7 Best Android Mods To Unlock Cool Tricks

Much has already been spoken about the ease and simplicity of using the Android platform. It is right at the centre of the things for its high-end specs and excellent customization.


Still, there is something about Android that needs elaboration.

Do you know that you can easily modify your Android without root to get the full potential out of your device?

If not, you’re on the right page. (If yes, you can still keep reading to know more)

There are plenty of cool Android mods that help you tweak small to big details of your device, and make it work to a new level of awesomeness .

Here’s our list on the best Android mods to squeeze every bit of ‘juice’ out of your device.

Unless you use them, you will never make out how powerful Android can be.


1. Volume SliderAn App To Adjust The Volume On Your Device


volume slider

Amazing how an app lets you adjust the media volume on your device by simply sliding up and down on the screen!

Controlling volume comes in style with Volume Slider.

The app is an amazing try-out if you’re seeking for the volume control options on the screen itself. It replaces the tappable volume keys on your device and allows you to change the volume by sliding your finger up and down along the right edges of your screen. It is one of the coolest Android mods, that’s why we’ve put it at the beginning.

Also, it doubles up as the brightness controller, accessible when you slide on the left side of the screen. But, it’s only available when you’ve installed its paid equivalent.

Download Volume Slider


2. Fingerprint Gesture: An App That Expands What Your Fingerprint Sensor Can Do


Fingerprint Gesture

This might not sound great, but you’ve underestimated the fingerprint sensor as only a source to lock/unlock your device. What a pity!

Just to make you change the way you look at the fingerprint sensor, we’ve got you an app – Fingerprint Gesture. It powers up the sensor to do a ton of things, let alone the usual locking/unlocking the device.

You receive the ‘Single Tap’, ‘Double Tap’ and ‘Fast Tap’ options to activate a fingerprint touch that lets you:

  • Open and Toggle Notifications Panel;
  • Open and Toggle Quick Settings;
  • Play/Pause Songs;
  • Reach Out to An App Shortcut;
  • Do Search and lots more;

You can adjust the settings in each of these options as per your preferences. But before, enable the ‘demo’ tab to know whether your device supports these options or not, given that the app is only compatible with Android 6.0+ and Samsung Android 5.0+.

In brief, Fingerprint Gesture will change your simple sensor to a superb one, much like what Google Pixel users have got.

Download Fingerprint Gesture

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3. Screen GuardAn App to Hide Your Display From Nosy Buddies To Nobodies


screen guard

It fills us with disgust when anyone tries to invade our smartphone privacy.

You must not be short of instances when a ‘somebody’ sneaked into your device to know the details of your texting, or view personal photographs, which has totally riled you up.

Since you cannot slap the ‘S’ of shame on such intruders, installing the Screen Guard app is the best you can do.

The app adds filters (read: curtains) to your device’s screen, in a way that only you can view the contents of your screen and nobody else. You can choose your prefered colored filter from a range of options, and can also adjust the transparency to the desired levels. Not just colors, you can also select patterns to put your device’s display out of the sight.

Keeping the brightness level of your phone up is one important essential while using the Screen Guard app, because at times, it might get even difficult for you to see the display.

Download Screen Guard


4. Fulscrn FreeAn App to Use Your Device in Fullscreen Mode


Fulscrn Free

Do you have what you need for a full screen view on your Android device? If no, that’s when the Fulscrn Free comes in handy.

The app lets you see your device’s screen in excellent view by subtracting both the status and the notification bar from the display. It makes you optimize every pixel on the screen and offers an enhanced experience while watching movies, reading books, shopping and more.

After successfully installing the app, head towards the notification panel to activate it. You need to tap on an icon that looks like a broken square.

A sweet slide on the screen will get you the status and notification bar back on the screen, but only for a period as short as 3 seconds.

Download Fulscrn Free

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5. Navbar AppsAn App to Give Interesting Customizations to Navigation Bar


Navbar Apps

Grab your phone, check the display and tell us the color of the navigation bar. Most likely, it will be Black – dark, dull and uninteresting black!

You can make it interesting to look at with Navbar Apps.

Navbar is how you can customize the color of your navigation bar depending upon the app you’re using currently. However, this is also an option to select a fixed color for the navigation bar.

The app also works as an indicator to the battery level of your device. Turning on this feature, you will be able to see the battery percentage on the navigation bar itself. You can easily customize this part as well.

How cool!

What’s more? There are a plenty of images to choose from, so that you can customize the navigation bar to a whole new degree. The selected image will show up everywhere on the navigation bar, giving it an appeal you’ll surely fall in love with. It’s like having several cool Android mods rolled into one.

You can also use emojis and personalize them the way you like.

Using Navbar, you can also add music bar. The moment you’ll play a song, you will see the music waves all across the navigation bar.

Download Navbar Apps


6. CornerFlyAn App to Get The Samsung S8-Like Rounded Display on Android



One of the most saleable traits of Samsung S8 is its rounded display. And, if you have become a god-swearing fan of this feature already, CornerFly is the app you should turn to.

This app customizes an Android display to have rounded display, exactly the way you see on some top-end smartphones by Samsung and Xiaomi. If you buy this app, you will be also able to customize the size of the corners as well.

Having it running on your device is plain simple – install the app, give the requisite permissions and you’re done.

There might be some problems with the app, but you can quickly bring them to right in the notifications centre.

Download CornerFly


7. Energy BarAn App To Indicate the Battery Level


Energy Bar

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Because our smartphones are doing too much at a given time, battery tends to drip fast. This is why, Energy Bar – an app that indicates the battery level of your device.

You can either select the normal bar, or the status bar, whichever is easier, to keep tabs on your battery. Also, you can decide on how thick the bar will appear, and where it will positioned – on the left, center or right.

Not only will you see the level of battery on your device, but also the charged volume since the time you’ve last charged.

Download Energy Bar

There you go!

Whatever Android version you might be using, one thing’s certain – you’re yet to explore the best of it if you haven’t used these cool Android mods already. You must try all of them to get an Android that tickles your mind. All of them are available for free.

For any thoughts, views and suggestions, post your comments below.