How to Connect to a Remote System Online

Often, many of us need to use our home computer while at the office or vice versa. The program for remote control of a computer solves this problem since it allows you to access a device that is far from us – you only need to have a special password, and you can work on it remotely. 

Remote access allows you to control your home computer from anywhere in the world. Many functions will be available to you, including working with the contents of the hard drive, installed applications, system settings, and much more. You can also observe the actions of another operator who is currently using the same device.

Windows Remote Desktop

If you are interested in configuring remote access to a computer from Windows, then you will not have any problems. A built-in system application for remote control of computers is available in any series of Windows operating systems, while the second device can be running iOS, macOS, or Android. The Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) app can be downloaded free of charge for Android and Apple on Google Play and the App Store accordingly.

A successful remote connection will be established if you have permission to remotely control the device – which must be configured on the computer you intend to control remotely. You will also need an account with administrator rights, an Internet connection on two devices, and an open TCP port 3389 on the receiving side.


One of the most popular applications that can establish remote access to a computer or mobile device is TeamViewer. The program can be installed on many operating systems, including Chrome OS and BlackBerry. TeamViewer can be launched on a computer without installation if the user is comfortable using the portable version.

Connect Remote System

There is a wide range of products for solving various tasks, for example, the TeamViewer QuickSupport version is convenient for getting quick technical support, and TeamViewer Host can be used to monitor remote devices around the clock. A complete list of products is listed on the official website of this software.

The functionality of the TeamViewer program, both allows the user to personalize the design and has many other useful options. It should be noted that you can use the software product for personal non-commercial purposes free of charge, but with some restrictions.

How to establish a remote connection via TeamViewer

To ensure a one-time connection, the user may not make any settings, but just enter the ID and password in the corresponding fields of the “Control computer” section, which will be reported by another user of the remote device, and then click the “Connect to partner” button.

After a successful connection, you can both remotely control the computer of another operator, and your own, watching through the screen of your device the desktop of another remote. The second user will watch your steps.

To connect to another computer without asking for an ID and password, TeamViewer can assign a permanent password to it. For this:

– Click the “Connect” button in the main program window, then select “Configure uncontrolled access”.

– Enter the name and password of the device you are using in the “Unsupervised Access” window.

From now on, remote access to this computer from the second device works without asking for an ID and password, you just need to select it in the “My computers” list (arrow to the right of the main TeamViewer window) and enter the previously specified password.

For a successful connection, three simple conditions must be met: the remote device must be turned on, connected to the Internet and TeamViewer must be running on it.

Ammyy Admin

Connect Remote System

This is a simple and safe app that is capable of both making remote access to a Windows computer as well as a Linux computer. Ammyy Admin can communicate in two ways – via ID-number or local network via IP-address. 


A compact utility for Windows devices with an even more interesting set of functions. It will support both the ID connection method and the IP connection method. The program has three modes – “Full Control”, “File Manager” and one in which there is only the ability to view the screen of a remote computer.

In “View Only” mode, you can secretly watch the actions of other operators. In the main window of the program, there is a button for opening a chat by e-mail, which allows you to quickly send an emergency e-mail to the user. 

VPN: how does it work and why is it necessary when working with RDP?

When you use a VPN server, you first connect to it, and then go through the VPN server to any site and use any applications. Safe Internet access is the main goal of a VPN. When choosing a reliable VPN provider, you should pay attention to such popular solutions as ExpressVPN, NordVPN,, Hotspot Shield, and Surfshark (you can learn more about it if you take a closer look in the Surfshark review).

A VPN encrypts all the data you transmit, plus it masks your location – since you access sites through a VPN server anywhere. For example, BroVPN VPN servers are located in Panama. This is why a VPN is so important when working with RDP. They complement each other perfectly: thanks to RDP, you can connect to the computer you need anywhere in the world, and a VPN will provide you with secure Internet access. 

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