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Essential Anatomy 5 for Windows 10/8.1/7 Free Download

Essential Anatomy 5 is the most advanced anatomy app currently available online. It serves as a handbook for almost all medical colleges and universities. The excellent 3D HD representation of the human body is unparalleled to any other app of the same niche. The perfectly marked diagrams and visuals of the anatomy serve as a teaching and practical guide across all medical practices. All of this is offered for free on a smartphone app. However, this app is only available in the Apple Store and is exclusive to iOS users. This guide will give you a comprehensive solution to download the Essential Anatomy app on your Windows PCs and laptops as well. Follow the methods listed below and never get slighted out from another iOS-only app.

How to Download Essential Anatomy 5 for Windows

1.      As Essential Anatomy 5 is an Apple-only app, it is only available in the Apple Store. This means that you will need to download an iOS Emulator for this purpose. The main function of an iOS emulator here is to duplicate the processes of an iOS device. By doing so, the app can be downloaded onto your PC.

2.      Two recommended iOS emulators that can be used are iPadian and MobiOne Studios. Both these emulators are widely popular and can be easily downloaded from their official websites online. Having said that, you can also use any other emulator as per your convenience and it should work perfectly well.

3.      Go to the online site of the emulator and download it. After the installation, set it up on your PC and launch it. The theme of the emulator will resemble that of an iPhone home screen and its settings.

4.      Locate the Apple Store icon on the home page of the store and open it. Since you are opening the app store for the first time via your PC, you will have to log in to the Apple Store using your Apple ID. Use an existing account if you have one. If not, you can immediately make a new account and register it with the store.

5.      Once you have logged in successfully, you can now download any app from the store. Go to the search bar of the store and search for Essential Anatomy 5.

6.      The app will appear as a search result immediately. Click on the Install option beside the app. Once the app is downloaded and installed, you will find the icon of the app on the homepage of your emulator.

Salient Features of Essential Anatomy App

·        Essential Anatomy 5 is the latest version in the Anatomy series with enhanced sketches and models of the human anatomy system.

·        Essential Skeleton, another free app by the same developers, complements this app in understanding the functionality of the human body.

·        Essential Anatomy 5, owing to its wonderful design, is a recommended learning tool in most medical colleges in the west. Stanford University, among various other leading universities, uses this app as mandatory study material for anatomy students where medical science books are optional.

·        The graphics system of the app is the best of its kind. The proprietary engine has made possible with the new update, a newer and better-designed model that enhances the user experience by leaps and bounds.

·        The interface is extremely user friendly. All the functions and tools of the app can be found in a comprehensible toolbar on top of the app window.

·        The model is a 3D representation of human anatomy. This means that you can touch and rotate the model to get a better view of a certain part of the model. You can also zoom in to view more details concerning that certain part of the body.

·        With the help of a simple upgrade, you can watch skeletal and muscular models of the body as well. This can be achieved with a simple in-app purchase. The update adds skeleton bones, muscle insertions and origin points to the model thereby giving a more detailed understanding.


Upon downloading Essential Anatomy 5 on your Windows PC, you will get a better experience of the app. The bigger display will allow you to focus on the nitty-gritty of the anatomy which you would otherwise have to zoom in to see on your smartphone. Download the app and learn more about the anatomy!