How to Download Garageband for PC (Windows 7,8,10) – Free!

Garageband is really the first app that introduced a lot of this generation to digital music making. The app took off with people easily, because who doesn’t fancy themselves to be a talented musician or artist unaware of their own ability? It has been very simple to use, right since its very first edition. And it has been getting better consistently. This explains the constant interest that people have to get Garageband for PC.

Garageband for windows

So, can I get Garageband for my Windows PC? The truth about Bluestacks & other emulators.

Is there a Garageband for Desktop? Up until very recently, I believed there was no way to get the app to run on a Windows PC. There are not a lot of good iOS or Mac emulators for Windows that work as good long term choices. They often slow down devices they are installed on, and even then, the amount of utility they offer is mediocre at best.

There are still a hundred blogs on the internet telling people to use emulators like iPadian or Cydia to run Garageband for PCs and Android devices. It. Will. Be. A. Pain. Trust me.

Instead, a Virtual Machine software can work wonders. It doesn’t slow down your PC, and you don’t have to make do with a poorly designed interface that makes your device look like it’s still in the 90s.

The only requirements for your PC to run a Virtual machine are:

  • 25 GB of free space in your Windows C Drive, and
  • Your processor should be of an Intel build or a higher end AMD (do check with a friend’s PC before buying one for yourself).
  • At least 4 GB RAM in your PC.

We know this method works for Windows 8 and 10, and many confirm it works for their Windows 7 as well. An average PC these days has 4 GB RAM. Virtual Machines require 4 GB RAM, and higher will only make things smoother. Using one of these, it becomes much easier to get Garageband for Windows 10, 8, or 8.1. 

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How do I Download Garageband for Windows PC?


Garageband for PC

The method is fairly straightforward. You’re first going to make your PC install a Virtual Machine software. Then, you’ll install Mac OS on it. And since Garageband is available for installation on Macs, you need only get it from the Mac App Store.

  1. Download VMware Workstation Player using any web browser of your choice. Run the file as an administrator and complete the installation.
  2. Restart the PC when asked by the dialog box. It will integrate the software into the OS and make things easier further ahead.
  3. Download the latest Mac OS you can find online. Google for the OS and tens of sources should emerge. I downloaded Sierra.
  4. Extract the file. Proceed to unlock the file by double-clicking the folder.
  5. The installation file should be visible. Right click the file and run it as administrator.
  6. The Command Prompt should appear. Do not touch any key and let it do its thing. It will close automatically afterwards.
  7. After the screen is closed, open VMware and you should be able to find Mac OS there, in the sidebar.
  8. Browse for the Mac file you installed and open it. The OS will take some to install completely, but it is 100% worth the wait and a bit more.
  9. Setup your Mac pseudo device as any other Mac PC. Login with an Apple ID or make one anew.
  10. All that’s left to do is look up Garageband on iTunes and install it to make your own music with panache.

According to Ken of, even teenagers can figure out how to use this application and start their own garage band.

As much as the internet loves Apple, Apple products are not assured to make you any more successful or talented. This holds for Apple Garageband for PC as well. Having Garageband on your computer doesn’t make one a master musician, neither does not having it pose a question on one’s skill and talent.

That is not to say that the music composing app is worthless. MIDI makes music editing a breeze. You need only tap buttons to have loops added to your piece, judging by your ear. It allows those not instructed in music to make magic basing it on what sounds good to them. But that’s not all there is to music. Those skilled in composing know what sounds will gel together and what will sound jarring based on their experience and knowledge of the art. It isn’t something you gain without practice, which is why getting an app like garageband can really help things along when you want to make your mark as a musician. Even if you’re not into being a professional music maker, a skill with composition, however basc, can help you score that extra edge in social as well as professional environments, such as spicing up events or presentations with some music, making you YouTube channels have a better intro and outro, or even having your own ringtone to stand out in the crowd on generic ringers and dull tones cut from mp3 files.

If you know music or have an ear for it, buying a Mac or iPad is not the next logical step in any way. Get a virtual machine software free from the internet, and you can access all exotic music making apps like Apple Garageband for Windows PC without any hassle.

Alternatives for Garageband

Alternatives for Garageband

What does one do when Virtual Machine doesn’t do it for them? The answer can be tough, because try as one might to employ Bluestacks, it just doesn’t work on a Windows PC without eventually crippling the host PC. This is a disadvantage of emulators, to be fair, and not apps themselves.

If Virtual Machines don’t do the trick for your device, there are no other OK tested methods available to play iOS and Mac apps like Garageband on PCs or Android devices. If you want to make music on your device, you will have to opt for an app similar to the one in discussion that works on your OS. We decided to list a few options to help you out.

Garageband Alternatives for PC

Right off the bat, I must say that there are no apps that mimic Garage band or serve as a complete substitute. You may however choose one that has the most (if not all) the features you’re interested in, or use two software in conjunction. There is no dearth of options here.

Google for softwares like Magix Music Maker or Groove Music Maker, and you should find sources to download them readily available. A lot of people perceive apps generally available on Windows to be lacking in finesse or design or capability, and while the first two are largely subjective, the third presumption is untrue. You certainly won’t miss the iOS app with one or more of these installed.


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Garageband Alternative for Android

Android has a lot more alternatives to Apple courtesy their easier app development languages, better commercialisation capacity and the fact that the touch interface makes it possible to get results closer to the golden standard that it is.

If you’re looking for an app similar to Garageband that works for Android, you should check out FL Studio, RD$ GrooveBox or SPC Drum Pad. There are free and paid apps available in hordes, with more being developed constantly. All of that means you can expect a reasonable degree of finesse, perhaps even exceeding the usual results its user can produce. Certainly not a small feat, right?

Garageband Online

Garageband Online

People who don’t have iPhones and Macs, or perhaps don’t want to download an app to their device for whatever concern often look for an online alternative to popular apps, and Garageband is no different. The app has been fondly employed by successful artists as well as budding musicians and lay people, and that has led to a spurt in online music making services, or perhaps in their popularity. There are quite a few Garageband Online music services you can find. Many of them are not up to mark, but the ones that are can occasionally appear even better than the iOS app.


I love Soundtrap and its many instruments. The online music website even has a Chrome app you can install and use directly through your web browser. In fact, that’s where i got to know about the website. It relies on a subscription service and the options tend to get limited when you opt out of the paid version in favor of the free one. This service is also arguably tougher to process than Garageband which makes musicians out of lay men. But if you’re interested in a Garageband alternative that works online and know the basics of music and instruments, you can use Soundtrap and dictate to it like your very own orchestra.


JamStudio is by far the best option for people looking to make music without downloading an app. The interface is fairly simple; you enter keys to play and the website plays to them. You control the tempo, modify instruments and do a lot more. You can mute individual instruments to make sure every part of your music is smooth and enthralling. Despite being free, JamStudio can give fierce competition to Garageband.


Soundation is pretty pro-oriented and so beginners might find it a bit sterile and insipid, but that is only how it looks like. The service is just as capable of making your PC into a music jam garage as any other app. Don’t let the small menu of sounds fool you. The moment you press down to reveal the options contained inside, you see that it is ready and armed to help you make breathtaking music. The price is much more reasonable than many other options available in the market, which is a plus too.

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Garageband Tutorial

If you’re looking to get a quick feel of the app, nothing beats launching it and pressing buttons at random to see what happens. What’s the worst that could happen?

Every kid who performs crazy songs on the internet using their iPad probably began as a confused child tip tapping at their Garageband app. Once you get the hang of it though, you might become adept at it to play famous songs and give Garageband tutorials to others. You can get more complex tutorials as you get well versed with the app’s buttons and options.

A Quick Summary:

It would be unfair to say that it was the first music making software. MIDI based editing only became more approachable with the app. The results are out for everyone to see, and Apple has kept it going to its most recent version, Garageband 10.2.

It is routinely used by artists and music aficionados alike. Among the biggest commercially-aimed music produced on the app is Rihanna’s Umbrella, if rumors are to be believed. The song became a big hit the moment it came out.

Using Garageband on your PC becomes a lot easier using a Virtual Machine instead of an iOS Emulator like iPadian. The method doesn’t slow down your PC with use, and it gives you a much more autentic experience. The steps have been listed in the sections above.

As concerning alternatives, there are a whole lot of software you can use in place of Garageband on windows,some of whch we have listed above. But fans of iOS will most vehemently deny there being any comparison between this and any other app in the market, of course. What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.


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