How-to Delete “Documents and Data” On iPhone and Free Up Space

If there was anything iPhone users wish then it will always be expandable storage. Many iPhone users have wanted a SD card slot since ages so they don’t have to worry about running out of space. In this post we help you with ways to get rid of useless data by clearing documents and data on your iphone and free up space. When we say “Documents and Data” we actually mean the stuff that comes when we download apps, the huge piles of memory coming after saving photos, videos and songs along with iCloud documents.

One important part of the data that gets piled up is called cache. It is the data which helps in smooth access of applications as the data is already stored in your iPhone and cache ensures you have great speed while accessing web related content. With time cache acquires way too much memory which can at times hamper the overall performance of your phone. It is always recommended to clear your cache regularly. It is due to cache that youtube recommends you the videos which you may love to watch.

Let us see some ways that allow us to free the space acquired by documents and data on iPhone.


#1 Simplest and the best

One of the easiest way to get rid of useless documents and data is by deleting an app and reinstalling it. What this does is that on deleting a particular app, iphone will automatically get rid of all the data and documents related to it.

Steps to uninstall app in iPhone.

  • Go to settings > General
  • Click on Storage and iCloud usage.

Documents and Data On iPhone

  • You will see a Manage storage tab under the storage section. Tap on it.

manage storage on iphone

  • You will see all the apps installed in your phone, select the one you wish to uninstall and click on delete and Tap to confirm.  

delete app on iphone

  • Reinstall the same app.

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#2 Clear out media cache.

Whenever you download a music or any media from itunes store, all of it is recognized as audio/video by iphone. Even the media you sync from other sources like you PC, all of it comes under audio/video. Some part of that media goes under “Documents and data”. Stuff like thumbnails cache and related stuff which frequently needs to be cleaned.

Clear out media cache on iphone

Cache is never created when you sync your device with your PC so the best way to get rid of media related cache is to delete all your music and sync it with your PC. This way iphone will delete all media related cache and you will have a smooth sailing experience post syncing. This pictorial representation will be very helpful.


#3 Allow only important apps to store data on icloud.  

It is very simple to allow only certain apps to store data in cloud as it allows icloud to acquire less space on your phone.

  1. Open settings on iPhone
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Tap on iCloud option.
  4. You will see a list of all the apps using iCloud. Simply turn the switch off placed next to the app which you don’t want to sync with iCloud.

Allow only important apps to store data on icloud


#4 Get rid of unnecessary photos and Messages.

We all have duplicated photos or unnecessary messages which unknowingly take away a lot of storage space. You should always see for them and get rid of them by deleting. It can help you fit in few of your favorite songs.

  1. Open Photos app and click on photos.
  2. See for select option in top right corner and start selecting all the photos which are either useless or are duplicated.
  3. After selecting all the unwanted photos look for the trash symbol in bottom right.  Tap on it and confirm mass deletion.

delete photos on iphone

Similar way can be implemented for deleting messages.

  1. Open Messages app and open conversations
  2. Touch and hold any message and click on more.
  3. Select your unwanted message and look for delete all button in top left corner.
  4. Confirm your action and you will immediately see a good amount of free space available.

delete messages on iphone


#5 Turn off photo stream

When photo stream option is enabled then it starts to sync all your photos with the device you have the iCloud app on. If you turn that option off then it will help you manage your storage a lot better than before. The steps are simple and it is always recommended that your photo stream is disabled.

  1. Click on settings
  2. Tap on your profile
  3. See for icloud option and click on it.
  4. See for the photo app and turn off the switch next to it, It will delete all the photo stream photos from your iPhone.

Turn off photo stream


#6 Get rid of junk mails

If you are someone who uses the stock mail app on your iPhone then with time a lot of junk gets accumulated from a variety of sources like the syncing of different mails, their attachments and all the cache which gets stored for smooth experience. You should see for unwanted mails or mails that carry heavy attachments and get rid of them. Below are the steps to help you with getting rid of the useless mails.

  1. Click on settings and go to accounts.
  2. Tap on Email account.
  3. Click on delete account and confirm your action.
  4. Re-add your email account and you will see how much space you fred your phone from.

Get rid of junk mails


#7 Flush away safari history and website data

If there is one place which gathers the maximum amount of cache then it has to be safari. Almost all the websites that you visit leave some amount of cache and cookies in your safari browser so that when you visit that website again then you will have a great experience browsing that portal. It is always advisable that you get rid of all the cache and website data which is accumulated over the site so you can free up space on your phone and also it improves phone’s performance with time.

Flush away safari history and website data


#8 Delete Voicemail

Small bits of data over time can be a roadblock to smooth functioning of your phone. It is always recommended that you get rid of unwanted voicemails. Voicemails can contribute significantly to the documents and data of your phone. Steps are pretty simple and you should do it as often as possible.

  1. Visit your phone app and head to voicemail, select the voicemail. Tap on it to delete or you can also right to left across it to see the delete button. Once you see the delete button just tap on it.
  2. If you wish to delete multiple voicemails then open the phone app, go to voicemails, tap on edit and select multiple voicemails and tap on delete.

Delete Voicemail


#9 Free your phone from third party apps

This is a practice which we will always advise to perform frequently. It is also one of the easiest ways to free your phone from any unwanted data that get stuffed by usage of apps. Uninstalling apps helps your phone from running out of space.  Some apps even allows you to clear out cache and their history, doing so clears away your phone from unwanted trash.

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#10 Using software to remove app data and cache

There are special software such as PhoneClean  which take away all your stress of removing anything unwanted which has been acquiring space in your iPhone. It gives you a sense of control and it will always make sure your phone is free of any junk.

Free your phone from third party apps

There are many things similar in both iphone and ipad. For ipad you can see this link and help yourself get rid of trash.