Best Video Editing Software to Create Finest Videos in 2019

If you’re wondering which video editing software..

..has the best features, easy to use and produces great results,

..isn’t a pricey product,

This guide tells about it better.

We’ve compiled a short post about the Best Video Editing Software that market has to offer.

You will figure out the good (as well as the bad) aspects about our top choices here.

Read on, and take your pick!

Best Video Editing Software For 2019



VSDC is the software you use when you want to impress your creatively inclined friends. Why? The interface should tell you. Your friends are probably going to be impressed by the number on dials and buttons you deal with. You can achieve a startling amount on detail in your creative projects through this software, but on course, it comes with a learning curve. There are more than a few quirks you’re required to deal with as well. Plainly speaking, this isn’t a software I’d recommend to a beginner. But if you have creative vision and have dealt with editing before, VSDC might just prove to be the software you’re looking for.

VSDC video editing software

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It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that VSDC is the best free video editing software. It has the most features, more than many paid software. It is non linear in design, so venturing into it with an iMovie paradigm will probably make it tough to understand. But once you get the hang of it, you can go ahead and buy the Pro version.

VSDC works with virtually all video file extensions, and you need not pay to use the features most in vogue, like Picture in Picture, speed modification or inserting text or subtitle. The catch is that the software only works with Windows OS.


  • VSDC is the most capable software in the market for Windows Users.
  • Its free version has features other software require you to pay for.


  • VSDC isn’t exactly a piece of cake. You have to learn the ropes through trial and error.
  • Non-linear interface might throw off someone approaching it like Windows Movie Maker.
  • The terminology of the app isn’t very traditional, which makes the app harder to use.

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What sets iMovie apart is the simple interface. It is the ideal software to use for those who’re just setting out on their video editing journey, like if you’re a budding YouTuber, although you can certainly also achieve pretty complex edits with it. iMovie is the best Video Editor for beginners taking its cost and simplicity into account. However, not everyone might be as impressed as us.

For starters, the editor does not recognise .MOV extension, which is pretty common for video files, like videos recorded through DSLRs (hey, we’ve all been there). Next, iMovie isn’t very savvy with picture-in-picture, especially if the picture you want to insert is a video. This can prove to be a major handicap. That’s not all, the software is also only for iPads and iPhones. If you think you can use it on an iOS emulator, wait till your PC slows down as a result.

iMovie video editing software

Not to be a killjoy, though. iMovie has some pretty outstanding features too, and you can easily find them outweighing the restrictions we mentioned. The app is really easy to use to trim content, add effects quickly and produce a high quality, creative video in little time. There are a lot of forums and online tutorials for people who are just starting out, and so you can learn how to use the app on YouTube or over forums.


  • iMovie is the best for quick video editing. You can come up with a decent 5-minute clip in 30 minutes, even if you’re just starting out.
  • Streamlined process makes things much easier. Tap buttons to get menus and gallery access, apply effects and adjust image panning.
  • Easy to render clips you have edited. The intuitive layout makes things easier and quicker.


  • Since the app is available only on iOS devices, those who prefer to edit with keyboard shortcuts or the mouse might not be comfortable. Unless you have adapters with you.
  • Not recognising the important MOV extension is a major undoing of the app. You don’t want to wait for a 2GB MOV clip to convert to MP4 or some other format through a third party software, taking as much as an hour to finally begin editing it. It wastes a lot of time.

Final Cut Pro

If you think iMovie is commonplace and therefore trite, Final Cut Pro might receive a similar judgement from you. After all, it is among the most popular software used by YouTubers, amateur filmmakers and anybody else who takes filmmaking to be more than just a hobby. But there is good reason why Final Cut Pro deserves the popularity it enjoys. It is elaborate and intuitive, and you’ll find tons of forums online that are more than happy to help beginners learn the ropes. This is a major advantage Final Cut Pro offers over VSDC. Too bad, it isn’t available for Windows.

Final Cut Pro

Like VSDC, Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video editing software. And so the common internet advice to practice on iMovie first before moving onto Final Cut Pro might not hold very well. The software allows non-destructive editing, and has close to 400 keyboard shortcuts you can employ to exact a big vocabulary on edits and modifications on your video projects. The software renders itself to the need of amateurs as well as professionals, several commercial Hollywood movies have been edited through Final Cut Pro.

Of course, not all is rosy. The software does take some time to get used to, unlike the other major Apple alternative iMovie. It is not unlikely that you might not come to know about a lot on cool stuff this software can do to enhance your videos, till you bump into them by accident. I often recommend people to check out tutorials of YouTube for Final Cut Pro, even though a lot of the videos don’t have a lot of new stuff to talk about, you just might bump into a feature you didn’t know about before. Plus, it is good to learn various styles of video editing so you have a number of techniques in your arsenal.


  • Final Cut Pro is popular, and so there’s a lot of internet guides to help you learn new tricks.
  • It has enough features to help you produce a unique, creative video each time.
  • The software is among the easiest to use to apply the same effects that require you to navigate complex menus and options in most other video editing softwares.


  • The software is available only for Mac OS. Sorry Windows OS users.
  • The price might be a bit steep for some. $299 is a big enough deterrent.

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Sony Vegas Pro

The first thing you notice about Sony Vegas is the price tag. The first thought you have after reading the price tag is if the money you spend buying it is going to be worth it. It is safe to say it is. Sony Vegas is capable of intricate detailing in its many video editing options. The software even lets you design your own text title and dissolves!

Sony Vegas Pro

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The features are numerous enough to overwhelm. And so to simplify things for users, you can choose from 36 HD menu templates. Then, there is the charm of adding keyframes to your timeline in the software. Don’t want to type in the entire script again for subtitles? Simply import the text using Vegas Pro Edit markers and adjust them to get precisely arranged subtitles with less than half the effort.

There are more complex utilities available in the software as well. With Boris FX’s motion tracking, you can weed out blurs, camera movements and distortions, and put acute focus on the element of interest in your video. You can also animate objects in 3D, add logos and titles, and apply some snazzy effects, without being restricted to pre-designed templates.


  • The sheer detail you can achieve through Sony Vegas Pro is enough to put most other video editor software to shame.
  • The features are nothing short of state of the art. They are optimised, efficient and figure no hassle.
  • The software is pro-grade. There are no disadvantages to having a commercial-cinema capable video editor in your arsenal.


  • The price is steep. The full edition Vegas Pro Suite comes at a whopping $800, while the basic package is available for half that price, but with a lot of those great features missing.
  • If you’re attempting the software without much previous experience in video experience, you might have a hard time not being confused by the dials and cursors and graphs and such.
  • Also, the software only operates on Windows OS, 7 or higher.

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So, these are the best video editing software you can have. There’s quite a few choices for Windows OS users, while Apple fans will have to restrict themselves to the two software offered by the company itself. There are nevertheless quite a few editing functionalities available online, irrespective of what OS your device runs. Tell us which ones you’re going to use in the comments below.