying this USB expander is long enough to offer you an excellent movement range and still not compromise on the job. And yes, it comes with a 1.5-year warranty. You can say this is a best buy USB hub.

6. HooToo USB C Adaptor

HooToo USB

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HooToo has a market standing of making Apple-friendly products and its 3.0 USB hub is no different. It’s the most compatible, most comprehensive USB hub for Mac devices, packing 3 USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C hub and charging port, an HDMI port, and an SD memory card slot. The design of HooToo USB hub is quite appealing and complements well with the entire Mac landscape. It has an aluminium alloy build and dons LED indicators, which are a replica of Mac style. When on the desk, it wouldn’t seem different than that of other Apple products even for once. Dipped in silver, it looks entirely a part of the pack. The only undoing of HooToo USB connector is its expensive price tag in comparison to other options. But then, it gives you so much more than it takes it. Its feature and aesthetics are certainly the best in the industry.

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7. Belkin USB 3.0 4 Port Hub

 Belkin USB

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Belkin USB port Hub has all the makings of an ideal accessory to add multiple external devices to your host system. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, allowing data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps and syncing data incredibly fast to a Type C port of your device. This hyperdrive also spreads out to act as a charger, delivering 900 mA of power for quick device charging. It’s a self-powered device and connects to the computer via a USB-C cable. That said, the size of the adaptor is unreasonably big and feels quite an irritant for not being small enough to be a travel accessory. Also, the price of Belkin might discourage many to pick it from the shelves, but considering how well it works to keep all your peripherals connected and in place, this USB expander is well worth your investment.

These are the 7 best USB hubs to buy in 2018. If you’ve had enough of watching a messy desk and switching/unswitching the devices, purchase your favorite from the list and relieve yourself from the jumble you’ve been living in. Don’t forget to tell us about your views in the comments section below.