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11 Best Nintendo DS Emulators for PC on Windows & Mac in 2022

If you’re looking for the best DS emulator for PC, look no further! In this article, we’ll discuss the top emulators available and how to use them. So whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, read on to find the perfect DS emulator for you!

DS Emulators for Your PC to Play Games Online

1) DESmuME

This is the most popular DS Emulator around. Its last update was back in April 2015, but it has undergone several changes to become a better software. Note that DeSmuME does not have support for the features requiring wifi connections in the DS console.

Furthermore, DESmuME not only emulates the DS but also the DS Lite. If you want to get the emulator, get the 64-bit version. Use the standard 32-bit build if that doesn’t work. Likewise, developers should install the dev build instead.

DS Emulator is absolutely free as long as you follow the rules set in the GNU GPL. Once you have the emulator installed, you can press Alt-Enter to go into fullscreen mode. You can also go through the settings to activate pixel scalers, change the display method, rotate the screen, and resize the display.


Which is the Best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC?

Installation of the NO$GBA DS Emulator is as simple as downloading the installer file and waiting for it to automatically open after the installation. There are many games compatible with it, including the White and Black variants of Pokemon. Plus, there are quick fixes if the game freezes or displays a blue screen.

After installing the NO$GBA DS Emulator, go to the Options menu to prevent a laggy game performance. First, select ‘Emulation Speed’ and then choose ‘Unlimited MHz, Disaster 10%’. To improve the sound, all you have to do is select ‘Digital Mono’ under the options for Sound Output.

And as its name implies, there is no need to spend money to play DS games on this emulator — all you need is your PC, the NO$GBA emulator, and the NDS ROM of your favorite game. It’s up to you to go online to search for these ROMs since some sites have malware and game files that result in errors.

3) NeonDS

The official website of this emulator is no longer around. Thus, we won’t link you to any websites that offer a download of NeonDS since there may be security issues. If you do find a download link, you will enjoy this free emulator that manages to work even with Windows 2000.

Right-click the file and select ‘Run as administrator’. Once NeonDS opens, go to File at the upper section. Select ‘Open’ and find the DS ROM file of the video game you want to play. Remember that it ends with ‘nds’ all the time. Click this ROM file and choose ‘OK’.

Wait for NeonDS to read the game file. A window will show up if the game successfully runs on the emulator. Use your keyboard to operate the game controls. Your mouse will also prove handy for using the bottom screen of NeonDS that represents the touchscreen of the DS console.

FAQs About Using DS Emulators on a PC

1) Is there a DS Emulator with wifi support?

Sadly, there is no emulator as of the moment that allows wifi support. This means that you cannot play DS games in multiplayer mode.

2) Why can’t I save my game data?

The problem possibly lies with the save type you chose. Go to the backup or save options of your DS emulator and choose the right one. Don’t forget to restart your computer after changing the save type. Another solution is to shorten the name of the game by removing spaces and special characters.

3) Why are the main graphics not appearing?

If your game isn’t loading well and you only see a black screen, you should check if you have the most recent version of the DS emulator. You may also have to look into firmware or BIOS files. Lastly, some users say the graphics return once they stopped using cheat codes.