Best Facebook Alternatives to Liven Up Your Social Life

Alternatives to Facebook You Wouldn’t Mind Losing Your Time Over

facebook alternatives

Are you a social media baby? An absolute socialphile?

If yes, there’s no denying the fact that Facebook is your first love. And, why not? After all, Facebook is ALL of the social media. From being a sharing-cum-messaging platform to spinning the Snapchat’s Story feature with a difference, this platform has got us by the hook.

Even after this, if you’re keen on exploring social media beyond Facebook and spreading your wings, we have suggested to you some Facebook alternatives you must try.

These alternatives are so addictive that they might cut down your time on Facebook by a huge.

facebook alternative

Number of Monthly Active Users Worldwide as of 2nd Quarter 2018 (Figure in Millions)

Image Source: Statista


Why Even An Alternative to Facebook?

For fun! To see what exciting is brewing up on the other side.

However, on a serious note, people have reasons when they say – they look for a Facebook substitute.

Some can’t trust its privacy, as photos are easy to access and anyone can create a fake account using anybody’s name. Some find faults with the compulsion of having the stock messenger app to send and receive messages.

Whatever might be the reason, we focus on solutions. And, this post covers all social media platforms that are a direct competition to Facebook.


Bored of Facebook? Try These Alternatives To Get Things Kicking


1. Instagram (Media Sharing)

Facebook is inarguably the easiest to share and manage media. Despite this, if you’ve planned a shift, Instagram could be the sweet deal.

  • Capture and share photos and videos, add filters, follow people and exchange texts with people all over the world.
  • Tell what you’re up to and how exciting your day has been by sharing photos and videos as your ‘Stories’ – the ones that disappear after 24 hours.
  • What’s even more amazing is how you can share your Instagram feed picks to a variety of other social networks as that of Facebook.

There’s a reason why Instagram is at the top of its game. And now we know why.

instagram (media sharing)

Data Source: Facebook (Omnicore); Instagram (Blog.Instagram; WordStream)


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2. Tinder (Online Dating)

Tinder, in a way, has digitized romance and dating as we experience today. If you feel Facebook has no interesting connections and there is hardly a moment of excitement, move to Tinder.

  • The hottest dating app with the highest footfalls.
  • Find your match if you’ve swiped right on a profile and in return, been swiped right.
  • Meet new people, build your social circle, connect with locals when travelling and do a lot more.



Tinder Facts

Daily Active Users10 Million
Total Users50 Million
No of Matches Made10 Billion
No of Matches Made Per Day26 Million
No of Daily Swipes1.4 Billion Swipes
Average Time Spent35 Minutes

(Sources in the Links)

Now, finding a partner is nothing about luck, but only a matter of clicks and swipes. Connect, Plan, Meet and Have a Time of Your Life – That’s Tinder!


3. LinkedIn (Professional Networking)

If Facebook isn’t proving to be your kind of professional, LinkedIn can help.

  • Connect with Industry professionals, tap into the right opportunity and build your networking.
  • Stay up to date with industry buzz.
  • Create links with bigshots/noted professionals/influencers, find dream jobs and brand yourself as talent via a well-worked profile.

LinkedIn can do a whole good by connecting you to the people who matter and have potential.



4. Twitter (Microblogging)

Twitter might come with a caveat of 140 characters and limit your thoughts, but it’s as famous as Facebook. More so, because of the trolling culture that’s swept the world.

  • Express your thoughts in 140 characters, follow people, get followed, do retweets and get retweeted.
  • Follow trends, 6-7 in number, buzzing on your feed at the sidebar. This is useful in knowing what the world is up to and what’s keeping netizens busy.
  • The platform is great to have both casual chatting and professional talks.
  • Connect with the echelons of the different arenas – be it the razzmatazz of bollywood or the power-centres of politics.

Whatever happens around the world happens on Twitter as well. It lives the reputation of driving discussions that matter to the world at large.

Twitter monthly active usersTwitter Monthly Active Users (MAU) Worldwide as of Q1 2018 (In Millions)

Image Source: Twitter’s Letter to Shareholders

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5. Reddit (Forum)

It’s Reddit how the internet breaks things for internet. This platform is where ideating brains meet and talk their interest – some fun, some deep!

  • Share questions, images, stories or anything that might be attention-worthy.
  • Figure out everything based on categories, known as subreddits.
  • Connect with each other through comments if they chance upon something interesting.
  • Experience the fastest-loading interface with elements like infinite scroll and autoplay GIFs.

reddit visitsCombined Desktop and Mobile Visits to Reddit from Oct 2016 to May 2018 (Figure in Millions)

Image Source: Statista


6. Doximity (Professional Networking)

Are you a doctor? If yes, Doximity is for you.

  • Connect with follow media professionals worldwide.
  • Privacy is no issue to lose your mind over, as you are totally secured in its closed setup.
  • Participate in quality discussions and improve your knowledge about treatments and therapies.
  • Find the right jobs for you at hospitals and other medical institutions.



7. YouTube (Media Sharing)

Since Facebook has a thing called videos, YouTube happens to be the best Facebook alternative, albeit not a direct one.

  • Discover videos on any thinkable subject and enjoy the experience.
  • Upload your personal videos and get the exposure your talent needs.
  • You get HQ, original, long and professional videos, found only via search option.
  • You receive better engagement and a high ROI on your videos if they strike it big.  

Videos on Facebook are accessible on newsfeed and the variety is humongous, which makes this platform hugely popular among the masses. Facebook has short, amateur videos, which are good for quick attention, but these attention spans don’t last.

youtubeImage Source: Starkcrew

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8. NextDoor (Community-Building)

The urge to connect with people in the parallel universe has hushed up the joys of our neighborhood. This is why, NextDoor – a platform that aims at binding communities together.

  • Meet people living in your vicinity and discuss local environment and the issues surrounding it.
  • Since you connect with people that stay near, you discuss real issues, get more personal and connect better.



9. DeviantArt (Art)

With a whooping userbase of 34 million members and a collection of over 300 million original artworks, DeviantArt is unbeatable in its niche.

  • The artists’ den for over 15 years, where you talk about the only food for their souls – creativity.
  • See an exciting collection of artworks and interact with the veterans of the field.
  • If you’re looking for a medium to popularize your art, trust us, you cannot find a platform any better than DeviantArt.



Alternatives to Facebook That Might Rule the Roost Soon


Zenly (Location-Sharing)

Location-sharing with friends and family has been made easy with Zenly.

And, what makes it a class apart is its much advanced technology and better suite of features to trace and share the location. So far, Zenly has successfully attracted over 2 million users and been gradually becoming more popular.

Using this, you can find your friends, know what are they doing as the day progresses and mark the hangout spots. Also, Zenly lets you message your friends, so it is part a locator app, and part a messaging app. The best part is how the app lets you maintain your privacy by giving you an option to hide your location.

Zenly (Media Sharing)

Love to sing and dance? Explore – the fastest growing platform among teens.

The apps lets you lip-sync a song and dance/act to it. To talk about its rocketing success, there is a total of 12 million video uploads daily on the platform. A live streaming service,, lets you broadcast your muser-style through the app, which can be viewed on

This app is so good that you wouldn’t mind spending hours on it. The fact that mega-stars like Katy Perry are using the app to promote their music, is a testimony to its immense popularity and craze.


Hype (Video Streaming)

Hype is a video streaming app from the makers of Vine, but it’s safe to say that video streaming like Hype is a bit different and unique.

Using Hype, you can create a video, blending the live elements with photos/videos from your camera. There is a range of multimedia content as well, such as emojis, animated GIFs, text, music and more, to layer up your video.

All these elements can be added/deleted during live streams and this is simply outstanding!



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That’s all for this post!

Tried any other Facebook alternative that we miss out here? Don’t forget to share it in the comments below. We will take up the best ones to include in the post. If you’ve suggestions as to how we can make ourselves better, send in your feedback.