How To Download Facetime for PC (Windows 7, 8,10)?

There’s a lot that’s been said about getting Facetime for PC. Almost every blog on the internet swears you can Facetime through a PC. But the methods all fail. And it’s really a bummer, because somehow, these few people are through some fluke in time-space facetiming  heaven knows whom while we mortals run from emulator to third party store.

So why exactly can’t we get Facetime for PCs and desktops? Well, there’s the obvious reason that there is really no exe file for the app for it to be installed on Windows. Then, none of the emulators can run it (and in fact, you’ll end up with slow and sucky PCs when you install any emulator). Then why are websites parading with articles that promise you the app on your PC?

Whatever be their reason, it sure has caused a lot of trouble. And it needs to stop. I mean sure, it is great and running Facetime on PC would be amazing. There were some rumors on the tech vine a few years ago that Apple was working on making it available for non-Apple devices as well. Sadly, it hasn’t yet, and doesn’t seem keen to in the future. Had there been such a provision, Google Allo and Duo would have been bigger duds than the colossal ones they already are.

The question arises, how do we kill this sort of lying on the internet? Do we plaster “You CAN’T Install Facetime on PCs” on Apple fora? It’s already been attempted. Do we criminalise clickbait? Well the definition is vague, and I guess we’re guilty of it in this article as well.

The only thing I think we can do is popularise the alternatives. Sure, you still can’t video chat with your buddies with iPhones and Apple fetishes, but maybe they’ll have to switch to one of these alternative apps as well if they really value you. Here are some good ones to consider.

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Here are some alternatives for Facetime for windows that we found really good.

1. Messenger from Facebook

Messenger from Facebook

Face it! If you want to have an app to contact your friends and family. And Facebook by far is the most popular platform people are on. Everyone with an iOS/Android smartphone or a PC with a webcam can use the Facebook messenger to video call. It’s really easy.

2. Google Duo

Google Duo

Ok, I did call it a disastrous dud just a minute ago. But really, Duo is a good alternative to use, since it requires only a gmail account, which is not hard to make, while also being really useful. The wrinkles will probably get ironed out in time. At least one hopes so.

3. Skype

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Skype is a really old video chat software. For many, it is the first software they video chatted over. And now, it comes for Androids and iPhones as well.

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When you’re looking to substitute an app as popular as Facetime for windows, relative popularity becomes the deciding criteria. There’s other apps and services you can use as well, like Yahoo Messenger or Viber, but they aren’t as popular as the three we mentioned, even though they are just as competent.

So, dear internet, you really can’t get Facetime for PC. It’s time you looked somewhere other than Apple to fulfill your technological needs.