8 Best Wireless Earbuds That are Simply Unbeatable in 2018

We wrote about the best headphones under $50 earlier, which makes it only logical to check out the best earphones you can get, without bothering about the price. So here goes…

There are a whole bunch of earbuds in all sorts of shapes and sizes, of course, but the one problem they face stems from their wire jacks which ties you to your handset or PC. It’s not the best feeling to have the wire get caught in something and have your ears pulled out of the blue.

Thank the tech industry for Bluetooth earphones! They might have come to the fore only when Apple decided to do away with the audio jack as well as the wire and replaced the earphones with two completely independent earbuds, but bluetooth earbuds are much more diverse and come with many more features and details. We’ve picked out a few of the best wireless earbuds 2018 for you. Check them out.


8 Best Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews 2018

ProductFitBluetooth RangeBattery LifeBuy
Bose Quietcomfort 35 II
Over-EarUp to 33 Feet20 HoursBuy Now
Beats Studio3Over-EarUp to 30 Feet12 HoursBuy Now
Jaybird X3In-EarUp to 98 Feet8 HoursBuy Now
Sennheiser HD1In-EarUp to 30 Feet10 HoursBuy Now
Bose SoundSport PulseIn-EarUp to 30 Feet05 HoursBuy Now
Jabra Halo SmartIn-EarUp to 33 Feet17 HoursBuy Now
Anker Zolo LibertyIn-EarUp to 66 Feet24 HoursBuy Now
Senso ActivBuds S-300In-EarUp to 30 Feet7 HoursBuy Now

1. Bose Quietcomfort 35 II: Best Rated Bluetooth Headphones

Bose Quietcomfort 35 II Buy Now on Amazon

Bose happens to have quite a few good earphones to use, including the QuietComfort 35 (previous series) and the QuietComfort 25, which is wired. However, the 35 II has the best stats and performance, and there is no other pair of good earbuds we tested that deserves to be at the top of our list. The earphones are heavy, of course, and carrying them around won’t be as easy as a cheap pair you can just pop in your ear, but they’re worth their weight in gold. The sound quality is superior, and the noise cancelling is impressive. Coming with a neat USB adapter, the QuietComfort 35 earphones do occupy one port on your device, but if you’re short of them, you can always get a multi-port to plug in and expand the number on drives you can plug in simultaneously.

Among features, there are some real gems that will be hard to find elsewhere. For example, the voice-based assistant can take commands to play music, let you access text messages, and more. These are one of the best wireless headphones that work with Windows 7 and above, Linux distro systems and Raspberry Pi. The catch? They’re not built to work with all smartphones, TVs or car radios, though you might have success with some rare model or use rare adapters for the Bluetooth adapter. Plus, the Bluetooth isn’t the Low Energy 4.0 variant, but the power guzzling 2.0, so make sure you carry your charger around.


2. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones: Best Sounding Bluetooth HeadphonesBeats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Buy Now on Amazon

The Bose Quietcomfort 35 II doesn’t have a very crucial feature that the Beats Studio3 Bluetooth Headphones were practical enough to include; these are collapsible. You can easily carry them around in your bag, which makes them pretty useful. Everyone already acknowledges Beats Studio3 to have good sound quality, though we recommend trying the pair out before purchasing on the kind of music you usually listen to. The battery isn’t as long-lived, fizzling out at around 12 hours which can be a bummer if you’re someone who constantly has their headphones of (try the Beats Solo3 instead if you want a longer battery life upto 40 hours). The noise canceling is okay, but definitely not as good as the Quietcomfort 35.

The voice control is Siri powered and controlled through a button on the exterior of the earphones. It is convenient, sure, but may not be as amazing for someone with an Android smartphone. The reason you should consider buying them is that they’re beats, and pretty fashionable.


3. Jaybird X3: Good Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

Jaybird X3 Buy Now on Amazon

jaybird – x3 wireless in ear headphones is by far the best general use earphones for Android and iOS smartphones. They’re small so they easily fit anywhere you put them, and they fit like they were custom built for your ears. Seriously, we had the entire team try these and they were snug fits (using the proper buds packed with, of course). As an extra guarantee of not having your earphones pop out of your ears, the box has some nice fins you can use to secure your buds further. The best thing about the Jaybird X3 is the app they can be controlled with. You need only set your preferences in terms on the sound profile and equiliser once, and the settings are carried to all devices you pair your earphones with, giving you a customised experience without taking up too much of your time every time you pair your headphones with some other device. These most Comfortable Earbuds are sweat proof, and advertised to be bullet proof, though we aren’t sure in what situation you’d need the latter. They connect with smartwatches, can be worn out in the rain and provide superior noise isolation. It isn’t the best Jaybird has to offer in sound quality (the Bluebuds get that vote unanimously), but with all the features taken together, the Jaybird X3 is a complete winner.


4. Sennheiser HD1: Best Bluetooth In Ear Headphones

Sennheiser HD1 (In-Ear)

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Sennheiser has two models called HD1, one of which is over-Ear and the other is the one we’re including, the In-Ear version which is best bluetooth earphones. While the over-ear pair is great to have as well, it doesn’t fare as well as the in-ear pair in terms of value for money as well as noise isolation. The Bluetooth 4.1 helps save phone battery being more energy efficient than the usual Bluetooth 2.0, and the design makes sure you don’t find the earphones uncomfortably placed on your neck or scratching at your skin from some indiscernible edge. The controls are a tiny bit inconvenient in design though. The Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear version has an advantage in being lighter in weight as compared to the on-ear version. They also charge completely in under 2 hours, as compared to 3 hours. I’m not sure how many people use NFC pairing (I find it useless, frankly, since I tend to keep all my devices in a convenient heap on my table), but that’s another way to get your phone to start playing your music in Sennheiser sound quality, so not much of a grudge to hold. The device also prompts battery status to you, which is convenient because you don’t have to rely on flashing LEDs while having the earphones on either side of your field of view to tell you to plug in the charger.


5. Bose SoundSport Pulse: Best Wireless Ear Buds for Running

Bose SoundSport Pulse

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This is the second entry in this list from the brand, but then everyone acknowledges there is hardly any company as reliable in terms of sound quality as Bose SoundSport Pulse. The battery ensures you get decent 5-6 hours of performance after a single charge. The fins and earbuds look quirky, but they work well. The earphones connected easily via Bluetooth, and maintained connectivity and voice clarity for around 10 meters, maxing out at around 18 meters, give or take (individual experiences may be different depending upon the environment).The SoundSport Pulse, specifically, comes with a built-in heart rate sensor which is great for people who gym or run, pairing neatly with most popular apps like Endomondo or Runtastic. The earphones also have their own app which you can use to keep track of battery and connectivity as well as tweak sound. I also recommend getting the Bose Soundsport charging case which massively enhances utility by allowing you to power through the week without having to plug in the earphones for the night. Plus, it is much more convenient to store your earphones in, given they don’t have a lost earphone tracker feature, and the round earphone case doesn’t look great.

If you are looking for more pocket-friendly Options:

6. Jabra Halo Smart: Good Wireless Earbuds Under 100

Jabra Halo Smart

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If you’re on a budget and looking for top wireless earbuds, these are the ones you want. The first thing that attracted me was the magnetic earbuds; it’s usually hard to find a new feature like this in a company of market repute at such low a price. Trying them out was pretty exciting as well. The Jabra Halo Smart sound quality of is more than what you expect of a pair in this price range, and given that they are voice-enabled and well optimised and don’t sound out too much when the cords are shaken or tapped, they’re the best budget Bluetooth headphones you can buy at the least price. The battery lasts less than a lot of the other earphones listed here, though, though they score a nice 15 hours which isn’t all that bad in absolute terms. The catch, you ask? Well, the voice functions are better in Android than for iOS (no notification or message read-out). They come with a neat app, but it doesn’t do as much for the earphones as Jaybird X3’s app. They’re good options for when you want to buy good, branded earphones but are a broke college student who can’t spend hundreds of dollars to listen to your tunes.


7. Anker Zolo Liberty: Best True Wireless Earbuds

Anker Zolo Liberty

Buy Now on Amazon

If you’re into the whole completely wireless thing, then Anker Zolo Liberty are good options to consider. They’re a bit typical (but then, so is the whole totally Bluetooth headphones as an idea), and the earphones play good sound and let you keep your audio jack free, so things sort of balance out. The charger case is a bit bulky and charges your earphones to give you upto 24 hours of utility, though actual playtime maybe less. They also come with a 12-month warranty, which is a good thing going by some of the more negative reviews you may find. For us, the device worked great; we enjoyed the music and the controls were convenient. It almost has a thriller movie feel to it when you press your earbuds to activate your voice powered smartphone assistant. They’re also sweat proof which makes them best wireless earphones for budget earphones for the gym since there’s no question of wires or bands irritating you at the neck while you do your bench presses or yoga. If you’re looking to use the company’s app, though, it only supports the higher model called Liberty Plus, which you can only seem to buy from the company’s website at this point.


8. Senso ActivBuds S-300: Best Wireless Ear buds Under 50Senso ActivBuds S-300

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Don’t worry if the brand seems entirely new to you, these wireless earbuds with mic come with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty. I was initially skeptical about including a brand like Senso in the list, but it does offer pretty nice sound quality at a low cost, so why not. The Bluetooth version 4.1 is certainly better than 2.0 that Quietcomfort 35 II comes with…

The Senso ActivBuds S-300 is certainly water resistant, but they’re not comfortable with strong impacts. The earphones come with memory foam earbuds that fit in your ears neatly. The distance advertised is 30 feet, but for us, we didn’t like the sound we received at 15 feet away (again, individual experiences can be different based on environment). The mic was okay in performance, strong winds making the voice break up. The battery life was impressive for the kind of money it costs, going upto 7 hours. However, with use, we noticed the battery life to reduce over subsequent charges, which is why we recommend you to carry a power bank with yourself when using these. The earbuds are also magnetic which makes them convenient to store and eliminates tangles. If you’re not much of a brand aficionado, these could work for you.

There are other great options as well, such as the Phaiser BHS-730 i.e best cheap Bluetooth headphones and 750 which look and sound great but are terribly simple and lacking in terms of features like control and voice optimisation.


How to choose the perfect wireless earphones for yourself?

Headphone Buying Guide

1. You can safely assume that quality improves as you go up the price ladder, though earbuds Bluetooth at comparable prices may present varied sound quality and performance. If you can afford it, it is better to buy an expensive pair than skimp out; good sound takes good tech to produce, and good tech costs money.

2. Charge time is important. Most wireless bluetooth earbuds don’t run while they’re charging, so it is better to have the charge time as low as possible to make sure you have more time enjoying music.

3. Playback time is rarely absolute. It can change based on power consumed, like with the volume you usually play music at, or the kind of music you listen to, or how old the pair you’re using has become. It is better to treat the number of hours as the maximum limit (most companies overstate stats when they advertise anyway). Carrying power banks for your wireless earphones isn’t a bad idea, provided the pair is compatible with the voltage your power bank supplies. If you are still confused then you can visit here for further guidance.

There are a plethora of options, but only a handful of them can deliver you the real genius of music and musical composition. It is only these which deserve to be called the best wireless earbuds. Do you know any other good options or alternatives for an earbud we listed? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it.