15 Amazing Games Like Stardew Valley You’ve Gotta Give a Spin

Stardew Valley is a pretty neat game, to say the least. The popularity of the game has been pretty high ever since it came out, and to accomplish that with relatively little marketing means players are satisfied enough to be offering the game so much word of mouth patronage. Stardew valley combines the best parts of sensations like Farmville and Sims and gives it a more rustic charm that almost makes you nostalgic about the 90s. Yet, many are looking for pc games like Stardew Valley, and so I decided to put this post together.

Not everyone is bound to like Stardew valley. It can be a little slow for some people, and the graphics might not be everyone’s favorite. Even though the game is interesting to someone, it might still not be the best experience they expect. Thankfully, there are quite a few good games similar to Stardew Valley you can choose from. Here is a list.

1. Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

A very interesting option to try out is Harvest Moon. The game is perhaps the most recommended in the list, and virtually every list of suggestions on all fora begins with this game. Your character must keep a farm running to help the harvest goddess, and you are helped by harvest sprites. There is a huge area for you to explore, a ton of actions to perform and a world of entertainment to indulge in.

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2. Kynseed (Coming Soon)


Kynseed is still a kickstarter project but it is available as a beta to play. It has so many quirks that make it unique, and with the amount of old world charm it brings, it is no surprise the game is this popular. You can still pledge money to the game to help the developers continue the project so it hits the store shelves soon. They’ve come up with improvements in their website lately where you can find bits and pieces of the game to tease fellow enthusiasts with.

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3. Moonlighter


A more combat focussed game, Moonlighter is a pretty good option if you’re into the Zelda kind of games. There are a lot of good weapons, upgrades and in-game quirks available in the gameplay, and I feel that is what keeps things fresh. The other reason this game is so enjoyable has to be the graphics. The terrain you traverse and the enemies you fight off are genuinely interesting and not run of the mill.

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4. Graveyard Keeper

 Graveyard Keeper

If Stardew Valley is too nice and sugary for you, try Graveyard Keeper that is replete with some pretty dark themes and a very goth feel to it.Graveyard Keeper sells itself largely around this deathly feel, but the game is pretty similar in concept to Stardew Valley. You get to roam the labyrinths under the graveyard, fight off bats and other creatures and carry a skull for light and some light-hearted company. Get it? Light hearted? Ok, moving on.


5. Sims


OK so basically everyone and their grandmothers have played Sims in one or the other versions. Sims 4 is the most often recommended though because it has the best graphics (arguably) and a surprising amount of detail built into the game. There isn’t a lot of violence involved as well, and the game is mostly family friendly which means you can play with your family members and kids without having to worry stuff on the screen too much.

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6. A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life

An older iteration of Harvest Moon that makes you wonder at how the age of a game has no influence on its appeal is A Wonderful Life. The game is slow paced and carries that innocent, 2003 charm that is hard to resist. The first little bit of the game gets a little redundant when you have to name everything from puppies to cows to the farm and everything, all with a lot on cutscenes in between. But the gameplay does impress.

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7. Magical Melody

Magical Melody

Wow, another Harvest Moon version on this list. Sure is interesting, isn’t it? Magical Melody is a lot simpler in concept and you don’t find the beginning part so slow in this version of the game series. It’s a lot of the same Stardew Valley scene with this one where you farm, explore and complete missions. Some notes you receive in the game are completely random to the point of coming off as silly. You’ll have to search the forums to learn how to win them, but it won’t bother you if you aren’t chasing those missing notes.

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8. Animal Parade

Animal Parade

Harvest Moon versions are just all over this list. And all of them deserve to. This 2008 version of the game sports better graphics than the versions that came before it, and the game is a lot more realistic if you want my opinion. You’re still naming cattle and stuff though, which is a bit silly and makes things a bit tiring especially if your strategy is going to be livestock based.

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9. Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft is an all time favorite for a lot of people. Minecraft Comes Alive takes the game one step further. The game is a lot more focussed on exploring as compared to farming or something else; it has to remain true to the Minecraft brand, after all. The game released in 2009, and so it doesn’t feel as exciting as Kynseed for example which is more recent. But you like this game just fine because it feels very genuine and keeps you constantly engaged.

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10. Racettear


Racettear has a lot of cut scenes. And I mean a LOT! The animation is very anime, but it comes off as improperly done at places. Nevertheless, Racettear is a nice game you can very well try out when you’re looking for a game like Stardew Valley. The combats in the game are great fun, and the special abilities and the fight sequences are pretty interesting to watch. The catch is that you lose all your goodies you get in a level if you lose. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to blaze through the first few levels, but that’s what gets you addicted to the game.


11. Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise

The first thing you notice about the game is the block-ish animation that sort on reminds you on Spongebob Squarepants. The game runs at a pretty comfortable pace, and it is click based, which makes it pretty kid-friendly. The concept is a little too much like SIMS Social which is a bit unimpressive for a game that released in 2014. But if you’re into the concept, you’ll like playing the game for sure.

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12. Farm For Your Life

Farm For Your Life

Farm for Your Life is a lot like Farmville come to life. The game is easy to walk through and the animation makes things very enjoyable. The story is cliched, but you really don’t mind when you can get the game going without too long waits that were what marred Farmville. The starting bits are not boring either. You get to hit bad guys with corn cobs! How is that supposed to not be fun, right? Full points.


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13. Story Of Seasons

Story Of Seasons

Story of Seasons is the successor of the Harvest Moon series, which couldn’t be continued further with the trademark since it is owned by Natsume Inc. The game is a little slow at beginning, and the animation is ok. The story treads the beaten path. The game came out in 2014, so not feeling fresh is understandable. But the overall effect of the game is pretty neat and it is a good option if you’re looking for a game like Stardew Valley.


14. Rune Factory 2

Rune Factory 2

The thing i like best about Rune Factory 2 is the art inside the game. The intro video is beautiful, and the houses and buildings have a very old world charm like you’re of the sets of a Pride and Prejudice remake. The animation is a little silly (you lift entire plants and put them in your backpack), but it feels fun and has a certain joviality about it.The map and the wells and the arched gateways are pretty neat. In fact, even though it seems silly, I will recommend this game just to check out the art and design inside. And for once, you have a game that actually animates watering plants like you’d do in the real world. Try out the game to see how.


15. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

The graphics! Oh. My. Gosh the graphics! The grass and the trees and Lumie, your sidekick are all pretty neatly animated and you find the missions pretty enjoyable. You’ll probably need a good graphics card to fully enjoy the game. There is a lot to explore, and at times the game stops just short on becoming high fantasy. It’s a good option if you’re looking for games like Stardew Valley or Zelda.


Best Games like Stardew Valley for Android

There’s a lot of options as you can see. IF I were asked to suggest the best game to play on Android out of these options, I’d probably recommend Harvest Moon. Minecraft comes Alive would be my second recommendation. Which one do you prefer?

Options Available for iOS and Mac

I feel Harvest Moon looks out of place in a Mac PC or an iPhone, since the design is so DOS-like, idk. My recommendations for iOS and Mac users will have to be Minecraft Comes Alive or SIMS. The third option would probably have to be Farmville itself, because at that point one is just looking for a standard reply.

There are so many options to choose from, whatever be your device . I’m sure choosing one will be tough for you too, just as it was for me to compile this list. I’m sure you’ll have other suggestions to add to this list too. Leave them in the comments or in a message using the Contact Page, and I’ll be sure to check your favorite games out as well!