Google Chrome Extensions for Students in 2022

Google Chrome is developed with advanced features that make it easy to use. It is a high-speed browser that is secure and has a stylish interface. Users can easily customize it or sync it across multiple devices. Beyond these, the browser is compatible with a large number of extensions. 

They help enhance user experience, and they are useful for Chrome personalization. The extensions are particularly important to students at any level of learning. They can use them to create schedules, edit papers, take screenshots, and do more. Here are useful Google Chrome extensions for students. 

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a popular tool used for generating citations. Citation is important because it gives due credit to the authors of the sources a student used. It provides an easier way for readers to track the source of the information they are reading. It is a requirement in all academic writing that a student cites their sources. 

A lot of students face different challenges during citations. They often use unclear citing styles or use the wrong citation for a specific paper. This leads to plagiarism or loss of marks when grading. Cite This For Me is one of the best X useful Google extensions for students. It generates citations in style in seconds. 

Academic writing in university is important because it helps students build better skills. The experience of writing papers today is different from what it was in the past. Everything, including research, was done manually, and it took longer to complete papers. The number of tools and resources available today keeps increasing daily. They make education and paper writing experience better. There are a variety of useful extensions and services available, especially for students in Canada. One of the services is EduBirdie Canada which offers online help for essays and other types of papers. A student frees up time for exams, learning their course, and socializing. 

Quill Bot AI

QuillBot AI is a paraphrasing tool used by millions of students around the world. One of the major causes of plagiarism is copying another author’s work. Paraphrasing is an excellent solution for overcoming plagiarism. When a student paraphrases, it is an indication that they understood the original text well. 

Instead of using direct quotes, paraphrasing is a good alternative for reinforcing arguments. The main challenge a student may face is to get the right words without changing their meaning. QuillBot AI generates new words but does not change the original meaning of the text. 


Grammarly is a cloud-based tool used for checking the correctness and readability of grammar. It is one of the highly useful Google Chrome extensions in academic writing and beyond. When a student installs it in Chrome, their writing process becomes very easy. They can correct mistakes as they write and reduce the time used for editing. 

Submitting original papers is important, but a student can lose marks due to grammar errors. This tool can be used to correct grammar when typesetting in Word, Gmail, Google Docs, and all social media platforms. It uses advanced AI algorithms to make editing suggestions, alternative words, paragraph cohesion, and fluency. 

Word Tune

Word Tune is enhanced with advanced AI features that make writing easier. It uses the features to understand what a student is trying to say. The tool then makes suggestions for better words that will make the writing clearer. It is one of Chrome’s free extensions preferred by millions of students. 

Apart from suggesting better sentences, it is also used for rewriting and paraphrasing. This helps a student create highly compelling work and to improve written communication. It is compatible with Google Docs, Gmail, Outlook, and a wide range of social media platforms. 

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary was created by Google to provide an easy-to-access online dictionary. The Chrome extension mostly uses English provided by Oxford Languages. A student only needs to copy and paste the word they are looking for in the extension. The tool will search for several meanings and display the words with the closest meaning. 

The dictionary can also be used when translating from one language to the next. A student can translate up to 50 major languages spoken around the world. The user should ensure they are using the latest version of the extension. Older versions fail to work or make Chrome too slow.


Speechify uses AI to generate text-to-speech. One of the highly important editing practices is to read text loudly to hear what you have written. Instead of reading out loudly, this tool does the reading. A student can set the speed of reading and the voice tone. The free Chrome extension can be used on various operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. 


ProWritingAid Chrome extension lets users edit texts on any platform they write online. It can be used on Gmail, WordPress, social media, and other platforms. The tool checks grammar in real-time as the student types. It provides readability percentages and ratings based on various features. 

The tool has a cleaner interface and can indent more grammar issues compared to most tools. Its free version allows users to review up to 500 words per review. The tool’s AI algorithms make the tool highly reliable, accurate, and recommendable. 


Students have access to a large number of Chrome extensions for use in college. They help improve studying experience, text editing, and better writing. Extensions are used when taking notes, checking plagiarism, grammar, paraphrasing, and more. Some of the important extensions for students are Grammarly, Google Dictionary, QuillBot AI, and Speechify. They are free extensions that are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. They can be used in a wide range of devices to make the user experience better.