10 Best Video Players For Windows You should Try (2019)

These days that it can be hard to navigate all the different options available to users. Today, we are going to talk about the 10 best video players for Windows.

If you are a Windows users, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will present the best video players and review each and every one of them for you.

Of course, some people do not care about the quality of video players and are just happy to use whatever. But, if you are reading this article, I am going to assume that you do not belong to that group of people.

If you regularly watch high quality video on your Windows computer (or would like to do so), you should definitely care about different video players. Whether you are looking to play movies, television shows, or any other video files, you should read through this article. You are guaranteed to find the right video player for you here (actually, more than just one).

Before I begin with the top 10 players, I have to talk about the Windows Media Player. This is the video player that comes with all Windows machines by default. So, unless you have installed any other video player, you’d be stuck with the Windows Media Player. Every time you play a video file on Windows, you will be launching the Windows Media Player.

“Every digital video player – RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Vevo, Hulu, YouTube – all of them had different ways of getting you the video, but it was still always the same series of rectangles. The format never changed.” – Chris Milk 

Once you have chosen an alternative media player, you will have to download it and install it. And, once you have done that, you will have to select the appropriate video player before playing it.

Is there anything wrong with the Windows Media Player? Do I really need to download a different media player? Well, actually not. For most video files (but not all), the Windows Media Player does its work just fine. The Windows Media Player is simply not the best option so if you would like to do better than just fine then you should at least consider the players on our list.

So now, without further ado, here is the list of the best video players for Windows reviewed!

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is the best video player (and not only for Windows).

What makes the VLC Media Player as great as it truly is is its wonderful versatility. I am yet to find a video player that could not just cope but actually deal with without any difficulty with as many different video file and audio file formats.

Apart from this, the VLC Media Player has an amazing array of cool features making it the best player hands down.

If you are planning to play video with audio in different languages, the VLC Media Player is the thing for you. This player supports pretty much every subtitle format available out there.

If you are wondering how much money having this video player will cost, I have excellent news for you: the VLC Media Player is available for free.

Then, it should be riddled with ads and possibly spyware and other similar (and potentially dangerous) nuisance? Actually, not at all. The user interface does not include anything like that and, what is more, it is beautifully simple. This means both that it is entirely safe to use it and that it is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Once you have downloaded and installed the VLC Media player you will not need to download and install anything else, strictly speaking.

If you like, you can download any extra skins if you and the default one. But you will not need to download anything else like extra codec files or anything like that!


This player is excellent. If you are really into movies, you should seriously consider the KMPlayer. Why? Because it would allow playing the following high quality formats:

– 3D.

– 2K.

– 4K.

– UHD (Ultra High Definition).

The sheer amount of video and audio formats that the KMPlayer will play is nothing short of breath taking.

But not only that, this video player also has an option for playing DVDs as well.

All of that and a whole lot more for free!


MPC-HC is an acronym that stands for Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Like the KMPlayer and the VLC Media Player, the MPC-HC comes with a simple and intuitive interface with no ads. It also plays pretty much any video files.

If you prefer something less simple or lightweight, you can always download extra skins and toolbars. And, all of this once again is available for free.

But the default version of MPC-HC has a lot of different cool extra features that greatly improve user experience. 

GOM Media Player 

GOM Lab has created a free video player called the GOM Media Player.

Whether you would like to play FLV, MKV, or any other video files, you should not encounter any problems at all if you use the GOM Media Player.

This impressive piece of software would allow you to control the speed of playback, capture the audio, add amazing video effects, and a lot of other cool features.

Unlike other players on this list, the GOM Media Player cannot be accused of having a boring interface. This video player has a variety of skins and a high level of user customization so you can pretty much make it look any way you see fit.

If you can across a strange video file that you are not able to play using this media play, worry not, you would be able to locate the right codec for it using the codec finder that comes with this player.


The PotPlayer is a great player, particularly for users of Windows XP and Windows 8.1. Thanks to the PotPlayer’s feature that allows hardware acceleration, it does not matter how low your hardware is.

But, that’s not all this video player has a lot of different features. Do you want to use the player for 3D? No problem? This piece of software is excellent for 3D glasses.

Concerned about rare codecs? No need to be! PotPlayer supports virtually every codec you would ever need.

PotPlayer would allow you to select what sound card you would like to use. Also, you will be able to use all kinds of different subtitle files if you use this media player.

This great player also comes at no cost to users.


RealPlayer is a well-established media player. It has been available for decades at this point. The only drawback is that, if you want to make the most of its great features and mostly, its storage space of 365 GB (gigabytes), you would need to pay a monthly fee of around 5 USD.

RealPlayer requires a really good Internet connection but if you have that, and don’t mind paying a small monthly fee, RealPlayer might be the video player for you.

A really cool feature of the RealPlayer is that it allows its users to watch video files in HD TV sets.

This is a great premium option!

DivX Player

If you do not want to pay, there are plenty of free players available.

Another popular option that is well worth considering is the DivX Player. Despite its name, the DivX Player supports all kinds of different video files including MKV, AVI, and MP 4.

A great feature of this media player is that it lets you stream content across different devices as long as they have what is known as DLNA support.


UMPplayer stands for Universal Media Player. Again, this is free and open source so you do not need to worry about cost.

Apart from supporting a great variety of different video files, the UMPlayer lets its users stream content directly from different streaming platforms including YouTube.

Also, you have a lot of different skins available if you would like to customize the look of your player.


The SMPlayer comes with all the basic features that you can expect from it. But not only that, it also allows users to play YouTube videos. And it has pretty much all the codecs you will need.

It is totally free and it offers you subtitle integration, which is also really important if you need subtitles either because you play videos in languages you do not understand or you are hard of hearing.


Plex is a hugely popular player but it is also a lot more than that. If you want to be able to play video and audio across a huge variety of devices including smart TVs, smart phones, and tablets, you should definitely consider getting Plex.

You can use it for free but there is also a premium version that would include some cool extra features, including a DVR service.

So, these are the 10 best video players available for Windows. If you have any feedback about this article, please leave us a message in the comments section below!