8 Latest Facebook Hacks and Tricks You Must Know

Claim as much as you like that you know Facebook well, the fact is that you don’t. Still, there is a lot to explore. And, these hacks are dropping curtains on all those amazing things Facebook’s to offer. From using Pirate theme to downloading photo collections of friends, these easy Facebook tricks and hacks will make you use Facebook at pro levels and prove why it’s a customization champ.

We have enlisted five best Facebook hacks that’s a whole lot of cool things and all that jazz. So, keep reading.


1. ‘Split the Booty’ With Facebook Pirate Theme

If you’ve ever taken a fancy at swashbuckling pirates, it’s time to rock the style on your Facebook timeline. What’s fun, you might ask. The answer is – funny pirate phrases that come along. Every option gets a cool pirate variation that’s sure to make you grin. Like becomes Arrr. Comment becomes Scrawl yer thoughts. And, Share becomes Split the Booty (yeah, that’s what you’ve read above). You’re no longer a user, but a captain, and your timeline is represented as Captain’s Log. To see what all you’ve been doing, tap at Scour the Ship’s Records. Need to log out now? The same option is represented as Abandon Ship.

How to Apply?

  • Go to Settings tab and select Language from the menu at the left-side.


  • Reach the first option and click Edit.
  • Select English (Pirate) and hit on Save Changes.

facebook pirate theme

  • The Pirate theme will be applied.
  • Now sail th’ waters me hearty!
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2. Your Facebook World Goes Upside Down

That’s simple to apply. Weird to look at. And hard to read for a few, perhaps. Using this Facebook hack, your entire Facebook page turns upside down. Something you’ll see if you flip your laptop or phone in an inverted position.

How to Apply?

  • Go to Settings tab, select Language tap and hit Edit in the first option.
  • Select English (Upside Down) and Save.

facebook upside down

  • Your Facebook page is upturned now.

fb upside down

This is similar to the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Down) that capsizes your Facebook and makes it look really complex. The only difference is – while the Facebook’s Upside Down theme upturns only a certain elements, such as menus, options etc and keeps your feed and messenger section the same, the keyboard option upturns everything on the screen, including your feed and messenger.


3. Post to Facebook via SMS

Off course, you’ve the Facebook app to post, share and engage with your friends – anytime, anywhere. But, you might decide not having one for yourself for any reason whatsoever. Perhaps, you’re too busy to enjoy your social media presence and uninstalled the app. Or, simply one of those who love life before smartphones took over and decide not to have one for yourself. This is  the time when you can post on Facebook using SMSes. Because, you can’t really skip using Facebook when it’s a great deal happening over there.

Post to Facebook via SMS

How to Activate?

  • Log in your Facebook account on the browser.
  • And, follow the path: Settings >> Mobile >> Add another mobile phone number (only if you haven’t added it already)

Posting to fb via sms

  • Choose Country/Region and Mobile Number. Tap Next.
  • Text the letter F to 32665 and enter the confirmation code you’ll receive on your phone.

facebook confirmation code

  • You can either select or deselect the two options mentioned below.
  • Share my phone number with my friends.
  • Allow friends to text me from Facebook.
  • For privacy reasons, we recommend not to tick them off.

Standard messaging rates will apply. And, this is a great way to communicate with the ones you know if you have a smartphone, a workable internet connection but no app.

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4. Restrict Certain People to View Your Online Status

More busybodies try to interfere and flood you with message requests. This is extremely annoying to cope with. By joining Facebook, you haven’t signed any pact of replying to everyone who send to messages. Fortunately, there is an option to block certain people from viewing your online status and send you messages on Facebook. And, something most of us haven’t explored yet. This is a great way to keep meddlers at an arm’s length without even notifying them that they’ve been added to the block list.

How to Activate?

  • Go to Settings tab and click Blocking option from the menu at the left.

blocking option on fb

  • Reach the Third section and type the name of the person you don’t want to hear from.

Restrict Certain People to View Your Online Status

  • Doing this, these people will not be able to connect with you on Messenger either.
  • In case the person you’ve blocked is a member to any of your group conversations, you’ll be notified in advance. If you choose to enter it, you’ll see the messages they send and they will be able to see yours.
  • Remember, these people are not entirely block on Facebook. You’ve just blocked their messages. Know more HERE.
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5. Download Photo Collections of Friends

You might be overly interested in your certain Facebook connections. They can be your love interest, your BFF or any of your favorite. You like viewing their pictures to an extent that you wouldn’t mind downloading all of them to a separate folder on your smartphone. Since selecting and storing them one by one can be really tedious, there is an extension called Download Album that lets you download entire collections in a few taps.

How to Use?

  • Open your friend’s Facebook album, open the extension and hit ‘Normal’ tab.

Download Photo Collections of Friends

  • If the extension is activated, you can find it along the address bar where all browser-related customizations are done.
  • This will quickly show a pop-up message notifying that the images are getting downloaded.
  • A new dialog box will show all the downloaded images. All you need to do is click on the image you wish to download. If not individually, you can download all pictures at once by having another batch download image plugin. We recommend using Fatkun Batch Download Image.  

Fatkun Batch Downlaod Image

  • Or simply go to the instructions to learn how to download and save them all on your device.

Fatkun Batch Download Image extension lets you select the resolution size of the images. So, you can select if you want high-resolution image or just the regular one.


6. Decrypting Facebook Password

You have a hell of regrets when you forget your Facebook password. And, it happens with even those, who brag themselves about having the best memory. Decrypting Facebook password is inarguably the bossiest Facebook hack ever, since it removes logging obstacles by letting you know the password back. How? It just displays your password characters on the screen, which is otherwise represented as black dots. You can easily read your password and enter that again to win access to your account.

This is how you can decrypt your Facebook password.

  • Enter your username and password.
  • Now, select your password, right-click and go to ‘Inspect Element’ option in the last.
  • Doing this, you will be taken to the HTML mode of the page. There, you’ll see a blue line highlighting an entire line with the word mentioned Password in the middle.
  • Just select the word ‘password’, delete it and replace it with ‘text’, ‘hack’ or even your own name. Just about anything!
  • That’s it. You’ll be able to see the characters of the password. Just read and remember it.

This is also a great Facebook password hack. You can simply find out the password details of other’s accounts, but only when you know their exact usernames. That’s one rider to take care of. For assistance, you can also check out this YouTube video.

Source: Seeker


7. Disabling ‘Seen’ Feature on Messenger

The ‘Seen’ feature on Messenger cows people into replying when they really don’t want to. If you’ve seen the message, the sender on the other side knows about it (see the image below) And then, you’ve to respond. Maybe, you’re too tired to talk, or just busy with other stuff. But, you’re exposed to have read the messages and you don’t wish to come out as someone who has still chosen not to respond. So, you end up replying and such compulsive courtesy sucks.

Disabling ‘Seen’ Feature on Messenger

Why not just switch it off permanently? Simply download Unseenly – a third party app that disables seen feature, so that you can see messages without getting SEEN. That means, you can see messages, but the sender will never come to know when you’ve read their messages.

Cool enough!


8. Enabling Two-Step Verification

Just like WhatsApp, Facebook has two-step verification process as well, whose purpose is to keep your account safe from hacking. Follow the path below to know where does it exist.

Settings >> Security and Login >> Select Two-Factor Authentication

Enabling Two Step Verification

You can simply choose the option you think works well. And, add an extra layer of security to your account. Since internet is like surfing a sea with whales, it’s always sensible to keep your guard up and strong.



All these Facebook hacks and tricks were quite interesting to know, right? That proves, Facebook is much fun and needs a bit of our geekier side to exploring it better. But remember, Facebook is ever evolving and these cool Facebook tricks and hacks might not work tomorrow if engineers decide to turn them down and introduce many more.

Loved this piece? Tell us in the comment section below. For queries, suggestions and feedback, keep us posted below. We love to hear from you.