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Directv App for PC Windows 11/10/8.1/7 [Latest Edition]

Are you looking for a guide on how to install the DirecTV App for PC Windows? Look no further! This article provides a detailed guide on how to get the DirecTV App up and running on your PC. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. So, whether you are a current DirecTV subscriber or just thinking of subscribing, read on to find out how you can watch your favorite channels right from your computer.

How to Download Directv App for Windows 10 & 11?

1.      The Directv app is available in both Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Therefore, with the help of an emulator, downloading this application will be extremely simple.

2.      An emulator duplicates one system’s working environment to another. The first step to downloading this app is to download an Emulator. Emulators for both Android and iOS are readily available throughout the internet.

3.      Some of the most used emulators and their download links are listed below. You can use either one from the list or some other emulator as convenient to you. Ideally, all of them should give you the same result.

4.      If you are using an Android emulator, the next step is to install the .exe file of the emulator that you just downloaded. The home screen of the emulator will have an icon of the Google Play Store.

5.      You will need to log in to the Play Store or sign up if you do not have an existing account. Once you have signed in successfully, on searching for Directv on the search bar, you will get access to the application.

6.      If you are using an iOS emulator, you will need to log in to the Apple Store and authenticate your Apple ID before proceeding further. Once that step is complete, you can download Directv by searching for it on the search bar.

How to Install and Set up your Directv account to Start Streaming?

1.      By following the process given above, you can download the application either from an Android or iOS emulator.

2.      After downloading the application, the Directv icon will show on the apps list of your emulator. On opening Directv, a sign-in process will appear. Here, you will need to create an account for yourself and choose your required subscription plan.

3.      On authentication of your payment, you will immediately get a confirmation to your registered email ID. With that, the process of registration is completed. You can now watch your favorite content from anywhere in the world, with an active internet connection.

Notable Features of Directv Windows App

·        Directv allows uninterrupted multi-media streaming of your chosen content from anywhere with an extremely user-friendly interface.

·        Directv allows up to streaming in up to 5 devices depending on the price plan you have opted for.

·        Alongside TV channels, Directv has an immense movie and web series library with a collection of over 45000.

·        Directv is powered by “AT&T wireless” which means you can safely view your content without having to worry about hidden costs and data overages.

·        Directv is supported by all the latest smartphones and tablets and definitely by all PCs and laptops which have moderate to high specifications.  

Steps to Download a Program on your Mobile or Computer using Directv App

1.      On opening the Directv app for laptop, you will find the ‘Watch on Phone/Tablet’ option.

2.      On clicking it, another pop-up menu will appear form where you have to select ‘Watch your DVR’.

3.      On pressing ‘DVR’, your DVR playlist will pop out. Thereafter, you can choose any program you want and download it on your mobiles or PCs.


Directv is an advanced and enhanced streaming platform that allows you to view content from anywhere on your smartphones. By downloading the application on your PCs, you will get a better and wider display to enjoy your movies and content. The steps enlisted above will make this possible and make Directv app for windows a household name.