The Best Android College Apps For Students

Cramming never gets easy, even if you study something with great passion. Designing apps for colleges is becoming a serious business plus a multimillion-dollar industry. Developers compete by providing fancy designs and multiple features to improve scholars’ productivity. Depending on one’s major studies, the learner has a huge choice concerning dozens of software. Check the list of best Android apps for students and install the one that suits your purpose.

Studying Tools Evolution

Only older generations remember good-old days without social media and smartphones. Education revolved around cramming or exchanging notes with fellow students. Today, operating high-tech devices is inevitable. Our Internet is the largest database of knowledge in history. College education has become technologically upgraded and brings benefits to learners. So even when using professional research paper help for college assignments, students use these advanced tech tools to have research papers well-written and fast.  This saving time and effort is imperative in a fast-paced, competitive campus environment.

After personal computers came laptops, and after laptops came tablets or smartphones. It went from Excel tables to advanced language understanding software almost instantly. However, all these apps serve one common function: creating highly productive education. Students love them and can’t wait for new updates. Although, employing any cool device won’t help you if no working habits exist. If a student is motivated, investing in technology will pay off, academically speaking. So, don’t get lazy with all that high-tech stuff. 

Tips and Tricks for Productive learning

Hard work with good planning remains crucial for achieving one’s educational goals. Having that in mind, here are some studying tips for a more productive college swotting experience:

  • Get rid of all distractions
  • Rest before any long mental activity 
  • Plan your studying and make goal lists
  • Make regular breaks between study sessions 
  • Use sticky notes for crucial information
  • Drink coffee, lots of coffee. Not too much, but a fair amount

Best Apps For College Students Available On Android

Many applications help with productivity; others provide note-taking or money-making features. Installing any of them allows students to construct college into more than just an ongoing circle of classes and exams. Education is much better, so try an app that complements your field of study.

Google Drive

Before Google Drive, sharing notes or research paper assignments was a tedious task. Being regarded as the best app for college students, it allows learners to store tremendous amounts of data. Not just store, but arrange format, thus share with ease. Organizing studying reaches new heights as word travels faster like this. Besides, isn’t it more fun when like-minded individuals unite, forced into a quest for knowledge? 


Even the standard version with no premium features puts Duolingo among the good apps for college students supporting Android OS. Even with all ads or limitations, it’s still handy and fun. Amidst all educational apps for Android, nobody beats free language software. An outstanding fact is knowing how it constantly upgrades its features in almost 50 languages available. A great addition for anyone studying linguistics, with less than 500 MB of space required for an installation. 


Take sticky notes, make an upgrade, and you get LectureNotes. Not many technology apps for Android are as useful because nobody takes better notes than students. It allows synchronization with multiple devices, attaching pictures, or creating voice memos. A perfect tool for organized schooling, producing studying tips, or summarizing research paper projects. All major formats are supported, so exporting data anywhere is easy.

Adobe Apps

Not all learners major in finance or architecture. Creative folks like artists, designers, or cinematography students also need Android apps. Adobe recognizes creative niches and offers multiple software packages for all devices. Both Lightroom, Scan, or After Effects work flawlessly on any device. Even experienced artists use premium versions; any art major will enjoy rendering, cropping, or adding special effects to his projects. Evolving education into manageable project activities for creative pupils is pretty creative in itself.


It’s a beneficial thing to have in one’s arsenal of college apps. Getting up after a campus party is hard. Going straight to lectures is even harder. Alarmy gets pupils to wake up by giving them puzzles or funny challenges. Plot twist, phone alarm doesn’t stop until a particular challenge is finished successfully. Highly imaginative, annoying, yet genius. A perfect app for surviving early university lectures. Perhaps multiple alarms will motivate even the sleepiest pupils not to skip lectures.


Writing a research paper and taking lectures takes time. Any young graduate depends on state loans to finance his education goals. Money is tight to mention, but utilizing convenient apps like Fiverr can boost anyone’s finances by generating regular passive income. One of the best studying tips is earning extra cash on the side. It just makes academic life comfortable. Especially if it becomes available on all mobile devices with premium features at a reasonable price, everybody should cash in their skills. With apps like Fiverr and an Android device, the sky is the limit.


Achieving education goals takes effort and sacrifice. Luckily, modern technology is there to make scholars’ life easier. Working on tablets or smartphones in class became mainstream long ago. Most devices use the Android operating system because of its efficiency in running all cool applications popular among learners. 

Following through with studying tips isn’t easy without modern apps. Tracking time, setting alarms, or creating voice memos are everyday necessities. Organizing or sharing one’s documents becomes effortless if done by operating appropriate software. Perfecting skills or generating passive income also helps achieve productive learning. Try the best apps for college students until figuring what’s best for you.