35 Cool Websites Which Are Great Antidotes To Your Boredom

Are you tired of surfing the same laundry list of sites? Then, we’ve curated a list of top 35 cool and interesting websites to banish the boredom and charge up your internet experience.

Internet is unimaginably wide and versatile. It houses millions and millions of sites and becomes too much to experience at a given time. No matter how much you claim to have it covered better, the fact is that you’ve only experienced a fraction of the web and there’s still a lot to delve into. Since a layman can never search for the fun websites like how a geek does, we’ve got a big list of the coolest websites you can see to break the lull of your routine.

So fellas, enough of Facebook and Twitter and YouTube? Try out these super cool websites and bookmark them right now.


Love Twitter? Then, the Latest is very much a keeper. The website, as it says, brings the latest and the greatest of the Twitter feed, and keeps you miles ahead in the business of know-it-better. It works by curating the most interesting links, posted by the best-viewed Twitteratis in a list of 10, and slims down the need of combing through the entire Twitter content.

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2. Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Mental Floss is for the knowledge junkies, who don’t admire the ordinary. Presenting you with a cocktail of genres, ranging from science, culture and history, Mental Floss is all you need to read and explore the unknown, the undiscovered and the unthinkable. It’s all about presenting a story with an innovative twist that strikes the reader’s nerve.

3. Oddee


Oddee is a way to get through the oddities and the bizarreness around, which may either spook you, or dumbfound you. The showcase of stories, here at Oddee, brings you the uncanny side of life, and provides fascinating reads that help you break free from the humdrum. If you’re eager to know the mystical, or anything that challenges your reasoning, Oddee is the calling.

4. The Useless Web

The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a bunch of websites, which don’t make any sense at all. It lets you know the websites which are all pointless, but so spontaneous that you’ll actually find it very exciting to explore them. The Useless Web has already outsmarted StumbleUpon, and poised to become the next big ‘silly’ thing.

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5. Lamebook


Lamebook is arguably the best laughter central on the web, fetching all the LOL and WTF moments from the Facebook, and providing them on one go-to platform. The hilarity levels are unmatched at Lamebook, which are sure to give you knots in your stomach. Make it a point to explore it once and we’re sure, you will not return back so soon.

6. LearnMechanical


Now talk about something related to Mechanical, is totally worth for those who are interested in Machines. Here you can find plenty of tips and tricks related to Engineering and you can also participate in exciting Quizzes related to Mechanical Engineering. You can also join their discussion board to discuss anything you want to know about. They also offer news on the new trends happening in the industry, like Artificial Intelligence, 3d-printing .

However, this site is totally a goldmine for Machine lovers where you learn many things and connect more engineering enthusiasts as well.

7. Giphy


A GIF is a pure clickbait product, and there’s no web launcher better than Giphy with such an enticing range of it. The website has animated images for every mood and situation that catches way more attention than any static images you see online. So, if you’re having a slow day, why not open GIPHY and navigate across some of the best laughable GIFs in the pool?

8. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal does the practical talking in an impractical way. Confused? Well, the website conveys the general situation and the best lessons of life by means of peculiar drawings, which are sure to put smiles on your face. The Oatmeal can be best described as a collection of drawing stories, written by someone with an understanding of everyday life, but high on crazy humour.

9. Tunefind


Tunefind is your music library. Search across its huge musical concourse to find the song you have just heard, or found likeable. The music listings at Tunefind comes from the professionals who selects music for TV shows and music, and this is why, Tunefind goes up a mark in terms of music versatility. If you become a Tunefind user, you can also submit an entry, whose accuracy will be determined by the user votes.

10. Crossfade


Crossfade is a brilliant way to get rid of your boredom hangover, as you get an opportunity to channelize your creativity in all the right places. Combine the audio and video files with each other on Crossfade, and create something that’s incredibly exciting.

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11. Food Plus Food

Food Plus Food

Food Plus Food is a favorite halt for every foodie. The website sends you off drooling by combining two foods together with images, which are drop-dead tempting. However, the website only tells you the best food pairs, and not the recipes. You can simply google the displayed foods and see what kind of recipes you can come up with.

12. Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed is a news portal of international repute, bringing the latest and the hottest of current trends on a single platform for enhanced reading. The news and entertainment stories are so well-baked that they instantly connect with the young audience. Buzzfeed can be particularly credited with improving the content taste across the board, and building a media empire, word by word, that’s unparalleled in scope, and exceptional in content. But, you shouldn’t trust our words. Read Buzzfeed and find it yourself!

13. Quora


Quora has been crowned as the top-most ask-and-know platform, and for the reasons right. Once you are here, the addiction for reading develops. It’s a pavement where you can ask, request and answer a question in easy-to-do steps. And, if you have nothing much to ask or answer, you can simply read the interesting replies, and improve your knowledge. Be it technology, health or travel, Quora has everything to keep your knowledge cravings in place. Try it out if you have had enough of Facebook and Instagram!

14. Gizoogle



Gizoogle lets you have a shot on Gangsta-styled tongue skills, and makes you love the Internet even more. Pick anything from the Internet, and translate it into how a Scoop Dog styled gangsta would speak. It’s nothing, but pure, unbridled fun. Know that Gizoogle is not a Google product, but a satirical caricature of the Google Search Engine. So, don’t wait and try this now.

15. Spreeder


Wish to show your competence as a fast reader? Try Spreeder, which gives you a good test. The website, an e-reading software, helps you improve your skills by making you upload texts and reading them at speeds higher than usual. Enough fumbling for words. Try Spreeder now.

16. Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans

A brand’s tagline is its badge of identity. But, how about giving a quirky twist to the same, and making it quite amusing. Honest Slogans is all about tweaking a brand’s tagline that sounds peculiarly playful. Case in point: ‘Make America Hate Again’ is a tweak in jest for Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’.

17. College Humor

College Humor

With College Humor, the hilarity quotient has to ensue. The typical college humor, weaved in stories, articles and videos, will make you go burst into peals of laughter, so much so, that you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to read it more. College Humor, the website, is also packed with a YouTube channel, comprising content of wit, banter and humor. So, plug-in your earphones, and have a playful ride throughout your day.

18. Tinderella


Tinder is a thing for love. And, Tinderella showcases the stuff you might just hate or find amusing. Just as we know, Tinder brings two throbbing hearts together, but there are also desperados lurking around, who keep coming up with worst pick-up lines. Tinderella works by highlighting these best and the worst pick-up lines used in the app’s history.

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19. Drench


Drench is your boredom cutter, and we mean it! It’s so simple to use that you will end up hooking on it for hours. At Drench, you are provided with a board, full of tiles of multiple colors that you need to flip, and create a board of a single color. Continue till you get on to the golden stage, and nail the challenge.

20. PostSecret


In the open world of web, managing secrets is hard, but with PostSecret, thank god, it’s achievable without denting your identity. Just write your hush-hush words onto a postcard with total anonymity, and send it across to the portal. Here, everything’s real, sometimes too real to handle!

21. HiveStory


Pay attention, writers! HiveStory is where you all need to be. It’s a platform, where each member can chip in to develop a collaborative story from an embryonic idea, and script a marvel. Every person can contribute to shape a story, after which, a routine voting decides whether the story should progress on the same note, or not. A node, travels from the nascent levels to the edge of finesse, which is really amazing to experience.

22. Bored Panda

Bored Panda

Bored Panda is all funny and random. You get some amazing, rib-tickling content on travel, animals, photography, technology and food among various other categories. Right from weird advertisements that leave you in splits to animal pictures that are aww-some, Bored Panda is a hub of hilarity. You’ll find a lot of interesting, photo-heavy posts to get rid of your boredom. There is lot of life in here, we say.  

23. The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out celebrates the real life experiences of people. You’ll get to know people from various walks of life and their respective spellbinding, life-altering experiences, which might hit you hard. These human stories are so fulfilling to hear that you’ll start finding a greater connect with the world at large. There’s also a podcast feature to listen to these tales and feel an experience that’s more intimate.

24. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings

It isn’t always necessary to be a dead spider on the internet. You can do a whole bunch of productive things, out of which, one is learning new information. Brain Pickings is our favorite stop for reading interesting, thought-provoking blogs and boosting our knowledge. The blog site is run by Maria Popova, who researches and writes each post to get you the most valuable information. You must read Brain Picking for the incredible, best-of-the-breed content it has.

25. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid deals with everything interesting. You’ll find a range of engaging posts on art, culture and technology that will give you an extra nudge. The posts are visually appealing with lots of images and videos, which are the best the internet has on offer. If you’re an unsettling curious mind, you must expose yourself to the coolest stuff here. Think that if there’s any new buzz or trend making waves, Laughing Squid has got it covered.

26. Cracked


Cracked is freewheeling comedy and we love it. There is a whole range of entertaining listicles to wade through and kick boredom out of the park. The topics are nothing usual. You get a refreshing range of content you wouldn’t mind reading the whole day. Ideas are such that make for a total specimen of ‘how to be insanely creative and put others to shame’. No, literally. Give a try and see for yourself.

27. Funny or Die

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a madman’s paradise. If you love luring around the funny things, this website is where you need to be. Here, you’ll see craziest, wackiest posts by celebrities, comedians and even commoners who are great at passing jokes and twisting everything into humor. Since the website allows voting, you can vote ‘funny’ for the videos you like and ‘die’ for the videos you think are uninteresting and redundant. Overall, Funny or Die is unmissable. Why don’t you try this now?

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28. Don’t Even Reply

Dont Even Reply

You’ll find emails from an asshole on Don’t Even Reply. This guy has decided to reply on every classified ad, though like a weirdo, and created one hell of a nonsense. The email exchanges are super hilarious and the guy doesn’t stop anywhere till he screws up the other person like a piece of nut. If you’re reading these mails on your office desk, you can’t resist chuckling all the time. Yeah, take that as a sweet warning!

29. Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Source: Business Insider

Do you have a revenge on anyone? If yes, Ship Your Enemies Glitter can help you feel better. They play some really great pranks and get your enemies served. Be it a nosy neighbor or a bitchy friend, all you got to do is contacting these guys, giving the address of the person who want to see weep, and paying them money. Then, wait for the climax. Your enemy will get so much of glitter that he’ll not be able to clean it off and find it everywhere for coming days. A note, if you want, will also be attached explaining why the heck this happened to you. So, if someone made you felt sick, it’s payback time. Try it.

30. Shut Up and Take My Money

Shut Up and Take My Money

A website with loads of fun stuff inside. You’ll see sorts of wacky things, right from t-shirts with brutally awesome messages, cute dinosaur planters to nightmarish bear toys. You’ll love how the regular things have been given a twist and a witty one at that. Once you see the exceptionally creative collection, it becomes unforgettable. And, you can’t stop yourself from telling your friends how awesome this website is.

31. Sleepytime


Sleep is the actual struggle these days; a deprived luxury to many. Sleepytime provides you a calculator that tells you when to wake up for a good sleep. It works by counting backwards in sleep cycles and then, provide an estimation. Select the time you’ve to wake up, hit ‘Calculate’ and soon, you’ll find out the time you should be asleep. We entered 7 am and the calculator recommended that we should be asleep between 10-11:30 pm for a good night’s sleep.

32. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

This will make you play around with a really creepy thing – a worm. You can make this worm dance with your mouse moves. Shake vigorously and the worm will flutter rapidly. Doing a bit more can result in some flashy images, which is also a warning given on the site. Overall, this is a bit mind-numbing thing to do, but still an odd fun.

33. This is Sand

This is Sand

This is Sand is a cute artsy toy. You get a canvass, where you sprinkle sand using mouse taps and create an picture out of it. A digital version of beach art, this website is a cool thing to dabble into when you are around an unfamiliar bunch of people, bored in a meeting, or wish to slow down a bit on a weekend. Commands go like – if you double-click, the flow of sand will get consistent. Tap on ‘C’ to choose a color for yourself and ‘E’ to erase any wrong move or a less appealing picture.

34. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

We played Little Alchemy and got really engrossed while mixing different things. You start off with Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Apply basic science and think what two things can you mix to create a new. For example, mixing Earth and Water will form Mud. Now, Mud and Water will form a Plant. Things, that don’t mix well, will give you no result. There are no rules and no strategies to play this game. Just mix right and make progress.

35. Instructables


Find DIYs for just about anything. You can explore how to create the best of things in your backyard and once done, you can share your creations with the world to see. Instructables, ever since its inception, has made things really easy for people to make what they like the most. Be it costumes, food, technology or home crafts, the website is the place for the most intuitive advice ever. Try it and do what you feel great about.

36. Mint


Money goes fast. And the bad thing is that you don’t even know when your balance drops to nil. Try Mint, an effective platform to manage your finances and stay on the top, always. Starting with Mint is easy. You see bills and money in one place, and you’re suggested the best possible ways of sort out your finances. With this, you can set alerts, schedule payments and never miss a transaction. This is certainly a great way to simplify your money.


These are the best cool websites you can try out right now. Quite evident that the internet is incredibly versatile and has tons of great stuff to stop and marvel at. At the time of writing, we got stuck with so many interesting websites that we couldn’t stop ourselves from binging on them. Yes, we procrastinated a bit, and we aren’t ashamed of it. Try these out and let us know about your experience below.