Here’s How to Access Chrome Full Screen Mode (FAQs Included)

Browser is a lot better to use on Full-Screen. Especially if you’re playing an online game, or reading a body of text, or even working. A bigger screen area can boost productivity, eliminate distractions and be a lot easier on the eyes. A lot of people discover the Full-Screen Mode by pressing F11 accidentally. F11 is chrome fullscreen keyboard shortcut. It can be undo-ed by pressing the F11 Key. But there are more ways to do it, and more features apart from the google chrome full screen that can help you concentrate on the task at hand better. Here’s a few of them summarised on how to go full screen.

Menu Option to access Full Screen Chrome

Here’s How to Access Chrome Full Screen Mode

The Full-screen option can be found in the menu on the top of the chrome window, at the top right. Here’s how to toggle fullscreen modes.

  • Go to the menu behind the three dots on the top right corner, right under the close button.
  • Right next to Zoom, of the right, you’ll see a box icon. Click it to launch full mode.
  • FullScreen mode when activated removes the menus and task bar, which means you cannot use the menu to exit out of the mode.
  • To exit, press F11 full screen hotkey and you will return to the usual window format.

FAQs about Chrome Full-Screen

FAQ1. How do I exit from the fullscreen? F11 won’t work.

There is one way to exit from full-screen. Press the Window key on your PC to launch the start menu. This should make the taskbar pop back up. You can now close the tab from the taskbar. Relaunch Google Chrome (or if you have another window already open, go to it). You can now press Ctrl + Shift + “T” to reopen the entire window you just closed.

FAQ2. How to zoom in on chrome even after full-screen?

Yes, you can. The zoom in chrome may not be available as a button since the menu bars are no longer on the screen. But you can still use the keyboard shortcuts to set page zoom as is convenient to you. To do so, press Ctrl and the + key to zoom in and the – key to zoom out.

FAQ3. Does Chrome Full-Screen shortcut work for Mac as well?

Yes, it does. FullScreen mode can be toggled for Mac as well as Windows. The keyboard shortcuts may differ based on device, but the procedure is similar for Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and any other OS or manufacturer whose device you may be running.

FAQ4. Can I run Full Screen on my Android/iOS mobile phone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. There are old methods still doing the rounds on the internet, but as far as we’ve tried, the latest Android and iOS versions of get Google Chrome web browser have no such option, whether in the menu or as a shortcut. There are a few web browsers on the Play Store that might help you, though. We can’t recommend any because we’re not sure of them, but if you find an app trustworthy enough, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.