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FlipaClip for PC/Computer Windows 10, 8, 7 Free Download

Download FlipaClip for Computer is a quirky and fun animation app, perfect for artists, animators, and illustrators to carve out their niche of characters and bring them to life. FlipaClip for Computers makes animation simple by integrating fewer steps to a final product with easy frame by frame animation techniques. Not only does it facilitate animators, but it also provides a digital canvas for sketchers and doodlers to showcase their creativity. FlipaClip pc also hosts regular contests to challenge your artistry prowess. Winners are rewarded with drawing tools, exhibition tickets, and other exciting prizes! To be able to animate or draw, a larger display than your phone is apt to showcase your potential. By the methods mentioned below, you can download FlipaClip for PC and laptops.

How to Download FlipaClip for PC

1.      The process to download FlipaClip for Windows or any other smartphone-based software for that matter is initiated by downloading an emulator. An emulator is a smartphone environment duplicator for your PCs that enables you to download apps meant for your mobiles on your PCs and laptops.

2.      BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator that is widely used by people. The download link is as follows: You can download several other emulators, both Android and iOS ones to run FlipaClip pc as this app is supported by both Apple and Play Store.

3.      iPadian is an advanced gaming emulator for iOS that can also be used for this purpose. The download link is:

4.      On opening the emulator, you will find the App Store icon. All you require is to sign in or sign up if you have not earlier, to access FlipaClip

5.      Once you are successfully logged in, you will find FlipaClip pc on searching for it. You can thereafter download the app on your PC.

Features of FlipaClip for Computers that make it a perfect companion of an Artist

·        FlipaClip ensures users are given the best platform to work with, irrespective of whether they are sketching, animating or even storyboarding.

·        The app is extremely user-friendly and provides frame by frame animation features to make the process simple and fast.

·        You can convert your drawing or sketches into GIFs readily without having to exit the application. You can draw over videos as well and make rotoscope clips. You can also add audio recordings or music to your cartoons and animations with the help of the Audio tool.

·        The app contains several integrations with media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the like that allows you to share your animations and sketches readily with just a few clicks.

Drawing Apparatus

·        Several tools such as the Lasso Tool, Eraser, Text Box, Colour Fillers, and a huge brush library are available on FlipaClip.

·        The digital canvas provided by FlipaClip is a high-resolution drawing board with sizes that can extend up to 1920 x 1920 pixels. A wider canvas enables users to fit more content and express themselves better. In such cases, using a PC to draw gives better results than drawing on a smartphone display.

Stylus Supported

·        FlipaClip app supports various styluses to draw with. The digital canvas boards are pressure sensitive to stylus marks and do not allow the stylus to leave marks while scrolling through pages.

·        Some of the styluses that are supported by FlipaClip app are the Samsung S Pen and the SonarPen, both of which are powerful styluses specially designed to foster artists and sketchers.

The Animation Tool-Kit

·        With the free version, you can animate up to 3 layers while the Pro (paid) version will allow you to use up to 10 layers. Additionally, the app has also added several other layers to enhance the user experience.

·        Several tools required for an aesthetic animation have been added to FlipaClip app like the “onion skin animating tool”, “Frames viewer” and several others to ease the process of frame by frame animation.

·        Adding audio to FlipaClip has never been easier. You can now add 6 audio tracks simultaneously to your animation with the free version, and more with the Pro version.

·        You can similarly add images and videos as well through a simple import process.

Alternatives to FlipaClip

While FlipaClip for windows is a powerful animation solution, several other applications work equally well and can be downloaded using the same process:

·        Autodesk SketchBook:

·        Synfig Studio:

·        Pencil 2D Animation:


FlipaClip for windows gives artists and animators the perfect platform to showcase their talents. While drawing and sketching on a small mobile display can be strenuous at times, you can use your PCs through this process to install FlipaClip pc and use the app with an intent to create more and better content!