Blackmagic Disk Speed Test Windows 10 PC Free Download

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test, as the name suggests, is an app that is designed to scan and assess your disk speed. This test is mainly conducted to check whether your device can handle heavy loads of video streams of even high-memory requiring applications and software. The test is in the format of a smartphone/Mac application. The Blackmagic Disk Speed Test is available only in the Apple Store and is meant for testing Apple devices. However, you can use this guide to download the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test for Windows PC or laptop as well.

How to Download Blackmagic Disk Speed Test for Windows

Steps to download using iPadian

1.      To download this application, using an emulator is imperative. The emulator allows duplication of the iOS system onto your Windows PC or laptop. This makes it conducive for this app to be downloaded on your system.

2.      iPadian is an iOS emulator. Note that if you use an Android emulator for this purpose, you will not be able to download Blackmagic Disk Speed Test as this app is not available in the Android App store.

3.      iPadian is a widely used iOS emulator and will serve your purpose here. Download iPadian from its official source available online. Once done, set up and install the emulator on your PC. Finally, launch it when the process is complete.

4.      You will find the Apple Store icon on the homepage of the emulator. Open the store.

5.      On opening the store, you will be asked to provide your log-in details before you can download any app. If you already have a registered Apple ID with the app store, you can use that to log in. Otherwise, you will need to create a new Apple ID and register the account here.

6.      Once your account has been verified and you have logged in successfully, you will get unrestricted access to download any app from the store of your liking.

7.      Search for Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on the Search bar. Once the app turns up, click on install.

8.      Thereafter, you will see the icon of the app on the homepage of your emulator.

Steps to download using MobiOne Studio

1.      MobiOne Studio is another iOS emulator that you can use to download this application on your Windows device.

2.      This emulator is readily available online. Download MobiOne Studio on your PC.

3.      After downloading the required files, install the emulator on your PC. Once MobiOne Studio is set up, launch it.

4.      Once you launch the application, you will see an iPhone like user interface. You will also be able to locate the Apple Store icon that must be present on the home page. Open the App Store.

5.      At this stage, you will be required to log in. You can either log in with the credentials of any of your existing Apple accounts or make a new one. Once the login process is complete, you can now browse and download any app you like from the store.

6.      Search for Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on the search bar. The app will appear as a search result. Install it on the emulator.

7.      You will, thereafter, find the icon of Blackmagic Disk Speed Test on the homepage of your emulator. Launch the app and test your device’s speed.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test – The speed checker you must have

·        This speed test app checks the disk speed of your device very efficiently.

·        Normally this app is used before running heavy applications or editing videos of very high-quality specifications to check whether the device will be able to withstand the load or not.

·        The manner in which the test is done is that large blocks or chunks of data are written to your disk. The time taken to do so and the time required for the output are all measured to give a definite speed to your device.


Blackmagic Disk Test app is a very necessary checking tool and proves to be useful for several people across the IT industry spectrum. With the help of this guide, now Windows users can also benefit from this app alongside Apple users. Download this app now and check the speed of your device!