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How to Download Firefox Focus for PC Windows 11 & 10

Firefox Focus is a privacy priority browser developed by Mozilla to enable users to browse anonymously. The origin of this app, however, was not a browser. The earlier version of Firefox Focus used to be a tracking and blocking application only for iOS powered smartphone users. Now updated to a web browser, Firefox Focus is only available as a mobile application for Android and iOS users. This guide will assist you in downloading the Firefox Focus for PCs and laptops irrespective of the current operating system you are using. Download links to various emulators are also provided alongside the step by step methods laid out to facilitate this process.

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Steps to Download Firefox Focus for PCs Windows 10 & Mac

1.      The first step towards downloading any smartphone supported app is to download an emulator. An emulator is a software that replicates one computer system or program to another.

2.      The role of an Emulator here is to duplicate the environment of a smartphone on your computer. Several online and free emulators are available that can be downloaded with relative ease.

3.      Some of the most used ones with their download links are listed below:



4.      Once you have downloaded an emulator, you will need to run the .exe file to install it Firefox Focus PCs and laptops.

5.      After installation, the home page of the emulator will contain the ‘Google Play Store’ icon. You will be required to sign in before you can download any application from the app store.

6.      If you do not already have a google account set up, you will have to create an account. The process is completely free of cost.

7.      On successfully logging in to Google Play Store, you will find the search bar on top of the screen. All you need to do is search for Firefox Focus and install it thereafter.

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Comprehensive Tracking Solution


·        The main function of Firefox Focus PC is to prevent online trackers from tracking your Internet data while you are surfing the web. Blocking trackers also include blocking online advertisements from third-party websites and cookies.

·        Through blocking unwanted advertisements and trackers, Firefox Focus Pc enhances the surfing speed of your phones and PCs and protects your data and privacy.

·        Although the new version of Firefox Focus Pc has shifted its focus from an online tracker and blocker to a private and secured web browsing service, you still have the option of using Firefox as a tracker in the background to keep your surfing data secure.

·        Where other browsers do not have the third-party advertisement blocker switched on by default, Firefox Focus has that setting saved from the moment you install it.

·        Any unwanted content is blocked by Firefox Focus with the help of the “Disconnect” list. The list can also be manually extended to other sites and trackers as deemed fit by the user.

·        The search bar or the URL bar of Firefox Focus also shows you any advertisement tracker, analytics tracker, or social tracker that is tracking your web browsing history and patterns. On clicking the small box right at the end of the URL tab, a pop-up menu will appear with all the relevant information of all the trackers.

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Firefox Focus for Windows 10 Features

·        Firefox Focus, when integrated with Safari, blocks all trackers from tracking your browsing data. Whenever you are using Safari with Focus, Focus will disable all third-party interventions in the background and allow anonymity of your browsing history.

·        Focus has a ‘Bin’ icon that clears all browsing history, cookies, and tracking data of the current session and takes you to the home screen of the browser.

·        You can also bookmark your favorite sites and they will all appear on the home screen right below the URL bar.

·        Telemetry – This feature, when switched on, gives consent to Mozilla to collect your non-essential data and browsing patterns to enhance the user experience by customizing search history to your most browsed pages. It will also create shortcuts to those pages if you use them daily, to help you reach those pages with the help of just one click. This option is switched off by default to respect user privacy and can be switched on any time from the settings menu of Focus.


Firefox Focus For Windows 10 ensures your browsing data remains secured and protected from third-party intruders in the form of information trackers. While you can continue to use Focus on your smartphones, this article helps you explore an alternative to that. You can, therefore, keep your PCs and laptops protected by downloading Firefox Focus for PC.