ibis Paint X Download PC Windows 10 (Latest 2021)

Ibis Paint is a popular drawing and painting app for a smartphone. The app is loaded with several hundred brush styles and pencil shades. Ibis Paint X for PC is best suited for both professional illustrators and artists as well as beginners to the art. With over 60 million downloads across various platforms, Ibis Paint X has made its niche in the community with its unique stroke stabilization features as well as pen and pencil touches. Though this app is only available for smartphones via Google Play Store and the App store, this guide will help you get ibis paint on computer this without any hassle.

How to Download Ibis Paint X for PC Windows 10

Ibis Paint X is available in both the Google Play Store as well as the iOS Store. In such a case, you can use either an Android or an iOS emulator to download it. Both ways are listed below in the guide.

Get ibispaint for PC using an Android Emulator

1.      You can use an Android Emulator to ibis Paint X Download pc as this app is available in the Google Play Store. The emulator will facilitate bringing the smartphone environment to your PC. This will then enable you to download apps that work with a smartphone only to your emulator.

2.      You can download any Android emulator of your choice. The recommended Android emulators would be BlueStacks and Nox Player. Both these emulators are widely used and reliable.  You can, however, find several other emulators online and download one according to your convenience.

3.      After installing and setting up the emulator on your PC, launch it. The appearance of the emulator will be similar to that of an Android Smartphone. Open the Google Play Store, the icon for which you will find on the homepage of the emulator.

4.      Once you have opened the App Store, you will be asked to log in as this is the first time you are accessing the store from your emulator. If you have an existing account, you can use it here. Otherwise, create a new Google ID and register it with the Play Store. The process is simple and just requires a simple email verification

5.      After signing in successfully, you will be able to download the apps there. Search for Ibis Paint X Download PC in the search tab and you will get the app as a search result.

6.      Install it on your emulator. The icon for the app will appear on the homepage of your emulator.

Steps using an iOS Emulator

1.      As this app is also subsequently available in the Apple Store, you can also use an iOS emulator to download it.

2.      iPadian and Appetize.io are two recommended iOS emulators that you can use for this purpose. You can also use any other emulator that is readily available online.

3.      Download and set up the emulator on your PC. On opening it, the appearance will exactly be like that of an iPhone. Find the Apple Store icon on the home page and open it.

4.      At this stage, you will have to sign up or log in to the Apple Store. Use an existing Apple ID if you have one. You can also create a new Apple ID and register the account with the Apple Store.

5.      Once you have logged in, you can now download all available apps from the store.

6.      Search for Ibis Paint X on the search bar of the store. The app will appear instantly. Click on install. The app will be installed to your emulator and an icon will be created on the home page. Now you can enjoy ibis paint for laptop without any problem.

Key Features of Ibis Paint X for Windows 10

·        Ibis Paint X for Windows 10 has a huge collection of brushes that allow you to smoothly draw at up to 60 frames per second.

·        With the help of sliders, you can manipulate the thickness of your brush while drawing.

·        You can add unlimited layers of drawings one on top of the other.

·        Several in-app payment methods allow you to purchase prime memberships. With this, you get an ad-free experience with more tools in your drawing kit at your perusal.

·        You can also make videos of your drawing and share it with friends on social media directly from the app


You no longer have to draw on the small screens of your mobile. With the help of this guide, you can download ibis paint x for windows 10 and go about creating your magnum opus.

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