Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t yet heard of commands like Hey Siri or Ok Google. These are assistants that help you get things done like ordering something from a nearby restaurant or typing a text on a messenger. A smart assistant works with the help of an algorithm that keeps getting better with time. In today’s time, almost all the top 3 smartphone giants have their very own personal assistants. Apple has Siri, Google has the Google Assistant and Amazon has Alexa.

All the smart assistants basically work on the same logic. The only difference comes in protocol and data privacy issues. Most of these assistants work in response to certain voice commands; a specific voice command triggers the action the assistant finds most likely to have been asked for.

  • The moment a voice commands is received, the algorithm analyzes your command in its database and tries to decipher what you have asked for within an 85% accuracy limit.

All the communication happens via the commands going back to the servers and only then does the reply come. So if your net is slow, your voice assistant will be even more slower.

A smart assistant can do tons of things and based on all the research that has been done over the years, Google Assistant is by far the best assistant that gives the most relevant results when it comes to asking general queries but there are some other alternatives like this guide about smart home automation.

  • Amazon Alexa also does quite well when it comes to asking specific queries, Siri has been found to have the best sense of humor though it gives better results with time.

The infographic below gives a few examples of how the 3 different assistant react to the same voice commands.

Comparing Smart Assistants - Infographics

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