Download Clean Master for PC in 6 Easy Steps – Here’s How

If your device is in dire need of storage space, an optimization tool should help delete unnecessary files while boosting its performance. Clean Master is the world’s most popular app of this kind — and it’s available on both Android and PC devices. Find out below how you can download Clean Master for PC.

Download Clean Master for PC in 6 Easy Steps - Here's How

Clean Master Features

– Locates and deletes residual and cache files

– Built-in virus scans and removes malware

– Identifies unauthorized and inauthentic internet connections

– One Tap Boost gives more RAM space

– Game Master to boost loading performance

– Charge Master to stop overcharging

– App Lock to secure an app with a pin or pattern

– Personalized settings

– Cleans junk message once given permission

– VIP feature for an ad-free experience

System Requirements

Operating System: 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows XP or later

Storage Space: At least 25 MB remaining

How to Install Clean Master on Your PC?

Step 1: Go to the official website here.

Step 2: Click ‘Free Download’ or ‘Buy Pro Edition’.

Step 3: Double-click the installer file.

Step 4: Choose the folder location.

Step 5: Wait for the installation process to finish.

Step 6: Double-click the Clean Master icon or search for it on File Explorer.


1) What do I get by paying for Clean Master PRO Edition?

Clean Master PRO Edition offers several features such as Driver Booster, Auto Update, File Recovery, File Shredder. The cheapest option is the 3-month subscription for $15.90 but a two-year saves you more money in the long run with its $49.90 price tag. 

2) Can I use the Clean Master license key on other computers?

There is no additional fee for using a license key on a different computer. However, note that each key will only on a maximum of three computers.

3) Why is my PC still lagging after deleting the junk files?

Junk files are not the only cause of poor PC performance. Once you’ve gotten rid of them, consider using the PC Boost feature to prevent apps from automatically opening and running in the background.

4) Can I exclude certain apps from being blocked by PC Boost?

Yes. Open the Clean Master PC app and select ‘PC Boost’. From there, choose ‘Boosted’ to see which startup items are disabled or enabled.

5) Can I use Clean Master on a computer with a different operating system other than Windows?

Unfortunately, the app does not support Linux or Mac OS devices.

6) What do I do if I accidentally deleted my browsing history?

There is currently no way to recover your browsing history once you’ve deleted it. What you can do instead is prevent it from being deleted in the future by going to ‘Browser’ in the Clean Master app and selecting ‘Ignore All’.

7) Can I restore registries I deleted?

Unlike your browsing history, there is a way to recover a registry. Simply go to the ‘Junk Clean’ section of the app to begin the scan. Wait for the scan to finish. Then, click on ‘Registry’ to see a list of options. Choose ‘Restore the registry’ and find the one you wish to restore.

8) Do I need to pay for a new license key if I lost mine?

You don’t. However, there are several details you need to send in order for Cheetah Mobile to give you your license key. You should give your order number, email address, transaction time, payment time, and payment voucher. Just indicate the approximate time if you’re unsure of the exact details.