How to Download Garageband for PC (Windows 7,8,10) – Updated Guide

Garageband is really the first app that introduced a lot of this generation to digital music making. The app took off with people easily, because who doesn’t fancy themselves to be a talented musician or artist unaware on their own ability? Garageband has been very simple to use, right since its very first edition. And it has been getting better consistently.

In this post we will look at the ways you can download garageband for windows. Moreover we will look at some best alternatives for garageband for pc app.

Garageband for windows

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Humble beginnings

It would be unfair to say that Garageband was the first music making software. MIDI based editing only became more approachable with the app. The results are out for everyone to see, and Apple has kept it going to its most recent version, Garageband 10.2.

It is routinely used by artists and music aficionados alike. Among the biggest commercially-aimed music produced on the app is Rihanna’s Umbrella, if rumors are to be believed. The song became a big hit the moment it came out.

So, can I get Garageband for Windows PC?

The sole peril with Garageband is that it is available only for Apple devices. Not even Android phones can install it. It comes off as a stretch that the app should be available for Windows OS.

And indeed it isn’t. The commonly recommended routine of using iOS emulators is trash. Whatever software you might think is going to help you play iTunes apps on your PC only ends up slowing your system. And I’m not talking a little slow. I’m talking being able to trace the pointer move on the screen several seconds after moving the mouse. It’s ugly.

iPadian, Cydia or some online emulator, it won’t let you use Garageband for PC.

So then, I can’t make music?

Well no! The good thing about MIDI is the technology has been around for a pretty long time, which means there are a lot of time tested services based on it. They include ones that let you make your own music.

Garageband for PC

There are several Garageband for PC alternatives online. There’s Mixcraft which is expensive but the most feature-packed. LMMS is free and thus great for students and low budget artists. And then there are professionally suited software like Stagelight. Plus, all these are Windows OS friendly!

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The truth about Garageband’s success

As much as the internet loves Apple, Apple products are not assured to make you any more successful or talented. This holds for Garageband app as well. Having Garageband for Windows doesn’t make one a master musician, neither does not having it pose a question on one’s skill and talent. If people would only stop chasing the app to get it on PCs and sit and learn an instrument…

That is not to say that Garageband is worthless. MIDI makes music editing a breeze. You need only tap buttons to have loops added to your piece, judging by your ear. It allows those not instructed in music to make magic basing it on what sounds good to them. But that’s not all there is to music.

If you know music or have an ear for it, buying a Mac or iPad is not the next logical step in any way. Get softwares according to the devices you have, and your talent will bring you to make melodies like no other can!