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Easy Poser for PC Free Download [Windows Version]

Easy Poser for PC is an application that allows artists and illustrators to create 3D models of what they see, as well as poses or exercises. It can be used with cartooning or animation creations; users get a 360 view from all angles on the model created in order to understand it better. The program is also used as an assisting tool for artists to design 3d characters for games. Though only available via mobile app through Android and Apple devices, you may download this tool onto your computer by following these methods:

Steps to Download Easy Poser on your PC

1.      To be able to download an application that is meant for smartphones, you will foremost require an emulator that will be able to emulate either Android or iOS environments on your PCs.

2.      There are several emulators available online. Some of the popular ones and their download links are listed below.

3.      Android Emulators: BlueStacks, Nox and Dolphin

iOS Emulators: iPadian

Note: Dolphin can be used as both Android and iOS emulators.

4.      If you are using an Android Emulator, you will need to log in to the Google Play Store with your google email, after having downloaded and installed the emulator.

5.      Once you have logged in or signed up to Google Play Store, all you need to do is search for Easy Pose and download the app.

6.      If you are using an iOS Emulator, after you have downloaded the iOS emulator, you will need to sign in to the Apple Store using an Apple ID.

7.      You do not have one, you will need to register. Once you have access to the Apple Store, you can simply search for Easy Pose and download it thereafter.

Features of Easy Poser

·        Delicate and Precise Modelling – Easy Poser allows users to work their way through the intricacies and nitty-gritty of the models through smooth maneuvering of limb joints.

·        Functions such as highlighting movable joints, and mirror pose (mirror model of the current position of your model) have been added to Easy Poser to give itself an edge over its competitors, who are yet to implement such features.

·        Easy Poser has broken the general convention of “eight-head ratio men and women” which is used in several modeling apps. This convention restricted animators and modelers to create any and every body type they wanted.

·        Implementing more than one model in a single frame – You can now implement more than one model, with a maximum of up to 6 3D models, at a time. As part of animations, you can now animate football fields with 3D players as well.

·        Easy Poser also contains a whole library of several poses that are used quite often. If your requirement matches the poses in the library, then you need not go through the hassle of creating a model. You can simply import that particular model from the library and use it in your project.

·        The models are sensitive to light. Therefore, you can experiment with the expressions of the models by mixing and matching the color contrast of your project.

·        All the models cast shadows to give a realistic feel to animations. Models also cast shadows on other models as well, as humans normally do.

·        Brilliant set of controls provided by Easy Poser makes you work faster than if you had a mouse.

·        You can pay and Upgrade the Version of Easy Poser through the app itself. Doing this will allow you to manipulate the sizes of models that you make and allow you to choose from a yet bigger model library.

Some Alternatives to Easy Poser

·        Blender – A similar 3D modeling app which however requires prerequisite knowledge of the user controls.

·        MakeHuman – This application is quite popular among artists and animators too. The UI is extremely easy and the app has several in-app integrations which will allow you to share your creations far and wide quite easily.

·        Maya – Maya is another user-friendly and powerful animation and 3D 2modeling solution which is a perfect fit for animators.


By following the steps listed above and downloading the application on your PCs, you can animate and model better with a wider display as compared to your smartphones. Easy Poser for PC provides you the perfect avenue to showcase your creativity and establish yourself as an artist and animator.