Failed to Load Steamui.dll Error: Fix EXPLAINED!

We covered restoring the msvcr110.dll file in a previous post, and we saw there were a lot of inquiries about other missing files as well. So we decided we could help people deal with these issues. If you haven’t read out the previous guide, check it out. Much of the methods are the same. We’re going to help you deal with the Failed to Load Steamui.dll error in this short post.


First, some dos and don’ts…

Failed to Load Steamui.dll: Fix It

Be sure NOT to do anything from this list, no matter what you’re advised by strangers on the internet.

  1. Do NOT download the file from the internet. Most websites that promise to get you the dll file are getting you more than what you signed up for. They’re often scams that only need you to create an account so they can send you spam or use your details for inappropriate stuff, or they might simply be peddling malware.
  2. There are no programs or shortcuts you can get of the internet to resolve the issue. Don’t fall for websites or advertisements promising to clean your computer remotely. Any remote access is best granted to a customer care representative of the manufacturer or the company that makes the OS, or to a technical expert you trust.
  3. Do not buy pirated software off of the internet or from a dealer. Pirated software often contain issues such as these, and can cause your software to not run in the first place, which means no matter how much cheaper the deal may be, it carries a significant risk of being a dud, making whatever money you pay a waste without any scope on recovery.

How to fix if ui failed to load

Failed to Load Steamui.dll

There are a few ways to go about fixing this error. We’ve listed some of the easiest (and yet the most effective) ways to fix the issue below. Try them out one by one till your problem is resolved.

  1. It can be that the software is not recognising the concerned file at its location. It can be easy to go to C://Program Files/(x86)/Steam and then deleting files named “steamui.dll” or “libswscale-3.dll”. Now you can run Steam ui, and the software will be triggered into updating the file present. This should fix the problem right away.
    Note: If you’re using a beta version, go to “Package” folder in Steam in the C directory (same path as before) and delete the folder named “beta” for the same effect.
  2. If this doesn’t work, Open your Recycle Bin. Restore the dll files you deleted. This should help the software recognise it at its location again and the program should run again. If you have deleted the file without trying the first step by mistake, this step should set it straight as well.
  3. Run a malware scan using an up to date antivirus software. Random program files going missing is a classic mode of operation of viruses and malwares.
  4. Reinstall the software. Problems with software often arise when a security loophole is exploited or a bug surfaces. It is recommended to install the latest versions of programs and make sure they are up to date.
  5. Perform a system restore. Go to Control Panel> System and Security> System> System Protection > System Properties and then choose System Restore. Choose a point in time when you remember the problem not being present.
  6. If none of these work, you may want to consult an expert in person or call up customer care.

There are a few other ways many recommend trying out, such as using software to restore deleted files even once they have been cleared from the recycle bin. It might help some people, but that is rarely the case since rarely anyone purposefully deletes an obscure file from a random system folder. I have rarely ever had success getting back the file i have wanted from such softwares, but if you get lucky, do let me know. I hope this helps you restore if Failed to Load Steamui.dll for your PC.