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Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 – Latest Version 2021

Are you looking for a premium video-editing software? Final Cut Pro free download for windows here and is the standard choice for Mac computers running on Intel  and it’s been used to edit Hollywood films. But is it possible to get the Final Cut Pro for Windows OS (Windows 10,8,7)? Find out below.

How to Download Final Cut Pro for Windows?

Is it Possible to Final Cut Pro Free Download For Windows 10 ?

The simple answer is that it’s not possible to run Final Cut Pro on PC. This is an app specifically designed to run only on macOS. Some users avail of a virtual machine to use the macOS on their PC primarily using Windows, but Final Cut Pro won’t run well here.

Some apps exclusively made for the macOS can run through a virtual machine with macOS or OS X. The problem is that this editing software requires technologies that do not work with a virtual machine. For one, the Final Cut Pro for windows needs Grand Central Dispatch, which is an Apple app made to optimize other apps.

Second, the software requires Open Computing Language. This is a framework necessary for programs to run well on a variety of platforms. At this point, companies that provide virtual machine services have yet to see the Final Cut Pro For Windows running as intended.

A virtual machine can run well on a Mac computer. On the other hand, a virtual machine on a Windows PC won’t work well if it tries to use Mac OS X. Even when it works, intensive apps like the Final Cut for windows are not going to perform well. Plus, there are copyright issues involved in using a macOS through this.

What to Do to Get Final Cut Pro on a Windows PC?

Since virtual machines aren’t an option for this Apple software, you can try building something called a Hackintosh. This is hardware modified to run macOS or OS X. In other words, you have to gather various components and be willing to learn technical information for setup and maintenance procedures.

However, a Hackintosh also has legal issues with it just like running virtual machines. In particular, you might violate conditions written in the End User License Agreement (EULA). This is a risky option that Apple hasn’t been too strict about due to how small the Hackintosh community is.

There are many websites and online forums dedicated to making Hackintosh builds. Thus, it’s entirely up to you whether you will change your computer for the sake of running Final Cut Pro. If you do manage to run macOS on your non-Mac computer, the hardware must be powerful enough to run the editing app.

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System Requirements to Run Final Cut Pro

Remember: These are only requirements for using Final Cut for windows on a Hackintosh. Do not follow this if you only have a standard Windows PC.

Processor: Latest Intel Core i5 processor

Graphics Card: At least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 580

RAM: At least 8GB RAM

Power Supply Unit: Seasonic PSU or its equivalent

Storage Type: MLC NAND Solid State Drive

Motherboard: Preferably latest ones from ASUS or Gigabyte

Final Cut Pro X Features

– Magnetic Timeline for moving and shortening clips

– Synchronized Clips to automatically sync video and audio

– Optimal video noise reduction

– Floating window to show color-coded clip names and timecodes

– Compound Clips to put video and audio clips together

– Multicam editing

– Angle Editor timeline to edit individual clips

– Compressor 4 to change export settings

– Multi-Touch gesture support

– Auditions feature to view different takes

Practical Solution for Editing Videos on Windows

Both virtual machines and the Hackintosh have their own risks and uncertainties about app usage performance. Thus, we still believe that using apps with official Windows versions is the most viable option. What’s important is that your PC has powerful hardware to run a video-editing program.