Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives That Help You Chill Out On Perfect Entertainment

Disclaimer: Piracy is a crime and has legal repercussions you should be aware of. TechiesPad doesn’t encourage you to watch or buy pirated content. As a good samaritan, you should always report instances of piracy and take bold steps to prevent it.

Anti-piracy squads and streaming websites have always been in a hate relationship. While the former attempt to staunch the production of rip-offs of the original, the latter just try to make entertainment easier for and accessible to everyone, and that too, for free. While there’s no denying that there are digital syndicates, illegally hosting streams of movies and TV shows just to earn ad revenues, the closure of Coke and Popcorn, two of the most famous streaming channels, has made users go hot and cold. For those who aren’t updated, they have been asked to wind up their operations in May this year – a decision that hasn’t gone down well with the audience.

And, we understand, why? After all, Coke and Popcorn were famous for rolling out the best kind of entertainment for the world to see. Speculations say that streaming channels buckled down to some legal pressure and ceased to exist for ‘good’. Whatever might be the reason, the bottomline is – users have been left in the lurch after their sudden closure, and are constantly hunting for new ways to get back to normalcy.

Seems like, they’ve a lucky day today!

Here, we’ve suggested a bunch of streaming channels, which have the most number of movies and TV shows under their belts and are available for free. Users can read through the list and pick out the best one. But, before that, it’s important to know:

“None of us at TechiesPad support or encourage piracy in any way whatsoever. Piracy is a crime and has legal repercussions you should be aware of.”

With this word of caution, let’s know which streaming websites are best alternatives to Coke and Popcorn.


1. SnagFilms


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For those who cannot get enough of movies and more movies, SnagFilms has a lot to offer. With a collection of over 2000 movies available for free streaming on your mobile, tablet and desktop, SnagFilms stands as a perfect equivalent to Coke and Popcorn. The interface is pretty nice and looks very slick with separate sections for ‘genre’, ‘most popular’, ‘most reviewed’ and ‘newly added’. The best part is how you can customize your experience with SnagFilms. The platform reads your searches and gets you recommendations as per your preferences and choices. Also, there are options for modifying the volume, switching to full-screen mode and changing the video quality. With minimal ad pop-ups, the experience is hassle-free, to say the least. Try SnagFilms once, and we’re sure that you’ll love it.

Visit SnagFilms


2. TubeFilter


TubeFilter is a little different. It works by curating video content, which can be an entertainment review, a web series or an award show, from a number of online sources. TubeFilter has a reputation of being a quality search engine to look for videos only, and this is why, touted as a good Coke and Popcorn alternative. The content is divided into many categories like, VidCon, Charts, Insights, YouTube and Millionaires. Every video appears with an article-looking description, which includes the name of the artistes and a brief plot of the story. Try TubeFilter and you’ll be bookmarking it right away, we bet.

Visit TubeFilter


3. Sidereel


Wondering where to go after Coke and Popcorn? Visit Sidereel now, a popular streaming channel with over 22,000 shows. This means, if there’s something worth-watching online, it’s on Sidereel. It’s one of the finest platforms with an amazing collection of award-winning, commercially hit movies. If numbers say all, Sidereel has a community of more than 22 million visitors and over 9 million registered users. There are sections, like Premieres and Finales, New and Upcoming, Cancellation Buzz and other categories, to find the content easily. Look-wise, Sidereel looks pretty too much, but it’s really not a problem in the face of its huge collection of movies and TV shows. if you’re already fatigued using streaming websites that offer a zero in the name of ‘new’, try Sidereel.

Visit Sidereel


4. PopcornFlix


Another time-killing app that slays it with its huge collection of movies and TV shows. If you’ve PopcornFlix, you’ve the best of various genres, including comedy, horror and action. The content is constantly updated to keep you in complete luxury. What’s really impressive about the app is that it procures some of the biggest blockbuster hits for you to watch. Its library has names like Games of Thrones and Friends, which are the greatest hits ever. The quick Search tool lets you find your favorite movies/TV shows in a flip. Post Coke and Popcorn, PopcornFlix is one app you can try out.

Visit PopcornFlix

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5. Yidio


With Yidio, you can conveniently do away with the need of scouring Netflix, Amazon and iTunes separately, since the app brings the best of all the platforms at one place. You can browse the respective content of each of the platforms and choose your favorites. Using Yidio is too easy, thanks to its neat and uncluttered interface. The best part? You can use Yidio even on a slow/ poor internet connection. The app works just fine. That’s pretty much relieving, since not all days are good internet days.

Visit Yidio


6. BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies

With BigStar Movies, enjoy a huge catalog of movies, TV shows, music and what not. One gladdening feature about BigStar Movies is its clear-cut categorization of movies and TV shows according to the place they belong to. This means, you can find separate sections for Asian, European and American flicks and series, that makes it really simple to carry out a well-customized search. Don’t have an account? Not a fuss at all, for BigStar Movies doesn’t require you to go through the tedious registration. It’s indeed the best Coke and Popcorn alternative.

Visit BigStar Movies


7. Crackle


If there’s any other entertainment app excelling just the way Netflix does, it’s Crackle. The app sends you excited and jumping through its widest stock of movies and TV shows, so much so that you’ll find difficult to take up all at once. The library is full of all-star hits, available free of cost. There is a Spotlight Channel, ‘What’s On Now’, browsing which, you can see the best-of-the-heap recommendations straight from Sony Pictures Studio in Hollywood. You can save your content to watch later and can also pick up where you left on any device. However, it will require you to create a free account first. Mind you, Crackle is essentially a streaming platform, and doesn’t let you download the content.

Visit Crackle

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 8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Movies. TV. Free. That pretty much sums up Tubi TV. It provides Full HD content for free, unlike Netflix and Hulu. And, this makes it a top-notch go-to entertainment app after Coke and Popcorn. Tubi TV provides it ALL for no cost at all. The content is massive, one eclectic mix, we say and is upgraded regularly, so that you’re never short of entertainment you need. There is a featured section where you can see all the newcomers featured in that particular week. Tubi TV is compatible with a range of devices, including Xbox, Roku, Chromecast and also Smart TVs. All in all, it’s really nice as a Coke or a Popcorn alternative, so you must try this out.

Visit Tubi TV


9. is entertainment personified. The app filters the clutter to offer you top-rated movies and TV programmes, so that you aren’t settled for sub-standard cinema. Gladly, there is no subscription pay. That being so, you can endlessly watch any number of movies and TV shows with no stress of denting your pockets in any way whatsoever. The vast database, which is also regularly upgraded, ensures that you don’t miss anything interesting on the block. The interface is well-defined. You see names of the movies with their respective ratings, which help you know if the movie/TV show is actually worth a watch. You’re also given 5 minute preview facility, along with a description.  



10. Viewster


Viewster has picked up the ranks for being a great source of Anime and animated content. Though the app has a decent collection of movies and TV shows, yet it’s known for its variety-full of anime content. There is no matching up with Viewster here. You can watch a truckload of quality movies and TV shows for absolutely free. There is no thanking with your wallet involved. There is support for ‘Watch Later’ feature as well, that allows you to bookmark your favorite content for later viewing. You can download this app from the Google Play Store.

Visit Viewster

These are the top 10 alternatives to Coke and Popcorn for movie enthusiasts. If the shutdown of these channels has left a void somewhere, it’s time for a filler like these to get you the perfect entertainment. Of course, there are a lot of better places across the web to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows like Netflix. But, we’ve come up with the above-mentioned choices for two reasons. Firstly, these platforms are on a par with excellence and quality of Coke and Popcorn, and this is why, are the most sought-after alternatives. Secondly, they are completely free to access, and unlike Netflix, you aren’t required to pay for any subscription plan. A sweet treat, isn’t it? Try them and let us know your experience in the comments below.