Finstagram Account – The New Choice of Teens to Go Goofy, But In Private

Enough of painting a rosy picture of yours on Instagram. It’s time to get surprisingly spontaneous on Finstagram!

Flummoxed? Let us explain.

Take a moment to comb through your smartphone’s gallery, and look at those unrehearsed selfies and pictures, which are captured on the spur of the moment; the pictures, which aren’t a beauty exhibition, but unravel the ‘free and easy’ side of yours. Some pictures, where your pouts went awry, and some, where you got stewed at a party, and shook your booty like you really shouldn’t have.  

Are you in splits already? Oh yes, you are!

Now, the million dollar questions are – are you comfortable with posting these not-so-perfect pictures on Instagram? Do you trust your no-pancake look, and devil-may-care poses, to get you the same number of ‘hits’? Are you confident about your pyjamas being camera-ready?

If YES, Finstagram is of particular importance.


What’s Finstagram?

Finstagram is an intelligent acronym for ‘Fake Instagram’ accounts, where individuals go anonymous (not revealing their real identity) and pull off some rollicking fun by posting ugly pictures, insane videos, ridiculous selfies, and everything else that give them the typical ‘wild’ rush in the heads. Finstagram is already a playful fashion among teens, and is also becoming a popular buzzword among the college-goers.

Finstagram is a distant port for anybody, who wishes to be just his/her own without the fear of getting excluded, and coming under the judgmental gaze of his/her parents, family and professional contacts.

Why Finstagram?

Instagram is a beautiful place, where everyone is clearly trying to bat a thousand with perfect pictures and win over the world. Call it a trivial obsession, or the battle of beauty of different dimensions, Instagram is absolutely indispensable for this generation, which is seemingly striving every bit to broadcast its idealized version on the social media.

Beauties and blokes, all over the world, are putting their best faces forward for the world to like and comment on. The passion is raging, and so is the pressure of parading beauty!

Finstagram is just a way to negotiate with your ‘real’ selves without dwelling into the anxieties of looking beautiful and ideal all the time. Your identity is kept secret, and this is why, your fears of getting identified in all your awkwardness are dusted away.

Instagram or Finstagram – What Is The Teens’ Choice?

Instagram or Finstagram

Well, no lines of division here!

Teens are smitten with Instagram, but whenever they feel a little prankish, and wish to poke some fun around, they go to Finstagram. We marvel at Instagram’s pretty pictures, and love to pass a chuckle on Fistagram’s goofy takes.

So, there’s no question of missing out on anything, for the privilege of having a better counterpart. They’re both amazing, however, in their own respective moulds.