Download DU Recorder for PC Windows for Free 2021

DU recorder is a state-of-the-art Du screen recorder for pc can be used for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. With full HD recording enabled, DU recorder captures every moment on screen. You can also record video calls with friends and family and instantly share them on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. DU recorder is available officially in three variants: as an android app in the Google Play Store, as an Apple App in the iOS app store, and as a PC application that can be downloaded from the official website of DU Recorder app. There are two methods to download DU Recorder for PC (Windows OS) and laptops. Both the methods are listed below:

How to Download DU Recorder for Windows 10

Method 1

1.      The first method of downloading DU Recorder for PC requires an emulator to initiate the process. The main reason an emulator is downloaded so that you can duplicate the smartphone environment (both Android and iOS) on your PCs with the help of the emulator.

2.      Several emulators are available for download on the Internet. The advanced gaming emulators, though large file sizes, work best for this purpose provided your PC or laptop has the required specifications to support them. Here also, you will find a list of popular emulators that you can download GameLoop, BlueStacks.

3.      You can download these emulators for both Windows and Mac systems. You can also download any other emulator of your own choice. After installing the ‘.exe’ file of the emulator, you will find the App Store on its home page.

4.      If the emulator is Android supported, then you will find the Google Play Store, otherwise the Apple Store for iOS ones. On opening the respective app stores, you will have to log in or sign up at this stage with a Gmail or Apple ID depending on the type of emulator.

5.      When you put in your email ID, you will receive a confirmation code on that email ID which you then have to verify with a code. Once this process is completed, you will get unrestricted access to the app store.   

6.      Thereafter, searching for DU Screen Recorder for pc will give you access to the installation process of the DU recorder for pc app.

Method 2

This is a much simpler method. DU Screen Recorder For PC provide a supported downloadable version of DU Recorder for laptop which is supported by both Windows and Mac PCs. You can download it from the following link: You will have to choose the ‘Download PC Version’ DU recorder.

Notable Features of DU Recorder

·        DU recorder, on activation, records your device’s screen along with volume if you are watching any video or speaking to someone over audio or video call.

·        DU recorder for laptop has advanced video making features integrated into its fabric. You can select various parameters like the number of frames per second (maximum of 60 FPS), the video recording quality with up to full HD 1080p settings, and also the quality of the video with a maximum of 12 MBPS.

·        Following the recording, you can also edit the video before publishing it with the in-built video editor of DU Recorder. DU recorder can cut and mix tracks, control and add color to backgrounds and also control the audio volume of your recording.

·        If you have any cloud storage or drive where you keep your videos organized, you can directly sync DU Recorder with those storage spaces such that whenever you save a video, it directly gets stored in the cloud or your drive without occupying memory on your phone.

·        You can also record direct live videos for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch from DU Recorder.

·        The DU recorder app is completely free of cost and comes without any watermark whatsoever. It also requires no rooting and there is no time limit to the amount of time you can record your screen.

·        Once you switch on the recorder, DU recorder gives you a setup time of 3 seconds during which you can position yourself or adjust the mobile screen accordingly for a flawless video.

·        You can also share your screen with friends using screencast.

·        The floating notification bar and window of DU Recorder facilitates swift movement between your screen and the DU recorder options.


While DU Screen Recorder conventionally records smartphone screens, you can now use it to record screens of your PCs, laptops, and tablets as well. The user interface is extremely easy and allows you to directly share your screen with friends and family far and wide. By following the methods mentioned above, you can also use the DU Recorder for windows 10 computers. 

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