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How to Fix Roku TV No Sound – 9 Easy Way

What do you do if you are streaming online on your Roku TV device and suddenly the sound goes off? The first thing to understand is the probable cause of this problem. This issue may be due to a technical glitch, destructive cache files or even mute button issues. Moreover, if a speaker is deactivated, private listening enabled, or an old firmware version can also cause the Roku TV sound to go off. 

This article will discuss the easiest nine ways to fix the sound issue with the Roku TV device. 

Roku TV no sound – Quick Easy Solution

If your Roku TV cannot produce sound, you must perform a soft reset on the device. You can do this by keeping the Roku TV switched on and removing the plug from the power point. Once done, leave the pin out for a minimum of 30 seconds or so. Afterwards, plug the TV in again and turn it back on.

It should fix the no sound error when switching the TV again.

Unplug Roku TV from the wall

The first thing to try is to unplug the Roku device from the main power. You can start by unplugging the Roku TV device and doing a power cycle on the device. A soft reset option, the power cycle helps clear cache files from Roku TV. You can follow the below steps to do this:

  • Make sure the TV is switched on, and then take the plug off the power socket.
  • Now let the TV stay unplugged for at least 30 seconds.
  • After this, plug back the TV by putting it in the power socket again. Now turn the TV on.

The sound system should be functional when you turn on the Roku TV.

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Reseat the power cord in the back of the Roku TV

If you cannot resolve the sound problem on the Roku TV using the above method, you should consider reseating the power cord in the back of the Roku device. You should remove the power cord, leave it for a minimum of one minute, and then put it back in the power plug.

After you plug the TV on, make sure it is connected perfectly. The power plug should be connected if you want your TV to have power stability. Now, once the TV is plugged in, use the button on the TV to power it on. It should fix the problem, and once the TV is on, you should be able to hear the sound again.

If this does not solve the audio problem on the Roku TV device, you can remove it while you reseat the power cable and then connect back all other cables connected to your TV to see if it helps. If you are still not able to fix the sound problem on the Roku TV, move on to the following method to resolve this issue.

Update Roku TV software

In case the above method did not address the problem with the Roku TV, the next thing to consider if you are facing sound problems with the Roku TV device is to check the OS version being used on the device currently. 

Here is how to check if you have the latest OS version on the Roku TV or not:

  • Press on the Home button on the Roku remote controller.
  • Here, click on the Settings option and go to the system. Here, select the System Update option.
  • Now, select the Check Now option to check for possible updates.

If any updates are available, they will show up on the screen, and the device will automatically start downloading and installing them. The device will then reboot on its own to allow the device to operate on the updated OS.

Now, remember that the Roku TV device must have an internet connection to perform the above said method.

Adjust Roku TV sound settings

If the above method is not helpful, try and adjust the sound settings on the Roku TV device. You can choose to select Auto as an option for audio settings.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Go on to the Settings menu on your Roku TV device.
  • Now, click on the Audio option.
  • Select the Audio mode section here and click on Automatic or Auto Detect as the preferred mode.

It should bring back the sound on your Roku TV and fix the current issue. In case not, you can move on to the following method.

Reset audio/picture settings on Roku TV

Another method to consider here is resetting the audio/picture settings on the Roku TV to default settings. If the problem is with the audio settings, it can cause the sound to drop intermittently or permanently.

You can use the below steps to reset the audio settings on the Roku TV:

  • Go on to the Settings menu on your Roku TV device.
  • Click on the System option and move to the Advanced Settings option.
  • Here, click on the Factory Reset menu and go to the Reset TV audio or picture settings option.
  • After this, press the button for play or pause thrice. It should reset the audio settings back to default.

Once done, the sound should come back to normal. You will also receive a pop-up notification confirming the restored audio settings.

Factory reset your Roku TV.

One of the best options to consider in case of a problem with your Roku device is to perform a factory reset. Resetting your device will also remove any downloads and network selections. But it will also remove any temporary glitches happening in the device. 

Here are the steps to Factory reset the Roku TV:

  • On the Roku TV remote controller, press the Home button.
  • Now, on the menu on the screen, go to the Settings menu and then go to System. When you enter the System menu, click on the Advanced System Settings option.
  • Here, click on Factory reset and then Factory reset everything option. After this, use the instructions on the screen.

If you can follow these steps, it means the device is still functioning correctly and will resolve the issue. However, if it does not work, try and reset manually by pressing the reset button on the Roku TV.

Factory reset Roku TV without a remote.

If you cannot Factory reset the device with the remote controller or need help finding the remote, you can still reset the device. The Reset button on Roku Streaming Stick and Stick+ can be pushed directly with the finger. However, the Roku Ultra has a pinhole button that you can only press with a pin or a paperclip.

Before making a move, ensure that you have switched on the TV. After this, depending on the device type, press the reset button and hold it for at least 10 seconds. Once the factory reset is complete, the indication on the Roku will start blinking, confirming the same.

Contact support

If the above methods were not helpful, consider contacting the Roku support team through email or telephone. The Roku team may even suggest some troubleshooting methods that you have yet to try here, or you must perform them correctly.

You can reach out to the Roku team at 1-877-300-8837 and seek their support.

Check warranty

Alternatively, you should check for the product’s warranty and see the conditions in which the product can be replaced or repaired. Every Roku TV comes with a one-year ownership warranty. Mainly warranty cards cover any repairs or product replacement and do not consider a product outside its warranty duration.

It is up to the Roku service team to decide if your product is repairable or replaceable and whether it is something they can consider under warranty, free of cost.


And with the help of these nine fixes, you can efficiently resolve the Roku TV sound issue and access the audio on your device. Through this article, you were able to find the answers to your Roku TV problem, and I was able to help you get over this issue. 

In case you want to see what methods are discussed here, below are the key points to help you recollect the gist of this article.

  • Unplugging the Roku TV by using the power cycle method
  • Reseating the power cord in the back of the Roku device
  • Updating the software on the Roku TV
  • Adjusting the audio settings on the Roku TV
  • Resetting the audio/picture settings on the device
  • Factory resetting the Roku TV
  • Factory resetting the device without the remote
  • Contacting the Roku support team
  • Checking the warranty of the product