BVCam for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 Free Download

BVCam is an advanced surveillance and security application that connects BV Cameras to your smartphone and brings you real-time video feed. The app is artificially intelligent and scans footage to find unwanted movement. On discovering such instances, BVCam directly sends in a notification to your smartphone to keep you informed. This app is the perfect solution to keep your homes and workplaces safe from intruders. BVCam currently is only available as a smartphone application in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store but this guide lets you explore the prospect of downloading BVCam for PC. With the help of a wider display, it becomes a lot easier to watch footage of several cameras at a time and also store lengthy video streams. Follow the step below to know more about the process.

How to Download BVCam for PC

There are two methods to download this surveillance app on a PC or a laptop. You can either use an Android emulator or an iOS emulator as the app is available in both the app stores. Both said processes will yield the same result so choose one process according to your convenience.

Download BVCam App Using an iOS Emulator

1.      The main function of the emulator is to emulate the Apple settings and processes into your computer and facilitate downloading the app.

2.      The recommended iOS emulator for this case will be iPadian. You can also use MobiOne Studio. Both these emulators are available for download from their official online sources and are widely used for various purposes like gaming and downloading apps. Having said that, there are plenty of other emulators that will also yield the same result. Use any emulator that works well.

3.      Download the emulator and install it on your PC. When you launch it, you will find the appearance to resemble the theme of an iPhone exactly. If not, the emulator is not working well and you must download another one and repeat the process.

4.      You will find the Apple Store icon on the home page. Open the app store.

5.      The app store will require you to log in at this stage. You can either use an existing Apple ID or make a new one. Once you have successfully registered with the store, you will get access to all the apps there.

6.      Go to the search bar at the top of the window and search for BVCam. Once you get the app in the search result, download and install it on your emulator. The icon of BVCam will appear on the homepage of your emulator. Launch it and use the app

Download BVCam App Using an Android Emulator

1.      The recommended Android emulator is BlueStacks. This emulator is extremely popular and reliable. The download link for this can be found in the BlueStacks website online. You can also use any other Android emulator that you know works well or you have used before. The output should be the same irrespective of the emulator you are using.

2.      After downloading, launch the emulator. The theme of the emulator should be exactly like that of an Android-powered smartphone.

3.      Open the Google Play Store from the home screen of your emulator. Since you are logging in for the first time from your PC, you will have to log in to the store using a Gmail ID. If you do not have one, you can register for a new account immediately.

4.      Once you have logged in to the store, search for BVCam on the search bar. The app will appear as a search result. Install it on your emulator.

5.      You will find the icon of BVCam in the Apps library of your emulator.

How to Connect BVCam to with BVCam Security cameras

1.      BVCam security cameras are available on Amazon. The app only works with BV Cameras.

2.      After you have installed the cameras, open the app, and switch on the Wi-fi settings from both the device you have the downloaded on as well as the cameras.

3.      Connect the app with the Wi-fi. The search for available devices from the app settings. All the installed cameras should show up. Click on Sync All and the cameras will be synced to your device.

4.      Once you click on ‘Record’ on your app, the cameras will start recording and sending real-time footage to the app.


BVCam is an efficient and secure solution that you can now use from your PCs as well. Try out this alternative to download BVCam for PC and let us know about the experience!