Download Twitch Videos on Demand & Enjoy them Offline (Guide)

You can download videos from twitch one’s favorite streamer’s channels effortlessly to the device, where you can watch them play for hours later. However, the facility called Video on Demand (and almost always referred to as VOD) can only be availed for some time after the video has been uploaded. This is a problem. You cannot use the Twitch app to save a streaming video to watch it say a year later. There are workarounds you must exploit to do so. And this post is going to be all about those little workarounds.

Why Download Twitch Videos?

There are several reasons you might be interested in downloading Twitch videos. It may be that you discovered a neat way to beat a boss during your or someone else’s gameplay, and wouldn’t like to vanish into someone’s long list of videos or be taken down, never to be seen again, either by the twitch website or the streamer themselves.

Other times, it can be that you or someone you know got a mention by a really popular streamer (and it’s totally ok to fangirl). Maybe you want to keep a record of something you said in a video stream, something someone else commented on it or just as a memory.

Turns out, the way to save your video or download it to your device changes depending upon whether the video belongs to you or to a streamer. I’ve covered both the methods below.


How to download a streamer’s videos to your PC?

How to download a streamer’s videos to your PC?

Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t have an offline viewing option as good as YouTube. So you can never be sure you’ll find the video in your offline list in the app a few days down the line. Thus the need to use a workaround.

Like YouTube videos can be downloaded through third-party apps and software like Vidmate, Tubemate or YTD, there’s a software to use for Twitch download too with twitch video downloader i.e. Twitch Leecher and it available on GitHub. Here is the method to download a stream to your PC using it.

  • Download Twitch Leecher (link given above) and install it to your PC. Be sure to scan it using an up-to-date antivirus.
  • Save an icon on the Desktop. This will help you access the application faster.
  • In your Internet Browser, go to the Twitch website. Surf to find the video you want to download. Copy its URL.
  • In the Twitch Leecher app, go to “New Search” (available at the bottom of the screen). Paste the URL into the URL box and press Search.
  • You should find the video opening on your screen, and a Download button available at the bottom right.
  • Press Download and choose your preferred resolution. High resolutions take more space on your PC, so make sure you have enough free space before downloading it to avoid wasting time.You can also save specific clips to save by indicating the start and end times. Press Download and you’re done!
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How to download Twitch vods from your own streaming channel to your PC?

If you want to save a video you streamed on your own channel, things are thankfully simpler. Depending upon your participation status (standard, affiliate or partner), your videos are available to you upto 60 days since they were uploaded. It can be helpful to keep a record of all your streamed content, so every Twitch streamer should read this.

Begin by logging into your account on Twitch. In the main menu, open Video Manager. You should see the videos you have streamed in the past, going to the time limit your participation status allows you. Use the Download link under each video to save it to your PC. You can also save them to an external HDD so your PC isn’t clogged up with twitch past broadcasts, which can run into GBs in high resolution. You can use these videos to upload on YouTube and keep your YouTube fans in the loop as well. Plus they’re excellent for record keeping.


Enable Auto-Archiving for your Twitch channel:

Use the top right corner menu to go to Settings. Go to Channel and Videos and then to Channel Settings. You can toggle “Automatically Archive my Broadcasts” here, depending upon whether or not you want your videos to be saved for viewing later. This can be essential to downloading your twitch vods later.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? IS there another method you know to download twitch videos? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to include it.

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