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Download FaceTime for PC | Free Video Calling On Windows 10

If you have an Intel Processor, you just might be able to pull off a feat blogs have only been fibbing about till date. We didn’t think it was possible to run Facetime on your laptop without compromising your device and making it limp through all future tasks you queue to it. We need not settle for an alternative anymore, which is why we’re updating this article to include the latest method we discovered to run Facetime on Windows PCs.

Which PCs can Run Facetime for PC Windows?

Facetime for windows

There are no restrictions on OS iterations that seem to be evident based on the software you’re going to need. There are a few requirements that are better met by the PC than to attempt the method without them. Check out the list below…

  • You will need a high speed internet connection. You’re going to need to download a lot of stuff.
  • At least 3 GB usable RAM. 4 or higher is even better.
  • Your C drive on Windows must have at least 25 GB free space.

If your PC satisfies these three conditions, you’re likely to be able to use Facetime for Windows 10 with the method we’re going to tell you in a minute about. Also, note that this method we are mentioning has been tried by us only on Windows 8 and 10, with the latter seeing a slightly higher chance of success. Windows 7 should be able to run Facetime on PC using the method as well, but you might need to experiment with the method a little if you don’t find success right away.

System Requirements

An Intel processor is much more capable of running Virtualisation, the process with which we’re going to run an OS which Facetime is compatible with. Lower end AMD processors are likely to fail at running a Virtual machine. If you have a high end AMD processor, like the Thread Ripper or an FX 9590 (based on word of mouth), you might be able to run it (we welcome edits and correction suggestions if you discover otherwise).

Interestingly, AMD has a utility to help you check virtualisation compatibility. You need only download the file from the website, run it as administrator and have a look at the results in the BIOS.

The Method to Install FaceTime for your Desktop (Windows 8 and 10)

  1. Download VMware Workstation Player from a web browser. Install it by running as administrator. You might need to restart your PC afterwards. It is better to get it done now than worry about it later. This completes installation of the base of the Virtual Machine.
  2. Next, you need to install Mac OS on this virtual machine. Download the latest Mac OS (or the most recent version you can find on Google).
  3. You might need to unlock the file after extracting it. Simply double-clicking the Unlocker folders can work.
  4. Run the installation file as administrator, and let Command Prompt do its job. It should close on its own.
  5. Open VMWare Workstation. You should see the Mac OS listed as an option in the sidebar. Browse for the Mac OS Virtual Machine and play it. After the installation is done, you need to configure the OS.
  6. The rest is easy. Enter your country, choose your prefered keyboard and then complete the remaining setup. You can use your Apple ID to login or make a fresh one. I chose the latter.
  7. Now that you have Mac running in your Windows PC as a virtual machine, you’ll be accessing Facetime on your computer in no time. Run the Virtual machine and open Mac OS.
  8. Facetime should be available as an option in the taskbar below. You need only click it once to launch it.

FaceTime Alternatives

Here are some alternatives for FaceTime for windows that we found really good.

1. Messenger from Facebook

Messenger from Facebook

Face it! If you want to have an app to contact your friends and family. And Facebook by far is the most popular platform people are on. Everyone with an iOS/Android smartphone or a PC with a webcam can use the Facebook messenger to video call. It’s really easy.

2. Google Duo

Google Duo

Ok, I did call it a disastrous dud just a minute ago. But really, Duo is a good alternative to use, since it requires only a gmail account, which is not hard to make, while also being really useful. The wrinkles will probably get ironed out in time. At least one hopes so.

3. Skype

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Skype is a really old video chat software. For many, it is the first software they video chatted over. And now, it comes for Androids and iPhones as well.

This is a little known method to run Apple apps and services on Windows PCs. Impress your friends by sharing this article. Discover a glitch in the method? Or perhaps you have something to add? Drop us a line in the comments or through the contact form and we’ll be sure to include anything that got left out. I hope this lets you download Facetime for PC easily.