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ES File Explorer for PC Free Download Windows 10, 8, 8.1

ES File Explorer for pc is a smartphone management solution that keeps all applications, documents and files of your phone organized and up to date with the latest updates. ES File Explorer for pc allows you to move your files to any folder or memory storage in your smartphone and instantly share documents between applications or attach them to your emails with just one click. ES File Explorer PC is a multi-tasking tool that provides your phone with the much-required management and organization skills to keep the processor performance high and provide a smooth experience for you. ES File Explorer PC is available both as an Android and Apple powered app in the respective app stores. By downloading an emulator as guided in the steps below, you can even download ES Explorer for PC.

How to Setup ES File Explorer on your Windows PC

1.      The first requirement for installing a smartphone application on your PCs is an emulator that replicates the Android or iOS environment on your computer. The emulator makes it suitable for the application to be downloaded.

2.      Both Android and iOS emulators are available online. Depending on your preference, you can download either or both of them. Most popular emulators are compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. Some of them are also compatible with LINUX systems.

3.      Some of the most popular emulators along with their download links are listed below:

BlueStacks (Android):

NoxPlayer (Android) :

iPadian (iOS) :

4.      After downloading an emulator of your choice, you will need to log in to the Play Store if it is an Android emulator or Apple Store if it an iOS emulator.

5.      If you do not already have an account to log in with, you will be required to sign up before you can download the app.

6.      Once logged in, all you need to do is simply search for ES File Explorer PC in the search box and you will find it immediately, ready for installation.

Features of ES File Explorer for PC

·        Other than management and organization of files and documents, ES File Explorer for pc facilitates in faster functioning of the device you are using it from by killing unnecessary applications that take up space and increase the load on the processor.

·        ES File Explorer PC is equipped with an FTP client which allows you to use the app in another device other than your mobile.

·        The favorite commands that we are most used to, Cut, Copy, and Paste, have been retrieved by ES File Explorer PC and implemented in its functioning. Therefore, you can simply use these commands to operate the app.

·        ES File Explorer for pc provides easy access to the contents of ZIP and RAR files, which after viewing, can be organized into files and folders, and stored for further use. The files can also be viewed on any other phone or computer provided it is connected to a Wi-Fi.

Telegram Stickers and Emojis for WhatsApp with the help of ES File Explorer for windows 10

Sometimes downloading WhatsApp stickers every time before using them can become tedious. More so if you need to download a new sticker pack every time you want to use a new sticker. Telegram Stickers has an all-encompassing sticker library all under one package. The stickers come in a zipped file. All you need to do is download the zip file and attach the link to WhatsApp or any such messaging tool to gain access to a huge library of stickers. With the help of ES Explorer for pc, you can easily extract all the contents of the zipped file and then transfer it to whichever directory of your phone or computer you want to send it to.

ES File Explorer Beta version 4.0

·        ES File Explorer for windows 10 has recently launched its new update which is the 4.0 beta version.

·        The new update allows you to remotely access files and documents and even reproduce some of them through FTB and SMB connections.

·        The new version has a better appealing home-screen which is aesthetic as well as informative, clearly displaying storage space in the dashboard.

·        ES Explorer For PC also provides several in-app integrations with applications like DropBox, One Drive, Google Drive, and the likes to provide efficient storage management solutions.


If you require a data management tool for your PCs, laptops, and smartphones, ES File Explorer for windows 10 is your best bet. The app has proved to be extremely efficient in handling and organizing files and documents, without compromising on CPU or processor speed. With the help of the steps laid out above, You can easily download and install ES File Explorer for PCs irrespective of the operating system.