5 Amazing Games Like Age of Empires You Have To Try Out

Games like Age of Empires come once in several blue moons. The Real Time Strategy building game has captured the market through and through. Set against a historical backdrop about the rise on civilisation, management and protection of cities and more, the game is strangely addictive.

A lot of critics of the game have ascribed the game’s popularity to its age, having come out at a time when the competition wasn’t all that fierce. The argument is that the game wouldn’t take off that well if it were released today. It’s a fair complaint; looking at the number of games of the same type in the market without much of a following despite being just as amazing, if not more, one wonders if the popularity Age of Empires enjoys is merely a product of being the first to the race (which isn’t a sin, though).


Popular Games Like Age Of Empires

So to highlight some more games and contribute in our own small way to leveling the playing field, here are some good RTS games similar to Age of Empires, if not better.

1. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

With an interface that’s fairly standard for RTS games, The Settlers online is a lot of fun for a simple game. The first few levels get you acquainted with the basics on building and managing resources, and the fast level ups get you hooked to the feeling of reward. The game progresses and levels get difficult, and it adds to the attractiveness of the game rather than discouraging the player.

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2. Anno Online

Anno Online

Another game focussed on building bustling metropolis cities in an era before electricity was common and cheap, the game arguably has a better format where buildings, actions and animations. The organisation of the playing space is too grid based, for some. But realism in other aspects makes up for it.


3. Grand Ages: Rome

Grand Ages

Released as long back as 2009 (a lot of gaming paradigms change in 8 years), Grand Ages Rome is pretty historically accurate. The game has single player as well as multiplayer modes to try out. Whether you want to build an Athens-esque civilisation or a Spartan army, the game lets you choose your way. In the gameplay organised, there is about equal focus on building and sparring, which makes the game enjoyable to people who prefer either of the two modes.


4. Total War: Rome II

Total War Rome II

The Total War Rome II game has seen quite a few improvements in the naval warfare and the storyboard from its prequel. The added boost to realism does demand more memory than one would expect, but it is worth it. The game is comparable to Age of Empires on practically every level. In fact, the dynamic reactions of the soldiers puts Total War Rome II at a slight advantage.


5. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance MOBILE GAME

Marvel’s Avengers Alliance is a lot more hand on and combat centric as compared to Age of Empires. The game was initially a facebook game, and now is also available as a handy app. There is a lot less clicking around to complete missions, and a lot more combat using popular heroes from the Marvel Universe. There are handy power ups, P2Ps, Tournaments and more one can do on the game, as well as promotional events which introduce new amazing characters to use as well as gadgetry and weaponry. It’s a blast!

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There are many more games like Age Of Empires for you to play. From Dust is a pretty amazing RTS game just like AOE, as is Dawn of Discovery. Which one do you favor?

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